Saturday, January 12, 2013

Love Keeps Going

          This was an amazing drama and the kiss scenes were so intense. Mike He, that boy can kiss, and he can kiss in all his other dramas too. Very rarely do we see very good kiss scenes in Asian dramas, but the kiss scenes in this drama are amazing.
              This story is very sweet and even though there was a lot of heartbreak in the beginning. Zha Mei Le, our main character, is a very hardworking young woman who lives for others. When she was a young child, her parents divorced. Her parents argued, both wanting to take her brother and not her. In the end, she ended up in her mother's care and decided to grow up to make her mom proud so that no one would not want her. She got many, many degrees and certificates. She got a lot of respect and approval because of her accomplishments. Even her boyfriend, Han Yi Feng, fell in love with her at first because of her knowledge and variety of abilities. He also liked how she was kind and generous.
               As they were dating, her boyfriend's mother and sister were both very impressed by Mei Le and constantly praised her and approved of their dating. Mei Le also helped her boyfriend achieve his dream of opening a bakery and even hiring employees.
            Han Yi Lie (Mike  He) lived for himself. He only cared for himself and was very blunt and not caring of others. Mei Le went to go pick up Han Yi Lie (who is her boyfriend's brother). They had a very bad impression of one another at first. However, when it was found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with a young female employee called Guo Xuan Xuan at their bakery. He was even with her even though he was engaged to Mei Le. To get what she wanted, Guo Xuan Xuan, while kissing Yi Feng called Mei  Le on Yi Feng's phone pretending that it was a call that was sent by accident. Mei Le found out and even got into a car accident.
          Han Yi Lie, despising what her brother was doing, went to go find her. He decides to help her by being in a fake relationship with her. He gives her a makeover and the two act as a couple. They even take back the bakery as it was under Mei Le's name and also bought unknowingly by Yi Lie before they had met. Then the two began to fall in love. Han Yi Lie helps her discover who she truly is and not to live for others and agree with everyone when they decide on something. She also learned to trust again and fell in love with Han Yi Lie.
          However, the two faced more problems. There were problems involving the mother of Han Yi Lie and  Yi Feng not approving, the two's families arguing, people trying to ruin their relationship, and also a disease. This was kind of similar to Why Why Love for when Yi Lie found that he had a disease, he started pushing Mei Le away from him and pretended that he was with his manager (who secretly crushed on Yi Lie). At first the family of Yi Lie didn't know what happened either and it made Yi Feng mad saying, "I already hurt her once, why must you do the same thing  to her?"
         It was just a very beautiful drama and I enjoyed it greatly.

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