Thursday, January 17, 2013

City Hunter

This was a great drama because it had cute scenes, intense moments, and I really enjoyed the chemistry between the actors. Also, not to mention, Lee Min Ho was in this with  Park Min Young. Not to mention, KARA's Goo Hara also acted in this drama as a bratty, rich girl. However, she was a rather minor role. This also had a concept of revenge in this drama.

            In this drama, it first shows a story of Lee Jin Pyo who started this revenge thing. He vows to avenge his fallen comrades (it shows in the first episode) and kidnaps the infant son of Moo Yul (you'll understand if you watch it). He then flees to the Golden Triangle to raise the boy and he trains the boy in combat and also treats him as his own child. After an attack on the village they were living in, Jin Pyo tells about his revenge plan to the child, who grown up is played by Lee Min Ho, called Lee Yoon  Sung.
            Seven years later,  after graduating college in the United States from MIT, Yoon Sung comes back to Korea ready to finish the revenge that his father had set out for him. One of the rules from his father when he came to take revenge was to not trust anyone and to not fall in love. This is because it can put other people around him in danger when he begins the revenge.
            Kim Na Na played by Park Min Young is working as a body guard at the Blue House and even watching over the president's daughter played by Goo Hara. She meets Yoon Sung once in a while. Their first meeting wasn't very good. Kim Na Na went through a lot as she has to earn money and her mother is dead while her father is in a coma and not waking up. After constantly bumping into each other and getting to know each other, hey begin to fall in love. In the end, the two both are in on the revenge as they both had a similar goal in mind. Slowly, problems began to occur and there was even a part when Yoon Sung doesn't want to continue the revenge plan and even turned on his father once.
       However, this drama was intense and hot. Especially the part where he helped save Kim Na Na from falling to her death by pulling her to safety even with a wound on his arm. This is a great drama because it guarantees thrill, suspense, and a cute love story that is a little complicated. The ending wasn't what most would expect of a romance drama however I felt like it fit for the story. Therefore, for those who haven't watched this yet, I recommend this. The chemistry was also great because at that time Lee Min Ho and Min Young started dating or something like that. But they broke up now.

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