Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fashion King

             I really liked how Yuri acted in this drama. I thought she did a great job considering that her personality, normally on variety/reality shows, was not like that. She did a great job conveying her emotions for the role she was playing. There were a lot of love lines in this drama.                                                 
                  Fashion  King was a very dramatic drama. A basic summary of this drama would be that it is a drama about a young designer named Kang Young Gul. He starts his fashion business as a vendor at a market and never had any goals or dreams for a bright future. Then he meets Lee Ga Young who had lost her parents in an accident at a young age. She grew up as a smart, determined young woman who has a talent for designing.

                Jung Jae Hyuk is in control of a large enterprise that covers construction, distribution, and fashion. Lee Ga Young later came to work for him later on in the drama. Jae Hyuk's ex-girlfriend Anna was played by Yuri. She is very cold with stone features. She also has a lot of stress on her. Jung Jae Hyuk begins to fall in love with Lee Ga Young overtime in the drama, Ga Young is in love with Young Gul, but Young Gul likes Anna. This whole complicated love line was very amusing to watch in the drama. Young  Gul even steals a kiss from Anna and gets slapped across the face. The characters are often misinterpreted throughout the drama, but when you watch this drama you understand more about the characters and it sends you different emotions and opinions on the characters.

            This drama was interesting at first and I really was enjoying watching it, but it got boring after a while as it went over the same things. The ending was a cliffhanger in a way, but I was a little bit disappointed and confused with it. And the sad thing was that, even though I loved the character Anna very much and she is under so much stress, she is the one that all the guys hurt and she got the worst in the end.
I liked it because of how dramatic it was and how well the characters portrayed their moods.
I actually really wanted Ga Young to be with Jae Hyuk and Anna with  Young Gul when watching this drama.

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