Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Devil Beside You

          This is a  Taiwanese drama with Rainie Yang and Mike He playing the lead roles. However, I felt that this drama was very comedic, sweet, and the chemistry between the actors was amazing.
      To be honest, I am not one for horror movies. So at first, I thought this would be a horror film by the name of it. However when I watched it, I realized it was actually a very comedic drama with a sweet love story. I felt that the fashion sense was not very good though in this drama and could NOT understand why the stylists for this drama would pick those clothes at certain scenes. However, I enjoyed the drama nonetheless.
      Basically, the story started off with Qi Yue (rainie yang) liking the captain of the basketball team who was extremely kind, Yuan Yi. However, by accident she actually gave her love letter to the "devil" Ah Meng. In her shock, she dropped her love letter and ran away. Afterwards, she found out that her letter was missing and hurried to retrieve it but could not find it. Afterwards in school, he holds up her letter and asks if she was looking for this. She makes a cheeky grin and says, "Thank you very much" and makes an attempt to snatch it but fails. He blackmails her into making her do things for her like copy notes, buy junk food, and so forth saying that he will make a thousand copies of the love letter and distribute it around the school. She gets tired of being bossed around and confesses in the end and the two become an item. However the two start to find themselves actually falling for one another and they started becoming an item (even though a lot of people got jealous/angry). They kept staying together even when they found out that their parents were dating.
        Ah Meng also constantly teases Qi Yue by calling her "jie jie" which means older sister. Their relationship was very sweet and since Qi Yue's character is very innocent and kind, she is referred to as an angel. So it was a love relationship between devil and angel. It was a great drama to watch but I wished the fashion was better, just my opinion.

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