Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cinderella's Sister

           I originally saw the music video for the OST of this drama. I thought it looked extremely cool but it didn't have much of those scenes incorporated in the drama.  Instead, it had a very different story from what I had expected. However, I extremely liked Moon Geun Young's character in this drama, she was so cold and indifferent with everything. Moon Geun Young did a great job in acting in that role. I didn't like the acting of the other actress though. However the male lead and Ok Taecyeon did a good job in playing their role and I liked that.

         This was a modern day adaption of Cinderella. Song Eun Jo (played by Moon Geun Young) is a very cold, emotionless girl and has had a very dark past. Eun Jo and her single mother gets a new family and a home when her mother remarries to a kind, humble man that owns a winery. He is very well-respected by his workers and is a single father of his daughter Goo Hyo Sun. Goo Hyo Sun is loved by everyone and is extremely friendly to everyone, she is basically the Cinderella in the story. At first, Eun Jo doesn't trust her new stepfather and stepsister. Her mother on the other hand, tries to fulfill the role of Hyo Sun's mother since Hyo Sun was very much loved by the father. Eun Jo struggles with the fact that Hyo Sun was getting all the attention and care while she was being neglected and treated harshly.
        Eun Jo, however, meets a young college student, named Hong Ki Hoon. He treats her kindly and she slowly finds herself falling for him. However, he eventually had to leave the winery due to personal reasons. However, Hyo Sun being jealous of Ki Hoon's attention to Eun Jo decides to make Eun Jo believe that he abandoned her by not giving her the letter that Ki Hoon wrote.
         Eight years later, the three reunite. Han Jung Woo, the little boy that Eun Jo considered a little brother from 8 years ago, comes to find her as a grown up, young man. He falls in love with Eun Jo. Hyo Sun begins to fall for Ki Hoon who still loved Eun Jo. Eun Jo found it hard to accept Ki Hoon though as she still believed that he had abandoned her. Eun Jo was now a successful, young business woman helping her stepfather with the winery business. Her stepsister, Hyo Sun, always wanting to be a ballerina has no goal in her life whatsoever and is only playing around and relaxing. However, when the stepfather dies, the stepmother begins to treat Hyo Sun harshly and only treating her children kindly. Eun Jo tries to help Hyo Sun in life and overtime Eun Jo's mother also began to feel bad for her actions. This drama talks about growing up, forgiving, love, and it was very interesting. It was a good drama nonetheless even though it didn't really follow the music video which I thought was really exciting. However, I enjoyed Eun Jo's character very much.

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