Sunday, November 8, 2015

We Broke Up

Ep: 10 
What if you had to see your ex every single day? No Woo Ri (Sandara Park) and Ji Won Young (Kang Seung Yoon) are former college sweethearts who broke up. Although their relationship has ended, their living arrangement has not. While Woo Ri struggles to find a job and Won Yeong works part-time as the vocalist for an indie band, the former couple is forced to live under the same roof together. “We Broke Up” is a 2015 South Korean web drama series directed by Kim Young Wan and Kim Ki Yoon. It is based on a webtoon by Ryu Chae Rin.

     This is a very fast drama with very short episodes. If you are looking for a fast watch that is light-hearted and has idols and a cute romance, this is probably the one to go for. I did find things weird at first because I was confused as to how the guy managed to pay for a share-house simply by selling his guitar. It made me wonder exactly how much it must have cost. No Woo Ri and Ji Won Young were very happy dating one another until they broke up and were forced to continue living in the same house as one another. Then new people appear as new relationships seem to be on the horizon. However, the two realize that they still haven't gotten over their past relationship.
     Personally, I did not enjoy this drama that much. Everything was going very fast. It was hard to have any form of connection for any character. I was very neutral when watching this. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hot Mom

Episodes: 38 

       This drama was so enjoyable and endearing to watch. It's a Chinese drama that portrays a realistic, humorous, and serious side of relationships and love. The characters are so distinct and complement each other very well. Xia Bing, the protagonist, is a very independent, confident woman and focuses on her career as well as expresses herself through fashion. Her boyfriend, Yuan Bao, worships her like she's a goddess and is willing to serve her in any aspect from getting a certain food to wearing certain clothes. Xia Bing then finds out that she is pregnant which leads to marriage, getting along with the mother-in-law, and also not being able to get the promotion she wants in her career. Everything that she has going on in her life is put on hold as she learns to adjust to a new lifestyle.
          Even though there are a lot of cute and romantic scenes that portray a realistic relationship, it also had a fair share of sad and angry moments. Xia Bing has a beautiful baby girl but she gets post-natal depression. She gets better and is ready to work but her family wants her to hold off on working. She works but struggles to balance between taking care of her daughter and going to work. Her husband's business faces a crisis. Arguments. Mother-in-law gets Alzheimer's. The question of divorce. The roles of dependence and independence.
          Throughout this drama, we alternate between two couples: Xia Bing & Yuan Bao and Li Mu Zi & Luo Tian. The connection between those two couples is that Xia Bing is the secretary of Beauty Magazine while Li Mu Zi is the executive. Both couples have different in experiences in love, conceiving a child, raising a child, and marital issues. However, both women work together to rise to the top in their careers reminding themselves that no matter what, they need to become their own queen.
      Not only does it show a realistic side of relationships but it also sends out an important message about how women should be independent and have their own character instead of depend on others for happiness. The ending was also very cute.  I highly recommend this drama.

P.S. The OSTs were amazing.