Sunday, March 31, 2013

Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Total: 16 episodes
This drama has Jung Il Woo and Lee Chung Ah. Though it had a lot of cheesy scenes of the guys making the girl go heads over heels, it was still a very interesting drama that I enjoyed watching. It had its sweet moments and its serious moments. Like most dramas, it had other girls...but unlike other dramas, they didn't really affect the relationship or the love triangle in anyway. It was truly just a love triangle with the main characters.

It was a good drama and you'll have to keep watching it for it to get interesting. :) 

     Jung Il Woo plays the role of Cha Chi Soo. Cha Chi Soo is an arrogant high school student who is also the heir of the biggest food company in Korea. He has the good looks, the money, and he's good at making girls fall head over heels for him. Lee Chung Ah plays Yang Eun Bi. Yang Eun Bi is a university student preparing for her civil service exam. She is very funny, strong, and also has constipation.
      She met Cha Chi Soo by coincidence and was attracted to him by his good looks. She ended up teaching at Chi Soo's high school as an intern and got annoyed with the way he acted and his arrogance and no longer had any feelings for him. Then when Yang Eun Bi's father dies, a guy comes into the story claiming that he is Yang Eun Bi's future husband and that the father had given the ramen shop to him (which is the truth). The father, personally, wanted his daughter to be with this guy. This guy is called Gang Hyuk and he is very sweet and caring towards  Yang Eun Bi. After hitting Cha Chi Soo twice, she was fired as a student teacher, and began to work along with Gang Hyuk at the ramen store with two other kids. The five of them become very close with one another as they work together and also live together. All of them can be considered friends but there is something going on between Cha Chi Soo-Yang Eun Bi-Gang Hyuk. 
         This drama has a love triangle between Cha Chi Soo and Gang Hyuk and Yang Eun Bi. They also later find out that  Cha Chi Soo and Gang Hyuk were actually half brothers. Yang Eun  Bi has a lot of pressure as both like her and treat her well and so her feelings all over the place. There are other characters but they don't really intervene in the love triangle, they are sort of like minor characters with their own things. It is really interesting to watch and you will definitely not regret it because it has something in here for everyone. It has its funny moments, serious moments, and awkward moments. This drama will make you smile for sure.  

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Summer Fever

Episodes: 30
Summer Fever is one of those very typical love stories of all sorts of love connections and drama. Okay, thats what I first thought. True, it is a very peaceful love story in the beginning. But then they send in all these twists that really shock you. You don't expect those twists to occur. So I'm going to keep my synopsis a bit vague so that those who want to watch it or are watching it, aren't getting spoiled by the shocking ending. If you like love triangles or anything like that, this drama will be perfect for you. There are so many love lines and it gets interesting. It's a very realistic drama about young love.
This drama just gets better and better by each episode and then a very shocking ending. 

      This is a very realistic drama about young love. This is a drama that you can enjoy with all sorts of couples that you can root for since there are so many love connections in this drama. It seemed realistic and also the couple seemed really cute together. Lin Ming Kuan, the guy, was very sad when his first love Li Jing left their hometown for Kinmen without a word. He lost faith in love and his father left for ten years to Taiwan without any news sent back and not coming back home either. This made Ming Kuan's mom severely depressed and he is often helping out with his best friend's family as his friend Sha Chong's family has a hostel.
          However ten years later, over the summer, love has arrived back in his life. His first love returns to the island a decade later. However, it was not a peaceful love story where they fall in love again. Instead, there is another character named Chen Wen Qing also came to the island. Wen Qing is a pianist and is very beautiful and when she plays the piano, she has a lot of feeling. Li Jing and Chen Wen Qing know each other because of their piano competitions.
           Chen Wen Qing has a twin sister who is played by the same actress. The twin is called Chen Tian Qing. She isn't an important character until the end.Wen Qing is a normal girl who likes playing the piano and plays with a lot of feeling. She is adorable and loving. However, she has this disease that can be controlled by medicine and she doesn't tell anyone during her summer because she doesn't want to worry them. Her disease is sort of like an allergy (I think it was called lupus something...I don't recall the full name). Li Jing is very ambitious and thinks that Ming Kuan is still the same old kid who had a crush on her. She still wants to restore the relationship but Ming Kuan is starting to fall for Wen Qing (her nickname that they call her is Xiao Qing). 
         It became a love triangle when Ming Kuan starts to crush on Chen Wen Qing. They began to fall in love with one another and the story becomes more complicated. Ming Kuan's friend, Sha Chong, starts chasing after Li Jing. A girl named Ya Zi has been crushing on Sha Chong for a while. Another character, Xu Lei is also attracted to Wen Qing. This one hot summer can just change their lives forever.
         In this drama, accidents occurred, love relationships become complicated and some become clear, and it had such a twist towards the end that left me with a lot of emotions.There were a lot of great scenes: cute, sad, touching, and just beautiful. I liked the character development in a lot of the characters and felt that it had a reasonable story line  good characters, and rather realistic for a drama. I recommend this drama because I feel like its really interesting and it is truly one of those beautiful summer romances. And it has its drama and all sorts of love connections and issues. It's a simple drama but it is actually really good. A lot goes on in this drama and its just very realistic.

The opening and ending song are perfect because it seems to have a sort of light and sort of a summer feeling. It's nice.

I recommend this drama for you guys to watch...especially for the summer. Plus Gui Gui is acting as the main lead (in case you haven't heard, she's currently on We Got Married with Taecyeon in a virtual marriage).  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

That Winter, the Wind Blows

Wow, Song Hye Kyo is gorgeous. It's like she doesn't age and she looks amazing, and as usual, did a great job in acting. Especially in acting as a blind person. This drama also has Kim Bum and Eunji. And the male lead is played by Jo In Sung and I think he did a fantastic job also. This drama had an outstanding (and attractive) cast. This drama will suck you in and it has a fascinating story line that will keep you on your toes and make you wonder who to trust. To me, this drama is kind of like a mix between Autumn Tale and Nice Guy. 

      Okay, so I'll first introduce the characters so you can get an idea of how things worked out. Our main character Oh Soo (played by Jo In Sung) was abandoned by his mother when he was a baby. He grew up and managing to live a loveless life with his best friend Jin Sung (played by Kim Bum). After his first love died, he becomes a gambler and has no ambition and is sort of the "I have nothing to lose" kind of person. Hee Sun is played by Eunji and tags along with Jin Sung and Oh Soo because Oh Soo used to date her sister and then her sister died later on (Oh Soo's first love), so Hee Sun is sort of there to bother Oh Soo and help him because she has some feelings for him. Even Hee Sun herself wonders: "Am I a friend or foe?"
            Hee Sun and Jin Sung seem to have a cute relationship and at the start of the drama, Jin Sung kept saying things like, "Because you're mine" with this really amused look on his face. And they interacted a lot too, so it was nice to see that.There is also another guy among their group of friends also called Oh Soo who is friendly and says that he is the heir to a well-known company and apparently has a dad with a lot of money. And since this Oh Soo always exaggerates on things, no one believes Oh Soo.
      Song Hye Kyo plays a girl named Oh Young and she doesn't trust anyone. She was separated from her brother for 11 years. Her brother went with their mom and she was left behind with her father and in the care of Secretary Wang. She then became blind and from then on, trusted no one. She would be cold to everyone and distance herself and was always suspicious.
        Oh Young found out that Secretary Wang had been hiding letters that her brother sent her and went to go find her brother but met up with the Oh Soo that exaggerated a lot. But instead of meeting her brother, she meets the Oh  Soo played by Jo In Sung. Oh Soo then found out that people were here to arrest him because of something this woman did and as he ran away, the brother of the girl began running with Oh Soo asking what happened. While running, the brother got hit by a car. And the girl is faced with tragedy as their father dies leaving all the money and responsibility on her. As she cried for a taxi to go to her father's side, she did not realize that her brother was on the floor, dead...right next to her. 
      The lawyer comes to find the brother. Instead he finds Oh Soo and Oh Soo lies saying that he is Oh Soo for he was in desperate need of money. He refused to stay in jail because he was framed by the woman. However, that brings problems because now he has to pay debt or else he gets killed. Wanting to live, he starts to lie saying he's the Oh Soo that the family is looking for. With Hee Sun and Jin Sung, Oh Soo begins to make his new identity and prepares for obstacles for taking on the identity of their dead friend. He's faced with trouble too as he meets suspicious people and people who don't trust him. Oh Young trusts no one and doesn't trust Oh Soo either. I would be suspicious of the people around me too for they seemed to all be in it for the money. He works to become close to Oh Young and the two learn from one another and help one another.
      Then Oh Soo falls in love with Oh Young. Problems arise as people begin to realize Oh Soo's identity and Oh Young began to have a relapse of her brain tumor that she had when she was little. Then throughout this drama, you learn about who you can trust and who was actually helping along the way. I strongly suggest this drama because its beautiful and has a very interesting story line.

A few points that I didn't like:
-They didn't put emphasis on the brother who died. He just dies. And there was really no continuation of that. Also confusingly enough, it was Oh Young who went to go find her brother in the beginning. Yet when Oh Soo came, pretending to be her brother, she accused him of just coming back for money.
-Her problems with her brain and eyes wasn't really consistent which threw me off at times.
-The ending was confusing as hell. Did she die? Did he die?Are they alive? When Jin Sung and Hee Sun said that they were going to get flowers at the end...which Oh Soo were they talking about? The real brother or our main lead? 

Friday, March 15, 2013


Today's post will be about Iljimae. I know that I'm watching this pretty late considering the child actors of this drama are all grown up and are acting as teenagers in many popular dramas. This drama has Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung when they were still little children.


       This is a historical drama that takes place during the Joseon dynasty. Our main character is known as Iljimae. Iljimae is a mysterious thief who robs corrupt government officials to give to the poor. He's kind of like Robin Hood. He not only steals materials and treasures, but he also helps the wrongfully imprisoned and criminals hiding from judgment. At each scene of robbery, he leaves a small painting of a branch of red plum blossoms. Citizens support him but the king and nobles want to catch him.

         His real name is Lee Gyeom. His father was killed when he was a child and he managed to survive because his father hid him in the closet. He takes to the streets as a beggar afterwards. He suffered amnesia due to shock from the loss of his father and being forced to throw a rock at his mother to prove that he was not the son. He gets saved and adopted by a man named Swe Dol. After 13 years, he is now known as Yong. He starts to remember his past and begins to search for the remains of his family. He experiences quite a lot. He witnessed his sister executed after finding her and so he decides to embark on a journey of revenge. He tattooed himself with a black emblem that he saw on the sword of his father's murderer and embarks on a life of crime and for the benefit of the poor.
        When he finds a conspiracy that deals with his father, he decides to use Eun Chae. Eun Chae is the daughter of a government official and he wanted to use her to get the information he needed. However, he fell in love with her. So he is faced with a dilemma of his mission for revenge and for this contradicting love relation with Eun Chae.

The ending was a bit confusing as they did not have time to complete the filming of the last episode and so they used some scenes from episode 1.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beauties of the Emperor

I watched this drama on Dramafever. I actually found this drama quite interesting once I got into it. I felt that the hair in this historical drama looked a little funny at times and it made me think back to Chinese historical dramas with women with beautiful hair adornments like in the drama "Dream in the Red Chamber." You are free to check that drama out too, but I will not be doing a synopsis because that entire series is filled with all sorts of stories revolving almost every character but illustrated that time period really well. 
I should focus more on the story line, so the synopsis will include my opinions and so forth.

           The main character is a girl that I found rather interesting as she was more of the independent kind of woman instead of those obedient girls of the past. I felt that there are a lot of historical dramas that are definitely better than this one. It was a little slow in the beginning but it was still interesting to watch. The character of Le Er is very strong and doesn't understand why women have to be lower than men and confined behind walls and do ladylike things while being under the control of men. She makes her parents adopt a little girl that they had found when she was still a little kid, and growing up with that girl, they become close friends. That little girl is called Miao Ge and she had quite a past. She was found on a deserted battle field by Le Er for her father had taken her away from her mother for her own safety and yet was ambushed by arrows. Her father used a shield to protect Miao Ge and stood in front of Miao Ge, getting shot down to death. A young child experiencing and witnessing something like that, is sure to be traumatized.
            She gets adopted into Le Er's family.  Though Le Er treats Miao Ge as her own sister and the family takes care of her. She is still considered an outsider of the family in the eyes of others, especially in that time period. However, she still cares for Le Er. They end up falling in love with the same man. As Miao Ge finds things unfair, she realizes that she will always be the one brushed aside. In this story of love, passion, and conflict, you will be fascinated with this storyline. I also felt awful for Miao Ge because she knows that she is being brushed aside every time when Le Er wants something...even in love. Thus, she understands that the only way to get what she truly wants, she can't believe in anyone but herself. She begins to use her own tactics to get what she wants and so forth. To be honest, I felt bad for her in the beginning but then she just started to be annoying.
            Throughout the drama, the girls meet different people besides the first guy that they both fell in love with. They both meet different guys. It made me wonder, for the main lead Le Er, who she would end up with. However, I felt that some of the male characters in this drama had really great personalities and truly loved her. Great love story, drama, conflict, and a quite interesting story.
            There is not only one guy involved in this drama. There is another person whose fate is entwined with our main character's. This drama will ultimately suck you in once you start watching it! So give it a chance and maybe you'll like it!

This drama will suck you in, so I recommend it.

Ooh, the ending seemed to end abruptly and it became really interesting because Le Er became a lot stronger instead of her naive old self. I felt the ending could have been longer, but it was truly an enjoyable and interesting drama. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fairy Couple

           Usually regarding this story, the dramas are usually historical combined with fantasy. I really liked this drama though because I thought the two main girls were really pretty, even though one turned to be really bad, she was pretty. This drama was also very colorful and interesting. They also used magic and it made you wish you had their powers. I felt that the main actresses were very beautiful. 

          This is similar to Seven of The Sky/Fairy from Wonderland (I made a post on this previously) as it is based on the ancient legend. It is about two star-crossed lovers who can't be together for one is a fairy and one is a mortal. Based on heaven's rules, the people of heaven should not interfere with mortals...especially fairies since they are the Jade Emperor's daughters. The seventh fairy, went to Earth, and during her trip with her faithful maid, she meets and falls in love with a mortal scholar named Dong Yong. Dong Yong is not very rich and is in fact quite poor. Dong Yong works for a rich family with a young master. The seventh fairy's maid ends up marrying the young master and the seventh fairy married Dong Yong. Now in the mortal world, the maid has a higher ranking than the seventh fairy (based on the people they married). However, the maid constantly fights with her husband (which was pretty amusing) and the seventh fairy had a happy and peaceful love life. She helped her husband get through hard tasks with the help of magic. 
           The Seventh fairy and Dong Yong are extremely in love and manage to stay together even when the Jade Emperor tried to separate them. The Seventh fairy helped Dong Yong with work and both were very happy together. However, more trouble occurred, as the Seventh Fairy's maid begins to like Dong Yong. The maid begins to try to sabotage their relationship bringing more problems upon the seventh fairy and herself. There were a lot of interesting moments and its kind of sad to know how that maid changed after getting married to a rich husband and became higher in status than the seventh fairy with their marriages. Their magic and abilities are all very fascinating to me. So I think it will be an interesting drama to watch, it has fantasy involved and the clothes they wore were really pretty. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Flower Boy Next Door

  I really liked this drama lot and I thought that it was humorous and interesting and keeps you wanting more from the story. It was very cute.

              The start is about a young woman named Go Dok Mi who is shy/scared around other people and is cooped inside her house most of the time. She is locked in her little room but she constantly spies on the room across from her building. She exercises when he exercises, eats when he eats, and knows when he goes to work, and she also sometimes just looks over there with her binoculars to see how the man's dog is doing.
               It was extremely comedic when one day, while peeking, the man's brother Enrique who came to Korea caught her there. He goes to find her calling her a pervert and afterwards calling her  "ahjumma" and sitting facing toward her side of the building. Whenever she looks through the window, he would wave at her with a cheeky grin on his face only to cause her to freak out by covering the curtains, frustrated. She tries her best to avoid him and doesn't want to talk to him and even thinks: "I miss my room."  He does all the talking while calling her ahjumma and she doesn't tell him that she's only in her twenties and isn't an ahjumma. Even though, she is very strange, always locking herself in her room. Her next-door neighbor starts to like her saying that she is very pure and clear and he falls for her. Go Dok Mi has her own set of charms that can attract others.
             She is the way she is because she was bullied by a girl in her school when she was younger, and that girl came back afterwards in the drama being extremely nice to Go Dok Mi and even falling in love with the next-door neighbor that likes Go Dok Mi. The next door neighbor likes Go Dok Mi and expresses his affection in very simple ways. Enrique likes his friend, but his friend likes the hyung of Enrique while Dok Mi also likes the same guy. I believe Enrique is not related to his "hyung" as they do not share the same last name. I find it hilarous how different the personalities of the two characters are and how they interact and help each other. You also see how the love story starts between these people and who our Rapunzel-like main character ends up with. We will also see if she breaks out of her shell and get away from the trauma of being bullied by that annoying ex-best friend of her's.
            I had a lot of favorite scenes in this drama, mainly because Enrique's character was just so goddamn funny. I didn't understand why a lot of people disliked  Jin Rak just because he was finally going to be honest with his feelings towards the girl, he watched over for 3 years. I know he's wrong thinking that all competition should clear out of his way, but he is so nice and respects her. She truly has 2 really good choices. This drama is rather captivating in its own way. My favorite scene of all, is when Go Dok Mi finally confesses her feelings to Enrique in episode 11 and then have their relationship develop in ep 12.
        From then on, their relationship grows. They learn from one another and accept each other and want the best for each other too. It's truly a brilliant drama. Also Enrique is such a cute person. I first saw this actor in Baker King Kim Tak Goo. He became popular there but the supporting role also got really, really popular. In this drama, I feel that he is truly the star and it stayed quite away from bread...haha!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fairy from Wonderland/Seven of the Sky/Tian Wai Fei Xian

         The name was originally translated as things like Little Fairy and Fairy from Wonderland which don't really describe the drama that well. I watched this on youtube and the person who uploaded this series called it Seven of the Sky. This is a fantasy-love drama and it is based on a Chinese legend of the seventh fairy of the sky coming down to the mortal world and falling in love with a mortal. I also really liked the intro song, so I liked watching this drama since I felt the chemistry was really great between the two.
          This drama shows just how much people will go through for love and to fight for their rights to love one another. It also teaches you life lessons of life and what it means to sacrifice what is important to you, to fight for what you believe in, and to push the powers of love even when it was not allowed between heaven and earth. This story talks about how the 7th fairy called Xiao Qi and Dong Yong (who is also known as Di Gua) who met in the mortal world and develop a friendship, a special bond, and then love.

         Di Gua (his real name is Dong Yong) is a mortal. The seventh fairy is the daughter of the Jade Emperor and comes to Earth to meet her sister's former love, Lao Xin Rong. She wants Lao Xin Rong to say that he does not like her sister anymore, so her sister won't have to suffer and be locked in that eerie garden. The Jade Emperor wants to make sure that the rules of Heaven are followed...and that is the fairies cannot have any relationship with mortals.
      Xiao Qi, the seventh fairy, tried her best to help save her sister from that dark garden where her sister is locked in. She managed to free her sister even though her sister still had feelings for the mortal. Though it was a good thing that Xiao Qi did, she still went against the rules of Heaven by going to the mortal world. Thus, as punishment to make her become a better daughter in terms of actions and personality, the Jade Emperor and Empress send her to the mortal world to learn things from Di Gua who is very righteous and filial.  Xiao Qi had met Di  Gua before and Di Gua appeared to have a crush on Xiao Qi and Xiao Qi was confused with her emotions also.
         The Jade  Emperor and Empress were scared of her falling in love in the mortal world, and got rid of her love roots so that she won't feel emotions towards people. She was also dressed like a male and enrolled in the school where Lao works. Di Gua is in charge of caring for her and she lived with his family also. However, the unexpected happened as the seventh fairy, Xiao Qi, grew her love roots back. The two fell in love and this caused them to repeat the history that their teacher and Xiao Qi's second sister had. In order to not be separated, Di Gua and his friends manage to get to heaven and seen for his worth, the Jade Emperor allowed his daughter to marry Di Gua. Sadly, they can only be together for 100 days as there is still a barrier between Heaven and mortals. Months after she left, she gave birth to a baby boy in the celestial palace, the seventh fairy and Di Gua vow to never stop loving even if it means to wait for many centuries. Thus, in 21st century China, towards the end, Di Gua gets reincarnated and he met the seventh fairy again who seems to have forsaken her immortality and heavenly status.
        Also, there was a character named Xue Hai. She appears to be evil and is actually a leopard cat, but she actually is a really kind person. She didn't want to kill people but her greed for becoming mortal was too great. She actually was a very strong character and cared for relations with others. For example, the second fairy had helped her many times and so Xue Hai always tried her best to help the second fairy even if it is bad for her to waste all her energy.

There are many films produced based on this Chinese legend, another one, that I will be doing a review on soon can be found on dramafever called Fairy Couple.