Saturday, January 5, 2013

They Kiss Again (ISWAK season 2)

They Kiss Again is basically their marriage life after they got married which is extremely cute. Their chemistry is just as amazing only this time there is more kissing, skinship, and you can definitely see how much they love each other...even for Zhi Shu who was extremely cold in It Started With A Kiss. They go on a honeymoon trip together with Zhi Shu's hilarous family tagging along without them knowing (well Zhi Shu found out but they secretly followed them). This was funny because Ah Jin was very depressed after Xiang Qin got married and decided to go out of the country to relax and get over the fact that Xiang Qin is married with Zhi Shu but just happens to go to the place where the two were at their honeymoon...however, he didn't really interfere with the couple because once he thought that he was going crazy seeing XQ all over the place and the second time, he saw her but couldn't go over to her because he was across the street and the police told him he wasn't allowed to cross the street.
      Though married,the couple still face some problems as they work together to find their dream jobs, build a future together, and deal with the fact that there are still people chasing after their husband/wife. However, they are in love with each other even though they have different ways to show it. This time this drama has its ups and downs where there are happy moments and also its sad and depressing moments during couple fights. However, they are all very much in love and often get jealous when there are admirers of their husband/wife. It's cute in a way. Zhi Shu sometimes still has trouble conveying how he actually feels even though its sometimes written on his face and this drama will definitely make you feel really happy and good because it just is the kind of drama that stays with you forever, almost. There was a great amount of character development as Xiang Qin rubs off on Zhi Shu and Zhi Shu assists Xiang Qin allowing her to expand and develop independently from him.

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