Sunday, January 13, 2013

Personal Taste

This drama was very interesting. It was also very comedic and the love story was very sweet. The actors were very good and there were a lot of sweet moments like their kiss scenes and so forth. I actually enjoyed the humor within the drama. So I'll give a quick synopsis of the drama with a few opinions here and there.

              Park Gae In is a furniture designer. She is a very kind and clumsy young girl. She isn't very organized and her home is a mess in the beginning. She lives in Sanggojae which is a traditional Korean house that was designed by her father. Sanggojae basically means a place for mutual love. She had been dating her boyfriend Han Chang Ryul for a long time but he breaks up with her out of the blue. Afterwards, she is invited to her friend's wedding. She even made a bed for the couple but only to find the husband-to-be was Han Chang Ryul and he had been cheating on her all this time. Gae In is heartbroken and Han Chang Ryul and her friend's wedding was also in chaos when she found out about their secret relationship behind her back.
           Jeon Jin Ho is a young architect played by Lee Min Ho. He wants to win a project bid for the Dam Art Center against the company owned by Chang Ryul's father. He decides to do some research on designing a design similar to Sanggojae that was never open to public. Since Gae-in wouldn't let a man be her new roommate, he pretended that he had no attraction to girls but to men. And she believed him and even went around telling them that he won't do anything to her because of his attraction to men. When they start living together, he makes her clean the house and also to have a more feminine look. He also taught her how to make a person wait and not to always do things when they call for her. Then slowly he finds himself falling for Gae In and afterwards they find out that he was lying about his attraction to men and the two start going out. It was a very cute love story and I hope that you will watch it if you haven't.

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