Sunday, February 24, 2013

Miss Rose

             This post is going to be about the Taiwanese drama Miss Rose. I really liked this drama. The main leads did a great job also. The first few episodes were interesting and it went straight to the point by the first episode. Our main character just keeps bumping into our male lead and in all situations, their meetings were not very pleasant. The first time, the main lead Luo Si Yi's heel broke and she got cake all over the male lead Gao Cheng Kuan's clothes. Then they met again after realizing they took each other's phones by accident (and it wasn't good as it cost the guy to lose a lot of money). Then they met again when he took over her company and she was in his office changing clothes since no one was there. They had a pretty bad moment there and she was all like, "STALKER! GET OUT!" It truly was pretty humorous. Another bad moment they had together was when they met at a bar, she was eating a cherry from her drink when he bumped into her and she ended up choking on the cherry. There were plenty of humorous parts. Now as for the synopsis...
          The main character Luo Si Yi was dumped in her last relationship and from then on she didn't go for any other relationships. She is now 31 and still hasn't gotten too far in her love life. For a while, she keeps bumping into Gao Cheng Kuan and she labelled him as a pervert and stalker because they kept seeing each other and he once walked into a room that she was changing in without knowing she was there. Her friend takes her to a local fortune teller to figure out her love life. In anger, she made a bet with the fortune teller and said that if she does not get married in one year, she'll give the fortune teller 1 million dollars. If she gets married within one year, the fortune teller said she'll pole dance at Si Yi's wedding. Having to accomplish this to not have to pay 1 million or be cursed for life, Si Yi sets out to forget the past and find love.
           To make things worse, she finds out that Gao Cheng Kuan is her boss. He is known to be very arrogant and is known to treat his employees like screws that need to be tightened or thrown away if rusted.  With all this pressure on, it seems almost impossible to deal with love and work. She works as a secretary and helps him with a lot of things after he decided that she was responsible and helpful. Having to deal with Vivian, Gao Cheng Kuan's rude and arrogant fiance (which is kind of like a forced marriage since both Vivian and Gao Cheng Kuan have no feelings for each other), Luo Si Yi deals with love and work. Gao Cheng Kuan and Luo Si Yi slowly start falling for each other without knowing. In this romantic comedy, you'll be sure to enjoy it. Most of the characters like Si Yi's friend and family were extremely encouraging and kept pushing her to go on dates with Gao Cheng Kuan even when they were not in a relationship. I'm sure you will enjoy this romantic and comedic drama. I also totally rooted for Gao Cheng Kuan's assistant and Si Yi's friend on being a couple also.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Operation Proposal

         This was actually a really interesting drama and I really liked Yoo Seung Ho in it because he did a great job in acting. This has a very interesting concept that has to do with being sent back to your past to change your mistakes and so forth. However, even though I enjoyed this drama, this was slightly repetitive of the guy going back to his past and changing his mistakes to win his first love. This drama was extremely cute and those friendship turns to love thing, makes me kind of jealous because I thought those friendships are really cute (for example, in Reply 1997).

         If you could go back in time to relive the past, what would you do differently? That's the question that you constantly think about when watching this drama.


       The beginning of this episode was actually really sweet. Yoo Seungho wakes up tiredly and hitting his alarm clock. Then he is fully awake when he remembers today was his best friend's wedding day. She happened to be his first love too and he wanted to confess to her but never found the right time. He had been friends with her since elementary school and liked her for a whole 20 years but never found the right time to confess. Now it was too late since Yi Seul, his friend, was getting married to another man. So much for finding the "perfect time." He is the man in honor and is full of regret as he watches Yi Seul marry Kwon Jin Won. It was extremely touching when he was giving his congratulations and he talked of their memories. 
       He reads a letter that was never given to him that was written by Yi Seul as they were graduating middle school. She writes that he was a special person to her and that she liked him. As he was feeling regret for not ever confessing or doing other things differently, he meets a man who is known as a Conductor. He is able to control time. As the Conductor tried to persuade him to time travelling back, Baek Ho decided to take some time to think about it. The conductor gives him a little vial.
       Baek Ho thinks about this and he looks through the pictures he took with Yi Seul in high school, he realized that in most of the pictures, Yi Seul didn't look too happy because he was always the one making her sad, upset, and so forth. He wondered what would've been different if he had confessed his feelings to her. Wanting to change that, he decides that he wanted to go back in time. He downs whatever is in the vial and says, "Renovatio, Renovatio" and Baek Ho gets sent back to high school for a another chance at taking control of his won destiny and to make things right again. Let's see if he'll be able to get the happy ending he wants.
          Though this drama was interesting and I enjoyed it.Throughout the entire drama, he basically just tried to fix every mistake and change it so that he can win the girl in the end. And it always seemed to have this effect on the future after he makes a change in his past and throughout most of the drama it has the Renovatio thing going on. However, I still enjoyed watching it.  So I would recommend you guys to watch it if you want, it actually is kind of cool. Truly a pretty amazing drama. Though it was frustrating at some parts, I loved it nonetheless. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Smiling Pasta

A lot of people liked this drama. So I figured that I would give it a watch. It's a Taiwanese drama and it was actually really interesting and it was a good drama. It kind of reminded me of the Korean drama Full  House. I'm a little busy today so I'll write a short one :)

              The main character is a girl named Xiao Shi. She had went through 17 short relationships that never lasted more than 3 months. She was believed to have a "three-month curse" and her family knows about it too. After being dumped by her last boyfriend, she bumps into a famous idol named He Qun. They end up kissing on the street by accident and paparazzi who were chasing He Qun took a lot of pictures. To avoid having a bad reputation, they declared that Xiao Shi was He Qun's girlfriend of one year and that they were engaged. This sounds kind of similar to Full House doesn't it? Anyways, they made a love contract as it was hard to just end the relationship making it look fake. The couple begins to like each other even though they constantly argued in the beginning. They also go through many obstacles caused by people and the media. It also shows you if Xiao Shi will be able to break her 3 month curse.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

School 2013

         Today, we're going to be talking about School 2013 (which is also known as  School 5 as it is an update to "School Series" which aired from 1999 to 2002. This drama was pretty interesting as it showed what the life of students were like. People said that this was very similar to what actually happened in schools in Korea and of course, there are other schools that can relate to this drama also. People have had different opinions on this drama. Some people liked it and recommended it to me and others said that they didn't like it. So I figured that I should check it out and decide for myself (and it is what I suggest for the other dramas because just because someone else doesn't like it doesn't mean you won't). When I watched the first few episodes, I was shocked by how bad some of the kids were in terms of bullying students and the teacher. Anyways, here is a synopsis and if it interests you, you can take a look at it.

       This drama portrays realistic issues, struggles, and dilemmas of the young people today in school. It takes place at Seungri High School. It is mainly about the teenagers and the struggles they have to deal with in and out of class. I actually really liked the different characters of the students because it showed the diversity of the class and how they are all different. It also showed how difficult some students were. The actors and actresses did a great job.
         Seungri High School ranks as one of the worst of 178 high schools in Seoul based on academic scores. Jung In Jae (Jang Nara) begins her career as a teacher here. Se Chan (Daniel Choi) also starts to work at this high school and as the top Korean language teacher at a famous institute in Gangnam. Class 2 is at the bottom of the grade (2) at Seungri High and that was the reason why they hired Se Chan, in hopes of improving the scores of the students. Jung In Jae was supposed to leave and Se Chan becomes the homeroom teacher of the class, however, unable to leave her students and thinking she should still stay with them and help them go through their teenage years, she stays. In Jae and Se Chan begin working together as homeroom teachers as they try to bring the scores up as well as help the students. 
         The teenager that we mainly follow is Nam Soo. Nam Soo ends up being the class president of grade 2. He had problems with Jung Ho who is a gang member and yet Jung Ho was the one who made Nam Soo the class president. However, becoming class president still brings on problems as Jung Ho continues to bother Nam Soo. Nam  Soo also does whatever is possible to keep Jung Ho from bothering Jung In Jae, the teacher, as most teachers abandoned this class as they found it difficult. 
        Not only does this drama revolve around the lives and the struggles the adults have to go through in helping these kids but also the lives of the students. The students also have a lot going on in their lives and the different friends they make and so forth. School 2013 show how teachers and students grow up and mature through the conflicts and compromises that occur in their lives. 

Love Contract

This drama was acted by Ariel Lin and Mike He. I actually liked this drama because it worked even though I thought it wouldn't work well in this drama. Ariel Lin and Mike He did a great job acting in this drama. I'll get straight to the point for this drama and start on the synopsis.
         Ariel Lin plays the role of Xiao Feng who is a stubborn tomboy and the captain of the Kendo Club at her college. She is very leader like as she is very demanding and she is also very tough. However, despite her tough image, Xiao Feng actually just wants to search for love and come out of her scarred past. Her friends don't know anything about Xiao Feng's past or that the main thing she wanted was love, but are always loyal to Xiao Feng. However, one day her friends, Xiao Bai and Ah  Kai leave the Kendo Club to be a part of the Swim Team because Xiao Feng was pretty tough on them.
          To their disappointment, they found out that the captain of the Swim  Team, Ah  Ken, was just as strict as Xiao Feng and made them do a lot of work. It was pretty hilarious as you watched them do grueling exercises while complaining. When Xiao Feng told her friends that she wanted to fall in love the most of all, Xiao Bai and Ah Ken devised a prank known as the "love contract." Ah Ken must date Xiao Feng and they will find members to recruit for the swim team.
           At first, when Ah Ken tried to date her, Xiao Feng would play tricks. However, none of them expected that they would actually start falling for each other. As they become more intimate due to troubles at home, their friends have problems that might threaten them to break apart. For example, a guy named Mu Tou who has liked Xiao  Feng for a long time was jealous of their relationship. He tries to break them up. Ah Kai, a childhood friend of Xiao Feng, also has a crush on her but he is dating Xin Lei. Now here is where the huge love triangle...parallelogram.....starts. Ah Kai likes Xiao Feng but is dating Xin Lei, but Xiao Bai likes Xin Lei and Xiao Xiao likes Xiao Bai. So things start getting confusing with all these love connections. And problems also start occurring as Xiao Feng's past is revealed and also when she finds out that Ah Ken only dated her for the love contract.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child

         This drama was a fast watch and pretty intense and interesting. And I really liked the child actress, Kim Yoo Jung, and the actress who played the gumiho did an amazing job also. It has 16 episodes. This drama was actually very interesting and I liked it but its kind of underrated as not a lot of people have watched it. So if you guys have a chance, you should take a look at it. It's a pretty good drama. Even though it had some creepy scenes that you might find scary, I thought it was actually fine and it was interesting to see change between the role of the mother to a gumiho seeking revenge for her daughter.  
Just a note to those who don't know what a gumiho is (I didn't know till I watched My GF is a Gumiho), a gumiho is a legendary nine-tailed fox. When they are in human form, they are stunning woman and legend has it the gumiho takes the liver of men and eats it. In this drama, the woman had no means of killing people but just wanted to keep herself hidden from humans and try to live as a human and try to protect her daughter from harm. 

           The gumiho, a stunning woman, is telling her daughter, Yeon Yi, of the love story of the gumiho. No one knows that this woman is a gumiho. The love story started out with her husband encountering the gumiho in "monster" form. The gumiho said that she will spare the man's life but he has to promise to not ever mention the gumiho again. He promised, doing whatever he could to spare his life. Then as he left the forest, he encounters a beautiful woman (the gumiho in her human form) and they get married. Apparently, if the gumiho gets married for ten years with a mortal, she can become human. However, the day before 10 years was up, the man mentioned the gumiho and the gumiho lost her chance of becoming a human.
            She said, "If you had waited one more day, ten years would've been up." She also said that not only is she not getting her chance of becoming human but also their daughter Yeon Yi. She spares the man his life and still loves her daughter dearly. However, she knows, in 3 months when her daughter turns 10, her daughter will also turn into a fox. Her husband later commits suicide by himself with his wife and daughter gone (the girl ran after her mother).  The two began to live together and they end up becoming servants at a house because at that house, their daughter was sick with a rare disease and could not open her eyes.
          However, if there is a girl who is born on the same month, day, year, and time as the sick girl, Cho Ok, the sick girl would get better. When Yeon Yi and her mother appeared, Cho Ok got better. In order for the girl to be better forever, it meant that Yeon Yi had to be sacrificed and Cho Ok will have to eat Yeon Yi's liver. However, in the time being, they lived there. A young master and  Yeon Yi start forming a love relation and the mother also had a kind man liking her and the master of the house also started liking the gumiho too.
          The mother and daughter suffered quite a lot in this household. Cho Ok constantly bothered Yeon Yi, even making the servants throw Yeon  Yi into a well. The mother of the household also bothered Yeon Yi's mother. Thankfully, a servant who also liked the gumiho and didn't care if she was a beast or not or the fact that her child was also a beast, always helped the mother and daughter as best as he could. Cho Ok was also extremely bratty. Throughout the time, Yeon Yi began to notice changes  as she sometimes would transfer into a fox figure. The master of the household, the father of Cho Ok, did not want to kill Yeon Yi as he started feeling something for the mom. However, for the sake of his own daughter, the master killed Yeon Yi and gave Yeon Yi's liver to his daughter. 
         Finding that her daughter was killed for the sake of Cho Ok's life, the gumiho begins to pretend like she has lost her memory and continues working at the place. She wants to get revenge for Yeon Yi and she even gets to talk to Yeon Yi's ghost a few times when it possesses Cho Ok's body. In this brilliant drama, you can see the sense of love and protection this mother has over her child as she tries to save her over and over again and then try to get revenge. In this drama, you begin questioning who is truly the beast and who is the human.
        I liked the ending because it was sweet, but I felt really bad for the two guys that liked the mother-daughter pair. Anyways, enjoy this drama! You truly should watch it! It's a fast watch and you get hooked on this pretty fast too.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Or Bread

I watched It Started With a Kiss and  They Kiss Again which starred Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. I loved them both dearly since their chemistry was great and their friendship was so strong. When I heard that they had another drama together, I happily watched it. It was the most awkward drama for me because the characters  of these roles are completely flipped around. I watched this drama with a Jiang Zhi Shu in my mind (Joe Cheng's character in It Started With a Kiss who is a genius and extremely cold) and a Xiang Qin (Ariel Lin's role which is a sweet girl but not very smart). It turned out in this drama, Joe Cheng was acting out the really childish one while Ariel Lin was acting the more mature one. So totally not used to this image, I actually even thought of giving up on watching this. But I continued on.
        Joe Cheng plays the role of Frank who wears designer labels and acts cool. However, he is actually buried in debt and chased after by loan sharks. He had a tragic past where both his parents died and he doesn't know how to spend his money since the loan sharks are always coming after him. He had considered pawning his mother's wedding ring, but couldn't do it because it was all that was left from her.
        Ariel Lin plays the role of Zhen Shan Mei who plays a poor but hardworking girl. She has a boyfriend, but he moved to mainland China for university. He had promised that they will get married after he graduates so she decides to go to China so that they can get married. Her family are against her decision of marrying the guy because they need her to support them with money. The only person that supported her was her father who told her to go. That was how she met Frank for the first time. She meets him as he is running from gangsters and ends up in the ladies room. She thought he was a pervert and even reported him to the police. The ring fell out of Frank's pocket in the girl's bathroom and the policeman, thinking it was  Shan Mei's, put it in her bag. The two meet again later and he tries to get his ring back. He doesn't get the ring and ends up sending Shan Mei to the airport. However, she found out that her boyfriend had another girl and had betrayed her. Shan Mei goes back to Taiwan, hurt. She doesn't know where to go as she knows her mother will only nag about it and do the  "I told you so." She couldn't go to her best friend as her friend would also do the "I told you so." So in the end, she rents a place using Frank's ring and the neighboring tenant just happened to be Frank.
            Both are complete opposites yet both are in need of money. They live together and go through problems together. Shan Mei starts to come out after her boyfriend's betrayal. Though opposites, the two fell in love in this humorous love story.

In all honesty, I was not used to this drama. Especially watching them act in It Started With A Kiss and They Kiss Again. It felt like their roles reversed in this drama and I was not used to it. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1 Litre of Tears (movie)

This was a Japanese movie that was based on a true story. It was heart wrenching and it truly makes you think that you should be grateful for one more day of being healthy and to live life to the fullest (of course without doing anything crazy). I truly cried a bucket in this movie so be sure to have a box of tissues ready if you plan on watching this movie! 

       This is based on a true story and this movie was based on the diary that Aya kept writing until she could no longer hold a pen. It talks about the struggles that a 15 year old girl named Aya had as she suffered from an incurable disease. It shows how she always smiled and lived her life to the fullest until her death at age 25. Aya was a healthy, normal girl. She played basketball well and her family owned a tofu shop. She was a very bright girl and she has siblings too. However, slowly, unusual things began occurring to Aya. She began to start falling down without being tripped or anything.  She fell down often and also walked in a strange manner. Usually, when people fall down, their hands are stretched in front of them so their hands often get scraped when they fall. However, for Aya, she has no time to react and her hands are always left unscratched and unharmed.
        Her mother notices this and takes Aya to the hospital for a check up. They found out that Aya had spinocerebellar ataxia. This is a rare disease where the cerebellum of the brain deteriorates overtime to the point where the victim cannot walk, speak, write, or eat. However, it does not affect the mind just how your body functions. It shows her struggles and overtime, she got worse and worse. She also had a sort of connection with a boy named Asou Haruto that had once helped her when she fell down. There was a love relation between them. I felt bad for her when the guy that she liked, ditched her just because he found out that she had this disease. Life was not easy for this girl, yet she faced it with a smile and tried her best to keep her hopes up. Not many people supported her like Asou Haruto and her family. The class even discriminated against her and parents even protested of having her in the class. This is a movie that truly talks about the struggles Aya faced and its definitely worth watching. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fondant Garden

This is a Taiwanese drama but it has Korean components combined into it. Also Park Jungmin from SS501 acted in this drama. So SS501 fans should totally check this out and support Jungmin! He worked extremely hard and even had to grab a cactus plant to emphasize a scene and in the end, the stylists had to pluck cactus needles out of his hand :( This drama is the kind that won't make you cry but keep you interested in the love story between the characters. The story picks up at episode 5, the beginning episodes are to let you understand the story better. There is also the use of both Korean and Chinese as Park Jung Min is Korean and he plays a Taiwanese-Korean character.

              Our main character is Zheng Mi En and she is a very talented pastry chef and works and manages a bakery called Fondant Garden. Her friend, Chen Ai Lin, asked Mi  En to bake the cakes for her and to pass them off as her own creations to convince her father that she was the one baking these delicious cakes that Mi En was actually making. So, Mi En takes Ai Lin's place in the fondant cake-making competition in Korea and it dragged Mi En into Ai  Lin's lies.
             She meets Po Xi Huan/ Park Hee Hwan who is a second-generation Taiwanese-Korean businessman from a Korean company. He does not want to inherit the family business yet his father wants him to. His father wanted to use the upcoming cake competition as a way to force Xi Huan into an arranged marriage with the winner (who was chosen ahead of time). That sucks considering they are still having this competition and Xi Huan did not want to have an arranged marriage with the girl. He had met Mi En before asking her to smile at him once so that he can leave the date. He's not interested in that girl chosen for him.
              Han Xiang, is Xi Huan's Taiwanese cousin who runs the family business division in Taiwan. He also wants to get his father's company too and he finds it hard to understand how his cousin was not interested in taking over the business, and might still get it. Therefore, Xi Huan, in order to not get the business decides tp go to Taiwan for a vacation. He gets hit in the head with a frying pan and temporarily lost his memory and stays with Mi En at Fondant Garden. At first, Mi En liked Han Xiang as he was the first guy she met and took interest to.  However, overtime, she begins to find herself liking Xi Huan and her friend Ai Lin starts to like Xi Huan. In this drama, you can see how the actors interact with one another and how the love story goes.

Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm Sorry I Love You

This is an old classic. It was amazing but the ending was really sad. So if you aren't really into tragic endings, this may not be the drama for you. However, you'll be missing out on a beautiful drama! It was also really popular but like I said, it was produced many years ago.


Our male lead is named Cha Moo Hyuk and he was abandoned by his parents as a kid and was adopted by a couple in Australia. However, he was mistreated and roamed the streets and made a living by cheating tourists out of their money when they are lost. It is through one of his scams that he meets the female lead of Song Eun Chae. Song Eun Chae is a fashion coordinator and the childhood friend of Choi Yoon. Choi Yoon is a famous singer and Song Eun Chae sees him as her life's focal point. Song Eun Chae was in Australia at that time because Choi Yoon had to visit Australia for a photo shoot with Eun Chae's actress friend, Min Joo. It turned out that Choi Yoon had no interest at Eun Chae and was using her to get close to Min Joo who he actually liked. This hurt her but she still does as he asks, (gosh, isn't that what Eponine had to do in Les Miserables?)
             Her luggage and money were stolen by Moo Hyuk's band of criminals. She was left alone by Choi Yoon and bumps into Moo Hyuk as she wandered around. He helps her because he felt bad for her and actually found that Moo Hyuk managed to get the stuff stolen by his gang and return it all to Eun Chae. With all her stuff, she manages to get on the plane back to Korea and bumps into Choi Yoon and Min Joo. Oh dear, and to make matters worse, they became an item. Moo Hyuk also has trouble with love too and even faces an accident. He was invited to his ex-girlfriend's wedding and he still had feelings for the girl. At the wedding, he got shot twice in the head by accident as someone was trying to assassinate the ex-girlfriend's husband. Only one bullet was removed from Moo Hyuk's head. As for the other bullet, it was too deeply within his head and could not be surgically removed. Thus, it meant that he will die with the bullet in his head and he has no longer than a year to live. How pleasant for that poor man to know....
            Feeling guilty, the ex-girlfriend who still married (gosh, girl, you still got married in those situations? People were trying to murder your husband!), gave Moo Hyuk money telling him to go to Korea to find his birth parents who had abandoned him at his birth. He does some research and goes to find his parents in Korea. Little did he expect for his mother to be a Korean actress that is well known. He was the son of Audrey! But his mother already had a son who just happens to be Choi Yoon. This mother-son actress/actor are popular and they show a very close relationship with one another. This makes Moo Hyuk sad to know that he was abandoned while his brother was living with his mother in a loving environment and loved by people around him because he also acted.
           He bumped into his birth mother but she is living the life without knowing of a son in Australia suffering and wandering. Upset that his own mother makes no attempt to find him and care for him, he vows revenge on his mother and Choi Yoon. As he tries to bring Choi Yoon and his mother down, by getting close to Choi Yoon and becoming his manager, he falls in love with Song Eun  Chae. As this love blossoms, more secrets reveal themselves. He learns the true story behind the fact that he was "abandoned." In this love story filled with secrets, revenge, and tragedy, you will find a classic.

Cheongdamdong Alice

Episodes: 16 
Cheongdamdong Alice was really enjoyable for me. I liked the weirdness of our male lead and the way our girl lead is so naive about love. I like how through a series of events these two came together. Our male lead is kind of similar to the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. He does a lot of weird things and says a lot of weird things. He even tried to cry once and was so fascinated when he did. Our male lead was just so enjoyable to watch. And it was so interesting to see him change from his goofy self to a serious, calm, and cool person. He has two sides to himself which made it more enjoyable. 

           Our main character is played by Moon Geun Young. Her name is Han Se Kyung and she believes that hard work will allow her to succeed in life which is why her favorite motto is "L'effort est ma force." (Hard work is my strength). She is very optimistic even when going through all these hardships and she's constantly helping her boyfriend, who is also under debt, like she is. She is good at designing because when she was a student, she entered many design contests and won first place in many. She gets accepted at her dream job at GN Fashion even though she scored the lowest on the interview. It turns out that she was hired because the president's wife, Seo  Yoon Joo, was her high school classmate and rival. Seo Yoon Joo used to be the second in the class while Se Kyung was #1 and she was always ready to bully/bother Se Kyung then. Now, that she was hired, instead of designing,Se Kyung ends up having to run errands for Seo Yoon Joo, who is rich after marrying the president of a company.

           At first, when I saw the struggles her boyfriend was going through with the debt and the hospital fees, I totally shipped them together. This drama truly showed the ugly side of life and it was so touching when they both comforted each other. Se Kyung meets Jean Thierry Cha (the youngest CEO in the luxury brand market) a few times. But they get off with a bad start. There was a misunderstanding that Se Kyung was one of those women who bought luxury brands even if poor. But the reality of it was that she was running an errand. He lies that he's a secretary and they meet a few times. When her boyfriend, decided to illegally sell bags from Jean Thierry Cha's company (since her boyfriend works there), she sends Jean Thierry Cha a letter to forgive her boyfriend even giving all of her life savings to pay for the bags. Jean Thierry Cha, touched by their love, took care of the business, and gave the money that the girl had given him to her boyfriend. However, they found out later, that the boyfriend took Se Kyung's money and ran off to a different country to start a new life. So much for true love...

         She is hurt and will never be the same again from the on. However Jean Thierry Cha starts to have feelings for her for who she is but who knew that she will take a huge step to change herself for a better life. Se Kyung saw how Yoon  Joo's life was better than hers, she decides she will do what Yoon Joo did. She will marry a rich man and get into Cheondamdong. She asks for help from Yoon Joo and Yoon Joo agrees on a way to get her married to someone rich in Cheongdamdong which is a particularly posh neighborhood in Gangnam District. However, that is bad because, Jean Thierry Cha loved her for who she was, and he hated woman who are obsessed with luxury brand products and those who marry for money because his ex-girlfriend (Yoon Joo) had done that and hurt him. He didn't expect Se Kyung to decide to take the path of marrying for money.

          The entire time, Jean Thierry Cha pretended to be a secretary. And strangely, Se Kyung finds herself falling for him even though she said she wanted a rich man. In this drama, you see how this story falls into place as they search for true love and happiness with one another. It has an interesting concept because rarely you see the main actress start leaning toward the bad side and easy way of things but she goes there and through that they meet love and everything. It has an interesting concept. I also hope you people don't always say that you don't like Moon Geun Young just because of her looks (I saw comments on this). She is an amazing actress and she has been acting as a young child. The acting should be what counts mostly.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Momo Love

Alright, I really found this drama comedic and just fun to watch. I really like the actors and Jiro was amazing as usual.  Gosh, Fahrenheit boys sure know how to act. Besides, this story was really cute too. Let's get into the synopsis immediately!

            Our main character is called Tao Hua. She is the youngest of the family and the only girl born also. There is a total of six children in her family (including her). First, her four older brothers, are all outstanding in skills and talent and looks. The first brother is Chen Qi and is a news weather anchor. The second brother is called Chen Cheng and he is a fashion stylist. It continues with the other brothers who are twins (one being smart and the other an adrenaline junkie.) These four brothers are all extremely protective of their little sister. I don't mean a "Aww, how nice it must be to have 4 big brothers always watching out for you...not to mention good-looking, smart, successful brothers." I mean seriously protective.
           Tao Hua's brothers are all afraid that if she is to fall in love, their place in her heart will diminish. So they have strict guidelines on whom she can date and often if they don't find the person suitable (which is often) they bother the poor kid until he leaves the school and stays away form their sister. So in order for them to watch over their little sister, was to make the youngest brother (who is probably the only normal brother considering how protective the others are) Yu Yi watch over her. His role in the household was to care and risk his life to protect her at all times and they even made Yu  Yi stay in high school for another year just to protect Tao Hua. I felt bad for Yu Yi because he was treated so unfairly by his brothers that it was laughable.
           Meanwhile, Shi Lang had recently moved into Tao Hua's area and attends a school nearby. They meet each other on a rainy day and Tao Hua falls in love with him when he offers her his umbrella since she seemed like she was catching a cold and he was a nice guy. She starts waiting just to meet him again to give him back the umbrella. Like I mentioned before, the protective brothers often don't find the person to be suitable for their sister. However, Shi Lang actually passed their guidelines of having a clean track record, smart, and so forth. The brothers are still unwilling to let go of their sister and even hire Xue Zhi Qiang to district Tao Hua from liking Shi Lang. The brothers even write a script for a date so that Tao Hua can fall for Zhi Qiang. Tao Hua was annoyed and hurt by what her brothers keep inflicting upon her. She is hindered by her brother and she has to compete for Shi Lang's affection with his childhood friend. As she fights for Shi Lang's affection, you start to see if Shi Lang feels the same for Tao Hua or for his childhood friend, Gong Hui Qi.                                                        

Drunken to Love You

Even though I prefer Rainie Yang with long hair, she was still nonetheless cute with short hair and this drama was extremely sweet also. She sure has matured throughout the years since her acting as Shang Cai's best friend in Meteor Garden. She also has gotten more natural in acting and she did really well in this drama and you can feel the intimacy between the two characters because they are such great actors.


              The couple completely met by coincidence which is pretty humorous. Song Jie Xiu, the male lead, wanted to propose to his girlfriend. However, he is rejected as she wants to accept a movie role that will make her career. For her future and career, she broke the poor guy's heart and still thinks that Jie Xiu will wait for her to settle down in her career before marrying. Meanwhile, our female lead, Lin Xiao Ru, is waiting for her boyfriend Ren Yi Xian so that they can get married in  Las Vegas. The two were completely close and both wanted the marriage.  It seemed like a perfect love story for Ren Yi Xian and Lin Xiao Ru. However, the unexpected happened when he found out that he had gotten a girl pregnant during a party while he was drunk. With that, he rejects Xiao Ru so that she can move on in life, not wanting to hurt her anymore. As he rejected Xiao Ru, even going extreme measures to get her away from him, Song Jie Xiu saw it and felt bad for her as he understood the pain of being rejected.
          They accidentally met at a bar and they both get drunk. They wake up not knowing anything about what happened. He soon came to realize that he had gotten married while he was drunk. People were congratulating him of his marriage through phone and text messages. He also found a valid marriage certificate with his wife being Lin Xiao Ru. He wants to quickly end this marriage to fix the situation immediately, but his girlfriend who found out asked him to stay in the marriage for three months so that she can finish her role and so that scandals won't fall on her as they can just remain as "friends" to the public eye. He agrees when his girlfriend promises that she will marry him after the movie wraps up and they will go public with their relationship.
             Xiao Ru agrees to this three month contract marriage with Jie Xiu as she was facing a career obstacle. Together, they live as a married couple in front of people. They slowly began to learn more of each other, care more for each other, and come to realize that they were forming a love relation. This drama had a lot of happy endings and the relationship between the two was pretty interesting.


This is a Taiwanese drama and I really liked Mike He in this. I mean, he's a great actor...and one of the best kissers in Taiwanese dramas. Amazing actor. Also before KPOP, Fahrenheit and S.H.E were really big and popular. A member of S.H.E is acting in this and it's Hebe! She also did a great job.
           This isn't actually about bullfighting. It started off as a 3-on-3 basketball competition between two rival schools. The winner of the competition would then control the 13th Street basketball court for the following year. This basketball competition takes place every year. However, to everybody's surprise, the 9-year reigning champion lost this year. He lost because of one girl.
          Hebe plays the role of Yi Sheng Xue. Yi Sheng Xue is a hot-headed, lively girl who is a bullfighting fan. Her background is the daughter of a sort of gang/clan group. She becomes the love interest of two young men. One is her personal bodyguard who had always been there for her even when they were children and so they were best friends, his name is Jin Zi Cong. He's a very devoted guy to Yi Sheng Xue, willing to take punishments for her, protecting her, and helping her whenever she needed it. The other is Shen Ruo He. They start off with a not so sweet relationship. However, after much rivalry against each other, Yi  Sheng Xue finds herself falling for Shen Ruo He. I really liked the chemistry between Shen Ruo He and Yi Sheng Xue. But then again, Mike He always manages to spark up the chemistry with just a serious look with his eyes. Its the power of them eyes!
         I also really liked the personality of Yi Sheng Xue in this. In most Taiwanese dramas or Korean dramas. The main lead actress is always the innocent, sweet, damsel in distress. She always needs a guy there to catch her and fall for her beauty. Not in this case, this girl should have Miss A's I Don't Need A Man playing in the background. She's strong willed, tough, and tomboyish. Lee Wei, though I felt bad for him because he had to watch the girl he loves so dearly, love another man and form a relationship with another man, I thought he was really annoying. Don't we all find those people getting caught in between a beautiful relationship annoying? He also had trouble moving on which was probably the main reason why I found him annoying because I truly felt bad for him in the beginning.
           Anyways the story continues with the two beginning to fall for each other, but they have obstacles standing in their way. They begin to get over them together. See their humorous moments and their painful moments (there were a lot of cute scenes in here) and also see how they deal with all these obstacles coming their way. Also, how will faithful and can't-get-over-the-girl Lee Wei deal? In this interesting drama with strong, tough characters, you can find out!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bridal Mask

This drama is ultimately amazing and intense and exciting. It has everything you can ask for. Childhood love, revenge, hatred, love again, and just amazing and action-packed. I am also really starting to like the main actor of this film, Joo Won, because he is truly amazing in acting. He did a great job in Baker King Kim Tak Gu and now he's acting in Level 7 Civil Servant (which I will be watching soon and then making a synopsis on). I highly recommend this drama to all those who haven't watched this.

            Our two main characters started off as childhood lovers. They met completely by chance. Kang To was with his family and other people and they were travelling when they found Boonyi on the side of the road. Her mother had died so they allowed her to come along since she was supposed to go find her father somewhere. The two shared a lot of sweet memories. However, on their way, they met with bandits and ended up getting separated. Before they separated, Kang To gave Boonyi his father's knife telling her that as long as she stays alive, he will come to find her. However, as he left, he believed that she had been killed as a bandit came up behind her with a sword. But he had to leave with the rest of his family.
          Years later, Kang To is known as Japanese peoples' dog. This is because during the Japanese imperialism in Korea, in order for him to live a better life and for his family, he decided to betray his country and be loyal to the Japanese. He believed that his father had been killed by the Japanese and the reason why is brother is now mentally ill is because of the Japanese.  In order to allow his family to survive and not have to work hard and get beaten, he decided to be loyal to the Japanese and caught all patriots of Korea. He did this even though people looked down on him and his mother disapproved of his actions and wanted desperately to bring his family out of poverty and be successful.
          Boon Yi now goes by the name of Mok Dan and is part of a circus group. She is also known by the name of Esther...yeah, this girl got 3 names. She is constantly helping the Gakistal (bridal mask) as they fought for Korea. Kang To, on the other hand, is trying to catch the Gakistal. The Gakistal basically protects the people from the Japanese colonists' oppression and abuse of power. The two lovers don't recognize each other, at first, and ultimately despise each other. He slapped the girl before and she had spit in his face before and they had a lot of fights also. However, he soon found out that she was his first love when he saw his knife that he had given to her as children, yet he was supposed to use her as bait to lure out the Gakistal who had saved her 3 times already. However, he is not the only one with a love line with her. His best friend is a Japanese person but he is very kind and loving to Koreans. However, when his brother was killed, he took the position of his brother to get revenge without knowing that the Gakistal was now his best friend. He also likes the girl as she had once helped him take care of his nanny that had raised him when they were children. This complicated story is sure to keep you on your toes especially as you see the kind person turn harsher and colder.
         The story continues as he finds out that the Gakistal was actually his brother which threw him off because his brother was supposedly mentally ill. However, his brother and mother both died, leaving Kang To devastated. (I cried so much). With that, he continues being part of the Japanese but behind their backs, he takes on the role of Gakistal for his brother as he realizes his wrongdoings. He begins doing what the bridal mask always did and went against his friend who was trying to avenge his brother on the bridal mask. With this, the story sets sail as Boonyi finds out her first love was actually Kang To. This story shows how friendship can turn to rivalry and this thriller will surely excite you as you realize how their surroundings and all this going on can complicate their relationship. What happens as Kang To takes on the bridal mask and has to fight against his best friend is up to you people to find out, and whether or not Kang To ends up with his Boonyi is also up to you to find out. However, this drama was amazing.  It left me breathless and and it made me bite my nails, it made me shed tears, it made me smile, and let's just say, it really messed with my feelings. Amazing drama! The ending made my heart feel all sorts of emotions and this drama is just beautiful. The acting was amazing and I absolutely loved it. I always find it interesting to check out Behind The Scenes afterwards and its fascinating how much fun the cast of this intense drama were having. However, throughout the drama, I could not believe how horrible their aiming was when they were shooting at the bridal mask. Haha! However, I loved Shunji even though he was so evil. He was evil but you can see how he struggles with himself and the conflict he feels throughout the drama and the changes he took to himself. At first, he realized he was changing and was incredibly scared of what he might do next. You can see just how much conflict Shunji has which makes him a hateful yet interesting character.

Just expect to hear a lot of angry yelling of: GAKSITALLLL!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Can we get Married?

This was written by my friend. :) -Dramagirl 

Can we get married is a romantic comedy about 4 different couples and their love stories. 

           In the beginning we learn about the first couple, Jung-Hoon (Sung-Joon) and Hye Yoon (Jung So-Min). Jung- Hoon works at a toy company and Hye Yoon works as a second grade teacher. Jung-Hoon's friend Ki- Joong (Kim Young-Kwang), a chef who owns his own restaurant, cooks him and his future finance (Hye Yoon)  dinner which is part one of the proposal. Ki- Joong brings out the dessert which has a ring inside and can you guess what happens? Well, let's just say, it wasn't too romantic. Hye Yoon gets the ring caught in her throat when she swallowed it and when the ring pops out she gets upset at Jung- Hoon and pushes him away when he tries to console her. Part Two of his proposal happens when he drives to a hotel and Hye Yoon gets the wrong idea. He take her to the suite that he decorated with hearts and decorations. She starts to cry as he gets down on one knee and says…."Marry me?"  
            She tells him that it is the proposal she has been waiting for and they exchange a few kisses. Their marriage is opposed by their mothers and because of their mother they break up twice. The first time it was because Jung Hoon's mother cried because when both of their mothers met, Hye Yoon's mother did not say any nice things about Jung- Hoon, only complimenting her daughter and how lucky she was. Because Jung- Hoon cared deeply about his mother's feelings he broke off the engagement. The scond time they brok up was again because of Hye- Yoon's mother because Hye Yoon thought that Jung Hoon was too nice and could not stand up for himself. This was partially true because he knew his family was paying for the wedding due to Hye- Yoon's family's financial problems and because Hye- Yoon's mother had personally gone to him and told him to tell his mother to pay for everything. This break up was the most emotional part of their love story but it brought them closer together and their understanding and love for each other grew stronger. It was Hye- Yoon's mother who brought them both back together in the end. 

During their relationship, we are introduced to the second couple, Ki Joong and Dong Bi. (They are my favorite couple even though they really arent the main characters in this drama. I felt that their relationship was the sweetest but most heartbreaking which is probably why im going to write more about their relationship that what i am going to write for three other couples.) Their relationship in the beginning was strictly physical and when Dong Bi wants to get married 5 years into their relationship Ki Joong refuses and they break up. Dong Bi goes into a state of depression and tries to get Ki Joong back, after breaking in to his house and messing up his closet and getting caught she and Ki Joong decide to remain friends. When Ki Joong gets engaged to Chae Young (Jin Ye Sol) for business purposes, Dong Bi gets drunk and asks him why he is marrying Chae Young when he and Dong Bi had dated for 5 years. Soon Dong Bi starts to have feeling for Hye Yoon's fiance Jung Hoon. Because Dong Bi and Jung Hoon are best friends they tell each other everything and they drink together when they have relationship problems. during Hye Yoon and Jung Hoon's second break up, Jung Hoon gets drunk and goes to Dong Bi's house where he unintentionally kisses her. Hye Yoon fnds Jung Hoon sleeping in Dong Bi's bed the next morning and assumes the worst which causes her to break friendship ties with Dong Bi and worsens her break up with Jung Hoon. Ki Joong on the other hand is left alone when Chae Yoon deserts him at the airport to go to their honeymoon. He goes back to Dong Bi, remembering that she had told hi to come back anytime even if he thought it was too late, but Dong Bi tells him she has fallen in love with someone else and no longer loves him. But Ki Joong does not give up and tells Dong Bi that the reason he didn't marry her in the first place was because she could not handle his mother who treasured her family's reputation. When Jung Hoon and Hye Joon get back together and Hye Yoon forgives Dong Bi, Ki Joong goes to her place and Dong Bi tells him that she had kissed Jung Hoon that night but Jung Hoon didnt know that. Ki Joong only smiles and says that he is glad that she didnt sleep with Jung Hoon and kisses her. He tells her that every kiss she had before it didnt count, making her kiss him again. Dong Bi meets Ki Joong's mother and after a bad encounter ,she breaks up with Ki Joong saying that he could find someone better. A few days later Jung Hoon and Hye Yoon meet up with Ki Joong to tell him to not let Dong Bi go causing him to grab Dong Bi and tell her that he wants her to change his mind and that he is sorry but he can't let her go <3 Ki Joong and Dong Bi have a common law marriage and Dong Bi meets Ki Joong's mother again; this time she stands up for herself saying that she lost Ki Joong once and she isnt going to lose him again because she loves him. 

Hye Jin (Jeong Ae-Yeon) and Do Hyun (Kim Sing-Min) have been married for 7 years after Hye Jin's mother caught then in the same hotel room and forced Do Hyun to marry her daughter. He reluctantly agreed and from then on Hye Jin and done everything a PERFECT wife would do. She cooked him dinner, prepared his bath for him, and obeyed his every order. now you might think shes weak but that changes when u see her poke holes in her husband's motorcycle. She finds out that her husband is cheating on her but it isnt the first time. This girl however has made it her business to care. Yoo Ri (Choi Ji Hun) is a car model and when she tells Hye Jin that Do Hyun thinks that Hye Jin is old, she splashes 2 cups of coffee on Yoo Ri in the cafe and storms out leaving Yoo Ri soaked and pissed. Hye Jin files for a divorce and goes to Hye Yoon's ex boyfriend (who is now a divorce lawyer) for help. I love Hye Jin's character because she gets to destroy peoples property, and by people i mean Yoo Ri's and Do Hyun's. She breaks into Yoo Ri's apartment and trashes her home with a golf club which causes Yoo Ri to have a fear that He Jin is going to try again. Since Hye Jin and Do Hyun have a son Tae Won (Hwang Jae Won) they are also in a custody battle. In the end Yoo Ri tells Do Hyun that she does not want kids and she doesnt want to raise any either. Hye Jin meanwhile gathers more evidence to put before the court and be with the amount she has she wins the custody battle and the divorce is successful. I respect Hye Jin because even though she hates the sight of Do Hyun she still wants him to have a happy life and even tells Tae Won that she and Do Hyun were play fighting like kids when Tae Hyun starts to avoid his father after he saw him slap Hye Jin one night. 

This last relationship was the cutest and the funniest because they met while riding a motorcycle and they act like teenagers even though they're old enough to be senior citizens <3 Min- Ho (Kim Jin-Soo) is Ki Joongs friend and Do Hyun's best friend. he wishes to have a child and is trying to find a woman who is willing to be with him. One day when Deul Ra (Choi Hwa Jung) barges into Ki Joong's restaurant and screams at him asking why he broke up with her niece (Dong Bi) Do Hyun is asked to bring her home and Deul Ra becomes obsessed with motorcycles after she rides Do Hyun's home. They meet again in a motorcycle shop and Deul Ra tries to run away from Do Hyun when she is pursued. She eventually buys her own motorcycle and she starts to spend nights with Do Hyun after injuring his hand. As their relationship progresses, Deul Ra tells Do Hyun that she does not want to have kids but he stays with her anyways because he loves her :). Since Hye Yoon's mom is also Deul Ra's older sister, she is at first furious that her little sister has brought home a motorcycle but starts to accept Deul Ra and Do Hyun's relationship when he propses to Deul Ra and she realizes that Deul Ra is never going to get married at her age is she doesn't now. Deul Ra is rushed to the hospital one day after eating and throwing up and since she couldn't seem to stop, Do Hyun takes her to the hospital where he is informed that his wife is pregnant. Deul Ra is happy as well and they embrace. 
These 4 love stories were different from each other and each had their unique twist with one similar plot. Marriage. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Love Buffet

This was a really cute drama with 2 hot Fahrenheit boys (Calvin and Aaron). I really liked it because it was just really adorable, the way they both like the girl. Not to mention, my bias in the Taiwanese group of Fahrenheit is Aaron. So anyways, I enjoyed it because it was cute and it was just for fun and I found this drama very sweet. This isn't one of those dramas that leave you loving it and re-watching it.  It's just a cute drama to pass the time with. Calvin was also really cute. I love his smile :)

           Our main character is Xiao Feng. She is a very lively girl and is starting her first year of college. However, they get two new neighbors living in her house with them. Their names are Yi Cheng and Da Ye and they were going to be attending the same college as she is. These two guys were hot and rich and they were sharing a house together. The two also had very different personalities. Yi Cheng is the quiet guy who can't get over his past romance while Da Ye is cute, charming, does't know the meaning of love, and plays around a lot.
              At first, Xiao Feng falls in love with Da Ye. She finally got enough courage to ask him out because she felt that even though he treats every girl the same way, she thought that he was treating her a bit better. She confesses to him and gets rejected for Da Ye says he didn't really know what being in love was like or the true meaning of love. This made her heartbroken and depressed. Yi Cheng (Ah Yi is their nickname for him) ends up being her mountain to lean on during this time. He starts to fall for her and so does Xiao Feng. However, both still hold on to their other person in their heart. For Yi Cheng he is still remembering his past love and she is still remembering Da Ye. But then, Yi Cheng's past love appears again and things become complicated. Xiao Feng decides to go back to Da Ye. However things aren't as easy as it seems as their love relations become more confusing. Da Ye also begins to feel something. So in the end, Xiao Feng is caught between two guys that she has feelings for.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Will it Snow for Christmas?

I am going  to be doing a synopsis on Will it  Snow for Christmas?This was a drama that really plays with your emotions on it. I liked it and hated it at the same time. It is the kind of drama that makes you frustrated, upset to the point of crying, and it also makes you adore it.

It starts off with our two main characters who are still teenagers. The girl, Jiwan, adores her big brother and looks up to him as a role model. She was hanging a banner for her brother who was going off to medical school when she meets Kang Jin. They didn't have a good first meeting, especially since Jiwan was going berserk and yelling at the poor boy for removing the banners so that they can drive through the area. They attended the same school and she started to crush on Kang Jin and eventually he fell for her also. However, her brother that she admired so much died because he was helping her find Kang Jin's necklace that fell into the water. Her brother died finding it and it caused her to be devastated and her mother to be cold/harsh to her. She also begins to hate Kang Jin. She leaves home.
          Jiwan moves on in life.  Years later, the two people meet again. Kang Jin meets Jiwan at her wedding to his friend/work rival. He saw her get stood up at the wedding and had to postpone her big day. From then on, Kangjin tries to get back into Jiwan's life again. However, she constantly tries to keep moving on and forgetting about her past. They begin to form a relationship again and it was really cute. This was an interesting drama and it was a good watch if you plan on watching it. Also Kim Soohyun (the guy from Dream High) played the teenage Kang Jin.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Coffee Prince

This drama was actually pretty boring for me. This was also a drama that received a lot of hype and had a lot of fans. I just couldn't fall in love with the concept.

           Our main character is played by Yoon Eun Hye. Her name is Eun Chan. She has to work many jobs to pay off debts and she's kind of a tomboy with short hair and everything. She works as a Taekwondo instructor and also delivers food (which made a bunch of women mistaken her as a boy when she entered a bathing room). While making a delivery she meets, Han Gyul. Han Gyul is the heir to a big food company (Dongin Foods and it is a coffee business) and his grandmother wants him to settle down and made him go on many dates. However, due to Eun Chan's short hair, Han Gyul thought that she was a boy. When she needed to pay rent and buy a ring to replace the one she lost, she made a deal with Han Gyul and agreed to pose as his lover. Eun Chan goes to a blind date his grandmother set up and kissed Eun Chan who was wearing a men's suit, to get away from the blind date. Then afterwards, they meet again and Han Gyul said that he could hire her to work at the Coffee Prince cafe so that she can earn money.
          However, they slowly start building a relationship. Han Gyul still thought that Eun Chan was a boy and started questioning himself if he liked boys. He tried to avoid her at first but eventually accepted it. Eun Chan also reveals that she is a girl by wearing a dress to work and taking off the bandages she wore inside her shirt. She tries to tell him that she's actually a girl but at that moment, she wasn't given a chance to say it. It goes on as they have more conflicts and different things going in with the drama. The ending was also really sweet and was a really sweet drama.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Grave of the Fireflies Movie (Live Action)

This a Japanese movie and  it is a MUST WATCH. Just a reminder, I highly recommend the 2005 live-action version of this movie. This movie had first started off as an animated film and there are now two versions of  this in which people acted in it. One was produced in 2005 and one was produced in 2008. The 2005 version can be found online and it was beautiful. The girl from Hana Yori Dango, the one that acted as  Makino, was also in this movie. This brought a lot of tears but it was such a good movie that I strongly recommend it. It is a story about a brother and his little sister trying to survive during the war. It also talks about what they went through and how they became the way they are. This was a really sweet movie. I strongly recommend it, people.

You can probably find it online if you type in Grave of the Fireflies Live Action.

FULL synopsis:
      This movie starts in 2005 (which is kind of like modern day at that time). This was 60 years after the war and it starts off at a crematorium. It starts off with the aunt of our two main characters who had passed away at age 95. Her children had come to send her off. The two character's cousin, who is now also a grandmother, tells her granddaughter about what had happened during World War II. She finds a picture of when she was a teenager and with this, she begins to tell the story of this movie to her granddaughter.
    This story starts at the end of WWII. It shows a woman and her daughter running over to a station. They were here trying to find the boy, Seita, when they heard that he was still alive. She talks about the damages the war had done to them.The war had already ended and the city was pretty much in ruins. They look for the boy at the station but couldn't find him and quickly asks a janitor there if they had seen a boy who wears a military school uniform. That is when they find out that the boy had already died from starvation and it shows the scene where  the two janitors found a dead boy in a military school uniform. They then removed his body and went through his possessions. The found a candy tin box and they threw it into the nearby field. Then it comes back to the scene and the woman goes to the field and finds the tin box. Inside that candy box were cremated bones of the boy's younger sister who had already passed away of starvation also. The two people finding out about their relatives ending like this because of them, felt extremely guilty and sad. The aunt sees two fireflies fly away and she smiles as it recalls good memories. Then the movie begins when our two main characters were alive. 
      Setsuko is the little girl who is always cheerful and kind. Seita is the older brother who attends military school and is extremely proud of the fact that his father commands the naval army and is confident that Japan would win. The father is getting ready to go to war and tells Seita that he is in charge of the family until he comes back and Seita says that he will do whatever is in his power to be the man of the house for the time being. They also meet their aunt and her four children. The aunt had just sent her husband away also to war. The family had a happy time together and Setsuko received a candy tin box from their aunt. Setsuko cherished that little box of candy and carried it around all the time. However, at a time of war, tragedy was surely going to occur.
        One day there were bombings, because their mother's heart was poor, Seita sends his mother to the bomb shelter first as he and Setsuko grabbed needed belongings. When they reached outside, there were already bombings and it scared the two and they ran around frantically in the streets. However, they managed to stay alive through the bombings. Afterwards, they go to the hospital to find their mother because they found out that a bomb had fallen into the bomb shelter that their mother was staying out. Their mother had passed away and Seita took the ring off his mother's finger as a memory. He did not tell Setsuko that their mother died and just said that she had went away. Their aunt came and took them in.
           She took care of them well. However, their food was rationalized and she had to feed herself, her four children, Setsuko and Seita, and also her husband's brother who has a crippled leg. She constantly ate less and was hungry as she gave the food to the rest of her family. However, upon hearing the news of her husband passing away, she decided that she will only make sure that her family remains alive. She starts giving Setsuko and Seita less food and acts as if she had done nothing wrong. Setsuko was often crying at night because she was hungry. In the end, Seita had enough of it and decided that they will go away. He had found an abandoned house in the woods and he was going to live there with his sister.
         They were happy for a little while and even enjoyed the fireflies in that area. However, they slowly began to starve as they had little money. He even made an attempt to steal but failed. Setsuko began to get sick from malnutrition and they were both starving. Towards the end, as he goes to get Setsuko food because she was close to dying, he finds out that his father's naval fleet had long sunk. His father was also dead. He makes food for his sister but she died before she could eat it. He cremated her body and put her bones into the tin box and carried it with him and he later on died also (as it showed in the beginning). The war was over by now and the aunt came to find the two children to find out what had happened. This story was truly heartbreaking but it was such a good storyline. 

Hi my Sweetheart

This drama is one of those really cute and interesting dramas. The characters in this drama are really interesting and very different from other dramas. Like, in most dramas, you would see the girl getting her first kiss stolen by the guy. However, in this drama, the guy got his first kiss stolen by the girl. The girl is also really tough and always winds up saving the guy. Rainie Yang and Show Luo were in this drama and they did an amazing job acting their roles. 

              It first starts off with a dorky, childish boy. He is a rich, pampered boy with a friendly personality. He has been raised by his sister since he was a young child because their parents had died early. To prevent kidnapping cases (that is how overprotective his sister is) and to hide his real identity, they registered him in the University away from home as Da Lang. He was supposed to be a poor kid now. In that school, he meets the "Three Beauties" and also a girl named Bao Zhu that is always alone in the school and hated by others. She is very harsh to Da Lang when she first meets him. However, he managed to touch her as he said that he would worry about her if anything happened to her and tries to be friends with her. Bao Zhu, though she seems tough and has great fighting skills, she is actually soft-hearted inside and needs loving. They become friends even though Da Lang was constantly bullied by her. Then, as they spent time together, they began to like each other and started dating. It was Da Lang's first love.

              However, even though Da Lang is timid, he decided that he was going to propose to Bao Zhu. However, on the day he was going to surprise her with a proposal, she disappeared and left a note saying that she will only marry rich boys and can't like Da Lang because he is a poor (she still doesn't know his identity). Bao Zhu only did this because of her mother and it broke Bao Zhu's heart also. However,  Da Lang knew nothing about Bao Zhu's pain and as to why she did this. Thus, he became hurt and turned into a hunk afterwards. He made a decision that he will seek revenge upon Bao Zhu and do what she did to him to her. This story continues from there and it is really a interesting watch. The story was really humorous and their relationship together was complicated but nonetheless adorable. It was a very humorous watch. However, afterwards, when they met again they went through more events that only brought both of them together and it made them realize that they still loved each other and should still be each other. It was a very romantic watch and it is one of those dramas that you can just fall in love with.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Absolute Boyfriend

I watched the Japanese version of this and I really liked it, even shedding a few tears towards the end. Wouldn't it be great if all girls in this world could have a boyfriend that is exactly what you would like him to be? This is about a girl who gets a robot boyfriend that matches her ideal type in looks and personality and what he does for her. There is now a Taiwanese version of this too but I didn't really like it because Goo Hye Sun's (the girl from BOF) voice was dubbed since she's Korean. I actually wanted to hear her actual voice and hear her try speaking Chinese. I mean, they could've just made her a person who came to a different country for a job but it was dubbed and it sounded totally off...
I also didn't like how the robot acted at times in the Taiwanese version but it was still basically the same story.
Personally,  I preferred the Japanese version. So I'll be writing on the Japanese version:

Our main character Riiko is not very lucky with love. Thus, when she receives a business card for a website that sells "love figures," she goes there and orders one without knowing the problems this may bring. She chooses her ideal look for her boyfriend and also what she wishes that he would do for her. This was then programmed into this robot and it was sent to the house for a 3-day free trial. Yet, when she couldn't return him before the deadline, she has to find a way to return a one million debt that she now owes.
        During this time, her robot boyfriend does whatever he can to please her and do what she wants. For example, she had said that she would like to see her boyfriend exercising. However, since robots can't sweat, he was spraying water on himself the entire time. Her boyfriend was also doing a lot of romantic things for her and was doing really cool things like using his extreme strength and speed. He did whatever he could to protect her from harm and even went working to help her return the debt. He loved her so much that he even said things like "Her smile is my happiness."
       However, the weird thing that took over the robot, was love. As a love robot, he was only supposed to do what was programmed with him. It was programmed for him to love her. However, he began to think and feel on his own and he began to truly fall in love with Riiko. In the end, for Riiko to have a happiness with a man that also likes her, he decides to end ties with her. He decides to let her go on with life without having a robot by her side. When she leaves, crying, he found himself also crying. This is also weird as a robot couldn't produce fluids. It showed that he was becoming more and more human-like. Then he closed down on his own. It was a really touching and sweet drama that will leave you falling in love with this silly, love-stricken robot and a girl who was freaked out by this absolute boyfriend that she had ordered.

This robot boyfriend truly makes you wish that you had one seeing how much he is willing to do for you and how far he'd go to make you smile and to protect you...even if it means sacrificing himself.

71 Into the Fire (Movie)

This is a Korean war movie. If you want to see a good movie or just a war film in particular, this may be the right pick for you. This really showed you how courageous young people could be at a time when they need to protect and serve their country as well as to survive themselves. This movie was based on a true story of a group of 71 student soldiers that were not trained and not well equipped who held back an attack for 11 hours at P'ohang-dong girls' middle school that ended up being a strategic point for safeguarding the Nakdong  River from the attack of North Korean forces. The end of this movie even had one or two people that are now a lot older, who were actually student soldiers at this battle and they spoke of how scary it was to see a large amount of people running at them. It was a really good movie that truly touched me and I will always remember this movie.
           Oh Jung Beom is played by Big Bang Top. He is a young teenage student who has already been in battle with other soldiers and witnessed the death of comrades and was with the leader at the hospital when the leader passed away. Traumatized, he walks out of the hospital, and sees many teenagers who had come to defend their country. These 71 teenagers were inexperienced and started off acting as if everything was just a game.  They had never shot a gun and were very cocky.
         Oh Jung Beom, still a student himself, was forced into the position of being a leader of this student-soldier unit since he has had combat experience at the war front. Not all of the student soldiers listened to him as there were three students that were cocky, knew how to fight, and were considered bad students. These students differed in personality. Some were strong and others were nerdy kids. They were taught how to fire a gun and most didn't even have the experience. The other soldiers that were more experienced left for the war front and these student-soldiers were left at this middle school to defend this point. However, after fighting a few battles together, getting to know each other, and live with one another, they became closer and they became more serious overtime.
        However, they were attacked by a large North Korean army. These students all became heroes in the end and they managed to hold out against the advancing North Korean army for 11 hours before help finally came for them. The students all died heroic deaths. The bad students actually left the middle school saying that they will all die if they stay. However, during the battle, they came back after stealing a tank from the North Korean army and they stood together during the battle. Everyone took part and they even made bombs with what they had. It was a touching story as it shows how much these students went through and how hard they fought to protect and defend their country and how they managed to actually secure their area which led to a turning point in the Korean War.
      This movie was a beautiful true story, portraying those brave and courageous student-soldiers.


This is a Japanese drama. This is about an awesome teacher taking care of her students. It was a pretty cool drama when the teacher protects her students with her awesome fighting skills and also gains respect from her bad students. This is Gokusen.

         Our main character is the granddaughter of the leader of a clan that is kind of like a gang group. She knows her fighting skills well. She decides to become a teacher and try to make a difference in her students' lives. Her name is Yamaguchi Kumiko and when she goes to the school, she finds herself being the homeroom teacher of a difficult group of students. This group of students were labelled as the bad kids of the school and they were said to be ruining the school's reputation. She is determined and is ready to change her group of students however they don't make it easy for her and show no respect for her.
         The students try to bully her to make her quit, but their attempts are useful. She also has a strong character considering that she lived with men that were part of the gang who were actually big softies. As she continues to resist the students bullying her, Sawada Shin (the leader of the students) notices that Yamaguchi is different from the other teachers. He noticed that she was trustworthy and willing to help her students even if they were said to be bad students.
          The students faced different problems like fights against other students at different schools and so forth and Yamaguchi was always there. Because of her devotion to her students, they gave her nickname of Yankumi. Yankumi always took care of her students and had a great sense of responsibility over her students. Her students began to respect her and afterwards even stood up for her in her defense when she faced problems.