Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beijing Youth

This started off to be a really interesting drama. It was good in the beginning.  However, it got  a little bit weird when the four cousins all decide to quit their jobs to go out into the world to figure things out. I mean...they had such good jobs and they just quit them like that even though their parents disapproved that and even got mad at them. All the cousins form relationships and afterwards return back to their jobs, but the process in between was what this drama is about. It was really funny during their journey because they were going around to different places and met all sorts of different things like finding new jobs and also having a girl who was a little bit crazy follow them. They also had a lot of love connections which was really cute.  The acting was really nice though for most of the actors. I just felt the story line needed improvement. This drama was really good and humorous and I enjoyed watching it.
                 The four cousins are out to find out what is more to their life and want to travel around China and experience new things. The four cousins are called He Dong, He Xi, He Nan, and He Bei. At first, it was only the oldest cousin who wanted to do this. His name is He Dong. However, he managed to get his other cousins all tangled up with him. The four cousins set out on a journey followed by the girlfriend of He Bei. They also found a young girl who was a bit crazy after being dumped by her love and the girl began to follow around one of the cousins named He Xi thinking that he was her boyfriend. He Xi, however, was in love with a doctor from work and didn't know what to do with one girl always following him around. He Bei sometimes had problems with his girlfriend but the both are still in love. As the cousins are out finding meaning to their lives, they face problems, understanding what was better, and also falling in love. This was a really good drama because all the brothers have a distinct personality. However, I did not like one of the cousins because he didn't act that well. I think he was called He Nan.
            The girls also had their own problems as they find themselves falling for the guys that they liked. He Dong was going to get married when he called it off saying that he wanted to find more meaning. The girl cut her hair and began trying to find a new life in a way. Then she began to tag along with He Dong and the two fall in love all over again. The doctor with He Xi faced a heartbreak before in which the guy dumped her before they got married and wasn't able to trust again until she found He Xi. As for the crazy girl, Ren Zhi  Liao, she was holding on to a love that left her all alone in a place by herself after she cut ties with her family for him. She went crazy and afterwards had to go to a mental hospital and got better. She became everyone's good friend after she got better and moved on with her life. Either way, this drama was pretty interesting to watch with a unique storyline.  The characters were all rather distinct. The ending was also really sweet also and the actors and actresses suffered in the cold for that scene because they actually went to climb a snow mountain, and then had to wear dresses and act happy. I admired their hard work in trying to complete this series.

It shows that sometimes change can be a good thing as you experience new things.

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