Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wild Romance

       This drama was very interesting. It has a very comedic side but also some very intense moments and suspense. I really liked the distinct characters. For example, SNSD Jessica's character shuts down whenever something traumatic/upsetting occurs. This drama didn't leave a big impact on me like some of the other dramas did. However, it was a light watch and it was interesting and I enjoyed the drama nonetheless. A lot of people say this drama wasn't that good, but I thought it was alright and I actually liked the interesting theme to it of being light-hearted and intense at the same time. Also the main character for the girl was the girl that did plastic surgery in Boys Over Flowers, only this time, she has extremely short hair.
           This is a very comedic meeting between the main characters Eun Jae and Moo Yul. Eun Jae is a fan of the baseball team "Blue Seagulls" but then runs into the second baseman of the baseball team "Green Dreamers" Park Moo Yul, while drunk. The two get into a fight. Afterwards, the internet had videos of their fight and this threatened both of their careers (Eun Jae's being a body guard). The only way to keep this down was to lie to the public saying that Eun Jae is Moo Yul's private bodyguard and is simply showing her giving him a self-defense demonstration. With that, everything is taken care of and Eun Jae becomes the real bodyguard of Moo Yul.
          The two start off hating each other. Then however, they slowly get closer overtime and with Moo Yul's ex-girlfriend, Jong Hee's appearance (played by Jessica), only made Eun Jae realize that she did fall in love with Moo Yul. Jong Hee and Moo Yul get together again. Jong Hee's character is very interesting, when she likes someone....she bites them. During the time together, weird things start happening. One day, she let her cat out her apartment room like she always does while she cleans the room. The cat sits on the fire extinguisher box right outside the door. But when she comes to bring her cat back in, the cat is gone. Worrying, she hurries to find her cat. However, when she walks back to the apartment room, she sees a box there. She opens it, only to find her cat...dead. She calls Moo Yul immediately who was outside with Eun Jae next to him (as a body guard). He immediately rushes to Jong Hee after hearing Jong Hee's dolphin scream.  As more weird things happen, Jong Hee's traumatized state and the fact that she's kind of bipolar, and a lot of suspense, the drama gets more intense and then unravels. It also shows Moo Yul's choice between Jong Hee and Eun Jae.

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