Saturday, January 12, 2013

When Love Walked In

This drama had  Victoria from f(x) and Zhou Mi from Super Junior. It had a very complicated story but I thought the acting was amazing and I really enjoyed it.

         In order to understand this love story, it has to relate to childhood events. As children Qing Yu Jiang and Shen Ya Yin have met at an orphanage...but apparently have never found out each other's names. They were extremely close and always playing with a glass ball that the boy, Qing Yu Jiang, had in possession. Afterwards when the boy's other family members came, the two got separated.
         After many years, both have grown up but both still remember their childhood memories. Qing Yu Jiang was young, talented, handsome. He made a design of a glass ball and still made glass balls in his workshop. Shen Ya Yin also remembers her childhood. She works at her aunt's restaurant but not receiving any pay and living in very poor conditions while her cousins just slack around.  Yet, she is a bright and kind girl, and does her work with a smile on her face and looking on the bright side of things.
               Unknowingly, the two had been contacting each other through chat not knowing who the other one is and only knowing each other from their usernames. They both had suspicions that the other person may just be their childhood friend but both were not sure. They tried scheduling some meet ups but something always managed to get in the way. Then one day, Qing Yu Jiang received orders from the chairman to look for his long lost granddaughter called Shen Ya  Yin. Upon finding out the news that Ya Yin was the chairman's daughter, Ya  Yin's aunt went to work and took her own daughter (shen ya yin's cousin) and decided to pretend that her cousin was Shen  Ya  Yin.
              Her cousin even went to borrow a hair clip from Ya Yin. Ya Yin thought it was just an earnest request from her cousin and told her cousin that she could have it. But her cousin only needed it to get the hair/DNA. She becomes accepted as the chairman's granddaughter and they kept it hidden from Ya Yin for a long time until she found out herself. When she did, her aunt pleaded with her saying to give the chance to her cousin and she agreed. Her cousin was extremely malicious, determined to not let Ya Yin have the rightful place as the chairman's granddaughter.
          However, after much searching in secret from Yu  Jiang's friends, they find out who the real Shen Ya Yin was. Her cousin left without a word but leaving a note saying that it was all her family's fault. Ya Yin goes and lives with her grandfather and tells him to forgive her aunt and her family. Then she begins to form a close relationship with Chen Yu Jiang and Shang Lin (the character that Zhou Mi plays). Shang Li falls for Ya Yin but Ya Yin and  Chen Yu Jiang love each other and start dating. Yet these two faced a lot of obstacles in front of them and that includes the return of her Ya Yin's cousin who was determined to be back up in high-class again.  More problems arise causing a lot of heartache for the couple. However, it had a really cute ending and it showed how strong friendship and loyalty can be. 

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