Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tokyo Juliet

This is a Taiwanese drama that you can watch with a light heart as it does contain a love story and it can also be an inspiration to those who like fashion as it is mostly about the fashion industry/fashion school. Also it has   ex-member of Fahrenheit, Wu Chun and a brilliant actress, Lin Lai Sui. I don't know why it has Tokyo in it, but nonetheless its a good drama.

            The girl in this drama is called Lin Lai Sui, she created a design involving daisies when she was only a little kid for her Mom (because her mom liked daisies). Her dad was a fashion designer but wasn't very accomplished and was joining a fashion designing contest. When her dad didn't notice, she took out his design and put her design in. Her design won, but another man named Chu Xing stole the design and claimed it was his. Everyone believed that it was Chu Xing's design, even the girl's father who did not know she actually submitted a drawing...everyone believed that the great design was that man's and no one believed Lin Lai Sui. That man became famous and what is even worse was, her mom who works as a model, abandoned Lin Lai Sui and her father to be with that man.
         So she grew up, deciding that she had to become a fashion designer and defeat Chu Xing in the fashion industry. While in the fashion school she meets a boy called Ji Feng Liang. They get to know each other overtime and start dating. They have a very cute relationship and both design clothes really well. They also had met when they were young children so they had a  connection from before. (Oh, and random opinion, Ariel Lin's hair in this drama looked really pretty because it was so long.) Now back to the drama:
          However, even though they were happily dating with different couple conflicts once in a while, she soon found out that Ji Feng Liang was actually Chu Xing's son. Ji Feng Liang also despises his father because of a childhood incident. It is a very complicated love story as she finds out but still loves him and so forth. They have a very cute relationship with one another, filled with drama of course, but both were very happy together and played their characters well.
       The friends she makes in this drama were really nice and caring friends and it was just a very enjoyable drama that you can't put down once you officially start.   The couple was also very cute together and there was even a scene where the guy pretended to be a girl. Since he looked really elegant in a way, he wrapped a scarf around his neck to hide his Adam's apple and didn't talk and went to the party and protected her when people started taking pictures while pretending to be a girl. It was pretty amusing.

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