Sunday, January 13, 2013


            This definitely has that arrogant/mean rich guy and innocent girl theme. Goong is a drama about young love, tradition, and politics. The drama created a modern-day Korea that has a constitutional monarchy and the Royal Family lives in the grand palace (Goong). There was a decreasing popularity among the public for the Royalty, so they decided to give the crown prince a grand wedding to improve the image of the Royalty and to prepare Lee Shin for succession as king.
               The girl who is the main character, Shin Chae Kyung, is a very unique character. She wears sweat pants under her school uniform skirt, she wears weird sleeves, and is just a very care-free and fun-loving girl with a family that has debt to pay. The boy is dating another girl and asked to marry her but that girl refused because she wanted to pursue her dreams as a professional ballerina. The boy is also kind of like a Prince William/Prince Harry of South Korea, so he is well-known as the crown prince called Lee Shin. These two people get an arranged marriage because of their grandfathers had thought of this a long time before. The two don't mash well, argue, and it always leaves the girl in tears as he always is cold to her and going to hang out with his girlfriend.
                His girl friend, Hyorin, became jealous after seeing how much love Chae Kyung received after becoming the crown princess. She gives up her ballerina dream and everything and just tries to keep her boyfriend by her side and even creating scandals with him. Chae Kyung already came to love Lee  Shin. After a little while of spending time with Chae Kyung and understanding her,  also finds himself falling for the girl as he begins to care about her, watch over her, and slowly starts to accept her over Hyorin. Lee Yul, the former crown prince, comes back to Korea after living for fourteen years in England with his mom. He begins to like Chae Kyung and is a companionto her when she is lonely or sad. However, Lee Shin and Chae Kyung start having a closer relationship but are faced with a lot of problems too. However, it was all resolved in the end because of their passionate love for one another.
Oh and also, another thing, Chae Kyung especially liked Shin's back.

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