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Dream High/Dream High 2

Dream  High
             I liked Dream High better than Dream  High 2. I believe most have already watched this because this is pretty well-known already out for a long time. Upon watching this drama, it was the first time that I saw the main character be so arrogant and mean to the people around her but it was nice to see that throughout the drama she changes.
           Dream High is about six students who attend Kirin Art High School for different reasons and to achieve their dreams of becoming music stars in the music industry. Hye Mi, our main character, is a very snobby and cold-faced young girl. Her family was rich before and she majored in classical music and wanted to attend Julliard. However, due to her father's debt, she had to give up her dream and be forced to enter Kirin Art High School to pay off the debt for her father. However, she did not pass her audition and her best friend Baek Hee did. Baek Hee, upon passing the audition listened to Hye Mi talk about how she is first class and Baek Hee is third class. Baek Hee decides to take Hye Mi on as a rival.
           Hye Mi, not passing the audition, gets accepted as a "special" student. However, in order to attend Kirin Art High  School, she must enter with two other students in order for her to enroll. Those two students are called Sam Dong and Jin Guk. Jin Guk was Hye Mi's childhood friend when they were younger, but at first Hye  Mi didn't recognize him. They had met when she was trying to escape from a loan shark. Sam Dong is a boy from the countryside with a great voice however in order not to make his single mom feel sad about his dad, he pretends he cannot sing and purposely sings off pitch when he comes to the music competition he was attending. Hye  Mi, herself, went to the countryside and flirted and used her beauty to try to convince him to go to Seoul with her.
         Afterwards, the three get enrolled into the school.  There was a lot of rivalry and love stories too. Hye Mi  is caught between the affection of Jin Guk and Sam Dong and makes her decision at the end. However, the ending was disappointing because I expected more.
             I especially liked the Pilsuk-Jason couple played by IU and 2pm Wooyoung. Their love story was also very cute. Pil Suk was an overweight character with a great voice. She has a big crush on Jason and afterwards, when he couldn't accept her confession, she decided to make a bet with him saying that if she can lose enough weight in a given amount of time, would he consider going out with her. He agreed and she went to work, jumping rope and dieting. She managed to lose so much weight, he couldn't even recognize her when they met again. It was very cute how afterwards, he worried about her and also accepted her for who she was not caring if she was fat or not which was very sweet.

Dream High 2:
           At first, I thought that this would be a drama about Hye Mi's sister since Hye Mi's sister was also called Hye Sung. Especially since, in the ending of  Dream  High, they showed Hye Mi's sister as a teenager also attending Kirin Arts High School. Now, in Dream  High 2, it is about other young students with dreams to debut.
           Kirin Arts High  School has fallen due to financial strains and is in the danger of closing. It is a very old/wrecked looking school now. A new group of students enter the school. The school is in control of the Oz Entertainment Agency that brings their own idol stars over to the school to avoid the law that prohibits underage entertainers from performing after 10 PM.  The main character Hye  Sung managed to get into Kirin due to her grades and not because of talent. Jin Yoo  Jin starts to like Hye  Sung and slowly Hye Sung also has a relationship with JB, an idol that she loves very much. I still liked Dream High better than the second one. But it illustrates the struggle and competition these people take to reach their goals and dreams and to perform the type of music they want.
          However, I felt like the main character wasn't as intriguing as Hye Mi's character.  Hye Sung cries a lot, is timid, and has no talent and managed to get in with her grades. She didn't stand out or interest me as much as Hye  Mi did from Dream High. The character that Ji Yeon played seemed very similar to Hye Mi's character but with more issues as she strives to do well. She used to have a thing with  JB but afterwards started leaning towards Jin Yoo  Jin as Hye Sung and JB form a relationship.

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