Sunday, January 20, 2013

Meteor Shower 1 and 2

Okay, I believe this version was not actually licensed. However, it follows the  Boys Over Flowers theme but it had a lot of different parts to it. I watched it and realized that though it has the same components of Boys Over Flowers, it had a lot of twists and new love interests and so forth. It has 2 seasons in which I will go over in this one post.

Season 1:
         Our main character is  Chu Yu Xun. She is poor but a very hardworking girl. She dreamed of getting into Aliston College which is a very prestigious school and she has very high grades. In Aliston College, all the people that attend are rich. She managed to get accepted and worked very hard in the school. However, when she went to go take a look around the school, she was riding her bike and got hit by a taxi in which Yun Hai (our main guy) was in. She was fine but he was extremely arrogant as he tried to offer her money and in the end she had to take him to the place he wanted to go since he was in a cast. Afterwards, she goes to the school to look around and as she was looking around, she catches a shoe that was about to be thrown on this weird guy's head. Everyone was shocked and they were more shocked when she caught the next shoe thrown down. Apparently, it belonged to F4 and they were trying to punish their victim.
        Within F4, the four people are Murong Yunhai, Duan Mu Lei, Shang Guan Rui Qian, and Ye Shuo. They were all rich. Three being successors to businesses and the other helped create his brother's business that was a big hit. They were pressured into going to Aliston to study things like business and so forth. They didn't want to go and would do anything to be expelled and so they do a lot of pranks and also target students. Yu Xun fights against them and she becomes their next target as the whole school also bothers her. While being rivals, Yunhai finds himself falling Yu Xun and Yu  Xun finds herself falling for  Duan Mu. Yu Xun, in this drama, rejected Yun Hai so many times it was sweet because he kept asking.
       Finally, the two became an item and face more problems including Yun Hai's mother's blackmailing. The couple face many obstacles, get back together, only to be faced with another tragedy.  Yun Hai, losing his memory in an accident. Yun Hai's mother begins to use this as an opportunity to get him a new girlfriend while Yu Xun couldn't do anything. However, Yun Hai a sense of familiarity when he crashes into her by accident while she was riding her bicycle. But still isn't sure of who she is. That was the end of season 1. Yes, it is a cliffhanger as you don't know if he remembers her or not.
           Also I really liked the minor couple in this drama too between Shang Guan and Xiao Yu (Yu Xun's friend). He was extremely nice to her (and he looked good too).

Season 2:
Now, we continue from Season 1.
                 Now, Yun Hai remembers everything from the past...except for Yu Xun, which totally sucks. He keeps dreaming about a girl but he doesn't know who she is. He keeps feeling empty and lost. So he tell his mother about this dream and asks to be let out of his home. She refuses to let him go outside, for her own personal reasons, as she knows about his past. (OH AND JUST A REMINDER, THE ACTRESS FOR THE MOM CHANGED). So anyway, Yun Hai throws a tantrum in his room and then disobeys his mother anyway  by sneaking out of the house. He decides to travel to find the girl and takes his mother's platinum credit card. He goes to Singapore and befriends a girl named Jiang Yuan. He starts to like her and begins to wonder if she was actually the girl he was looking for. Jiang Yuan also finds herself liking Yun Hai. Jiang Yuan gets them both a couple charm bracelet to prove that they are now a couple. Yun Hai, still thinking that Jiang Yuan was the girl in his memory, accepts the bracelet.
          He comes back to China with Jiang Yuan. Yu  Xun sees him with Jiang Yuan is really upset. She starts scolding him and then screaming his name which made him had a flashback of a girl that looks like Yu Xun. He doesn't believe what Yu Xun was saying and later asks the other 3 guys. This hurts Yu Xun to know that he remembers everything else...but not her. F4 tries to explain who Yu Xun is to Yun Hai at the dorm. However, he still can't remember. When  Duan Mu, in anger and frustration, punches Yun Hai. Yun Hai remembers everything between Yu Xun and him. He instantly asks F4 on how to win back Yu Xun. They manage to get together and begin dating again. However, they now have one more problem to deal with...Jiang Yuan. Jiang Yuan does everything she possibly can to separate the two.
         However, this couple also has a problem. They get jealous of each other easily. I mean for the couple Shang Guan-Xiao Yu, its normal...because Shang Guan is a player. But for the main couple, they obviously are devoted to each other, yet they get upset and jealous really fast and over the smallest things also.
Also, not to mention, throughout season 1 and season 2, you'll see how cute Shang Guan and Xiao Yu are together. The two constantly have arguments as Shang Guan is a player. They also face problems in which Xiao Yu gets upset easily. When she does, Shang Guan instantly goes to F4 to ask for help on how to get Xiao Yu to forgive him. It is very cute how this couple bickers a lot but always sticks with one another in the end. I really liked this minor couple a lot. I mostly stayed to finish this drama for this couple. They were just so cute together.

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