Friday, August 30, 2013

I hear your Voice

So sorry for this late post on I Hear Your Voice. I wasn't able to watch the last two episodes for a while till recently. So let's get to this synopsis and what I feel about this drama. 

           This drama definitely hit the top of my list. It was funny, it was cute, it was dramatic, it was scary, it was thrilling, it was sad, and it wrapped up really nicely. This drama had everything that made it amazing and captivating. I got hooked on the first episode and couldn't stop anticipating for the next episode to come out. It was amazing and I just loved the thrill of watching it. It was truly an amazing job in acting and in the way the drama was portrayed.
          I loved all the actors and actresses in this drama especially Min Joon Gook because he made me despise him yet I still anticipated his performance of being extremely creepy. He played a great villain in this drama. He had his own back story on how he became all crazy and stuff. I loved his acting and his character was so conflicted that it was scary to watch him. But in the end, I felt bad for him in a way because he couldn't forgive and had to find someone to blame. I loved the main characters. Jang Hye Sung was feisty and her character was really refreshing. And thankfully, they made reasonable choices in times of crisis. I also liked Lawyer Jang's friendship/rivalry with the prosecutor because it was a unique friendship that they had based on their similar personalities. 
             Also, of course, I can't forget a minor couple in this drama. Though they never really got together, I see a future of them being together. Although Go Sung Bin had a crush on Soo Ha, she still helped Lawyer Jang and Park Soo Ha. She also was a funny character with a quick temper and an ability to mix a lot of curse words into one sentence. We can't deny that these two would make a cute couple and as usual, they are always arguing about the smallest things and it's kind of cute to watch them. 

       This story should start when our main characters were still minors. Park Soo Ha, only a kid, was in the car with his father one night. A truck crashed into their car and thankfully, they were only injured and not dead. However, at that moment, Soo Ha got the ability to read minds. He watched as the truck driver walked over and when his father asked for help, he heard the truck driver's thoughts of how he did not kill the man at once. So he took a steel pipe, broke the windshield, and continued to swing down to kill the father. Before he could kill Park Sooha, he was caught by two teenage girls who immediately ran to hide from this murderer. 
        The two teenagers that witnessed this were Jang Hye Sung and Seo Do Yeon. Jang Hye Sung had caught Seo Do Yeon cheating on an exam. Seo Do Yeon realized that she got caught by Jang Hye Sung but because Jang Hye Sung didn't say anything, she ended up placing first in the highest score. Jang Hye Sung's mother works for Seo Do Yeon's dad as a housekeeper. That day, they were celebrating for Seo Do Yeon placing first. Seo Do Yeon had invited a bunch of her friends to celebrate. When they finally ushered Jang Hye Sung to join them shoot fireworks, a girl accidentally shot her firework at Seo Do Yeon's eye. Jang Hye Sung was not the person who shot the firework since she had only just picked hers up. However, the girl that fired it blamed Jang Hye Sung and Seo Do Yeon did also. Her mother was fired but still believed that her daughter was not a liar and trusted her daughter and only her daughter. That night, the two girls were talking and Jang Hye Sung was basically saying that if you saw me aiming a firework at you, your first instinct would be to duck and avoid the firework. The two had similar personalities so they clashed when they were together. That was when they heard the noise and saw the murder. 
           The murderer, the name is Min Joon Gook, followed the girls. The two hid in the bushes and so Min Joon Gook warned them not to tell anyone or else he will personally go after them. The two however, both with stubborn personalities, decided to head to the courtroom and stand as witness. They were to enter at the same time but Seo Do Yeon ditched at the last moment. Jang Hye Sung stood witness at that trial and got Min Joon Gook locked away, with him swearing to come after her. Park Soo Ha, who claimed that he could read minds was laughed at despite actually being able to. Because no one believed him after saying that, it was going to be a hopeless case where Min Joon Gook is set free. But because Jang Hye Sung, stood witness, justice was served. So little Park Soo Ha promised that one day he will take care of her and protect her. 

           Ten years pass and Jang Hye Sung is now a public defense attorney while Park Soo Ha is a high school student. Jang Hye Sung is very cool but extremely rude, she does not wholeheartedly devote herself to her trials and doesn't seem to care much about the law. She doesn't try hard to prove their innocence or help the person she's defending. She pretty much goes to trial without even remembering the name of the person she's defending. She didn't really trust the law that much especially since she risked her life to stand witness at Park Soo Ha's father's case. She had totally pushed that kid from ten years again in the back of her mind. But Park Soo Ha was devoted on finding her. 
           The two manage to interact and meet often when Park Soo Ha's friend is accused of pushing a girl through a window at their school. In reality, his friend, Go Sung Bin, was in the room painting her nails. When she went to the window to see what had happened, she saw the girl that everyone bullied for getting plastic surgery and getting into an entertainment company lying there, injured. The girl was seriously injured going into a coma and so forth. Because she was at that window, people ultimately assumed that she was the one who pushed the girl out of the window and so did the teachers. When she got Lawyer Jang (Jang Hye Sung) as her lawyer, she was struck dumb when even Lawyer Jang didn't believe her. So she attempts suicide before getting saved by Park Soo Ha. Because of this, he realized the person he thought was ideal, kind, and perfect was not who she was. So, determined, he begins to work alongside with Lawyer Jang to make sure that she stood for others for justice. 
            The two get closer and after winning Go Sung Bin's case, Jang Hye Sung got close with Go Sung Bin and also Lawyer Cha. Lawyer Cha is a passionate lawyer trusting all his clients. Jang  Hye Sung and Lawyer  Cha seemed to be getting attracted to one another for a while. However, when Park Soo Ha heard Min Joon Gook's thoughts one day, he knew that he was released. The two begin living together when there were  signs that Min Joon Gook had tried to find her and got news about her from different people. As Jang Hye Sung begins to fall in love with Park Soo Ha (Park Soo Ha was already in love with her), she was scared that this relationship would end and they were really cute together despite the age difference.
           Then as Min Joon Gook's journey for revenge continued on, the lives of these characters become entwined in a way. Seo Do Yeon found out that she was not the real daughter of the person she called "father" and instead is the daughter of Hwang Dal Joong (the guy who was inmates with Min Joon Gook). Hwang Dal Joong is a good man who loved his daughter. However, wanting to escape debt, his wife faked her own death by cutting off her left hand and giving her daughter away. Because of this, he was put behind bars. Seo Do Yeon and  Jang Hye Sung have a unique friendship where they care for each other but get annoyed with one another. Min Joon Gook kills Lawyer Jang's Mom, attempts to kill Park Soo Ha, and then cuts off his own hand to fake his own death and frame Park Soo Ha. However, Soo Ha had made a promise to Lawyer Jang (like Lawyer Jang did to her mom) that no matter what, he is not to kill for revenge because than he would be no different than Min Joon Gook. As the couple go through many twists and turns, along with perky and helpful Lawyer Cha, and many adorable moments with some of the supporting characters, they get a sweet ending  where people learn to trust, to love, and to forgive.