Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My girlfriend is a gumiho Review

This drama is called My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Gumiho is basically a 9-tailed fox. This was a very good drama with a cute love story and great actors and actresses.

         This drama was played by Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min  Ah as the lead roles. The main lead played by Lee Seung Gi, Cha Dae Woong, accidentally releases the gumiho which is a legendary fox that has nine tails. He releases it from inside a painting because a voice told him to draw nine tails on the fox in the painting, he does so and when he runs away he suffers a fall. The gumiho saves him by giving him her "fox bead." After that the gumiho (Mi Ho) sort of became his girlfriend that constantly craves beef. She is very beautiful and brings him a lot of trouble in a way. He introduces her to his friends as Mi Ho and gets to know her more.
      At first, he was frightened of her because she was a nine tailed fox. However, afterwards, he began to understand her and not be so scared of her and even let himself go and fall in love with her. He also cares a lot about her and whenever the sky suddenly gets dark and starts raining, it means Mi Ho is crying, and he would go find her. Mi Ho comes to the human world because she wants to become human and with the help of the supernatural-human Park Dong Joo who has been living as a half-human for hundreds of years. The only way for her to become human is to drink his blood and allow a human to keep her fox bead inside their body for 100 days.
        However there is consequences that Mi Ho wasn't informed of, the fact that the human will die after 100 days. However, as Mi Ho also begins to have feelings for Dae Woong and everything, the story unravels. It is a great drama with a great feeling of suspense and also a lot of cute moments like that scene where they were licking off the beer foam from her hands and stuff.

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