Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Secret Garden

So, today, as you can see, we are doing a drama synopsis on Secret Garden.

         The main characters of this drama are Gil Ra Im and Kim Joo Won. Gil Ra Im is a stunt woman. She has a lot of bruises from her stunts. Kim Joo Won is an arrogant CEO who has a really odd fashion sense. They have a bickering relationship. They didn't get along and yet they kept meeting each other over and over again. Joo Won starts to have an idea that he might be in love with this woman. However, he didn't expect what happened between them to occur. The two went into the mountains once and entered a strange house and ate chocolate that was offered to them. The next day, they found that they had swapped bodies. They became closer and there were humorous moments when both were telling the other not to look at their body. It was also amusing when Joo Won was like, "Do you call this a woman's body? Look at all these bruises." The relationship between the two was mistaken by other people. With this incident they got closer and began to fall in love with one another. This was a rather romantic love story with different twists that you didn't expect. Most people like this drama and it got pretty high ratings.

By the way, a lot of their kiss scenes were really cute. There were a lot of cute moments like when he was doing the sit ups and whenever he completed one, they would be face to face. It had a lot of romantic scenes.

However, in all honesty,  I didn't see what the hype was about. This drama was extremely popular among many people but I wasn't that invested in this drama and it was not my favorite.

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