Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You're Beautiful

This drama was very interesting. It was a good drama but it doesn't make my personal top of the list. However, it is a very well-known drama among people. Jang Geun Suk acted in this. Park Shin Hye played the main character. Other people acting in this drama are some popular Kpop stars: Hong Ki from FT Island, Yonghwa from CN BLUE, and UEE from Afterschool. I thought they were all pretty good in this drama and I thought UEE did really well as her evil role. So here is the synopsis:

             Go Mi Nyu is a young girl training to be a nun. Her twin brother (who looks exactly like her) called  Go Mi Nam, had passed auditions for the musical band A.N.JELL. However was not able to be there for the time being and so people find Go Mi Nyu and ask to take her twin brother's place for the time being. Therefore, dressed as a boy, she enters the group as Mi Nam and meets the members of A.N.JELL. There is the cold-looking Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk), the warm hearted Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa), and child-like Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki). The band, at first were very cold, demanding that she sings to see if she's suitable to be in the band or not. Having no choice, she sings the only kind she knows...choir music.
            She manages to stay in the group even though the members had a really hilarious reaction to it because they were not expecting it out of their new GUY member. In this drama, they made it seem like idol stars are really rich, living in a big house together. But it was all for drama purposes. At first, Tae Kyung doesn't like Mi Nam and makes her life really hard. Shin Woo is friendly to her and Jeremy is just childish...almost like a little brother. Shin  Woo was the first to discover that she was a girl but doesn't reveal it and even starts to fall in love with her. Once when she was in her normal state (by herself) dressed as a girl, he pretended to be somewhere else while still phoning her, telling her all the cool places to go and stuff. I totally fell for this Shin Woo character because he was so nice to her.  Tae Kyung, later on, discovers that she's a girl and threatens that he will reveal it. Jeremy had no clue whatsoever until the very end when they disclose it but he was scared about the feelings he was feeling for Mi Nam as a guy member the entire time, HAHA!
           During the time, Mi Nam starts to like Tae Kyung. To make her secret harder to keep, Yoo He Yi, an actress who is totally different on and off camera, likes Tae  Kyung. She is nice in camera and is the nation's fairy but in person, she is mean, arrogant, and rude. He constantly tries to humiliate/disclose Mi Nam's identity as a girl. Then it was finally revealed that Mi Nam was a girl after He Yi forced Mi Nyu to confess that she is actually Mi Nam's twin and that was how Jeremy found out. By then, Shin Woo was already deeply in love and Tae Kyung had also started to like Mi Nam also. The three guys all promised to keep her secret. Afterwards, the real Mi Nam comes back and enters the group and Mi Nyu exits the stage. When the paparazzi, who had suspicions of Mi Nam being a girl, ripped off the shirt of Mi Nam, they only found bulging muscles of the real Mi Nam. Mi Nam ends up falling for Yoo He Yi (which I totally don't understand) and then Tae Kyung ended up being the one winning Mi  Nyu's heart.

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