Monday, January 21, 2013

Baker King Kim Tak Goo

          This drama was extremely interesting because it had a lot of components of love, revenge, determination, betrayal, friendship, rivalry and so forth. However, it also had a lot of bread since the whole drama mostly revolved around the baking industry. Now for the synopsis:

   This story begins 12 years prior to when Kim Tak Goo was born. Mrs. Goo wanted desperately to have a son for her husband. However, she gave birth only to girls. In her frustration, she goes to find a fortune teller who tells her that she will not have a son with her husband but with another man, she can. In the meantime, Mr. Goo, SAMHWA food cooperation chairman, had an affair with the family maid named Kim Mi Sun. When they found out that she was pregnant with Mr. Goo's child, Mr. Goo's wife, Seo In Sook forced Mi Sun out of her house. The maid went off to a simple village and raised her son Kim Tak Goo by herself. Meanwhile, Ma Jun is born into Mr. Goo's family. He is a boy because Mrs. Goo also had an affair to give her husband a son.

         Most people can probably view Mrs. Goo as a very despicable and evil character. I feel that she is a very misinterpreted character. In order to give her husband and his mother what they wanted, she even had an affair with a man she had no interest in, whatsoever, to give them a son. She wanted to do whatever was possible to keep Ma Jun the heir of the company. However, 12 years later, Mi Sun brings Kim Tak Goo to Mr. Goo's birthday party to formally announce Tak Goo as the legitimate first son of Mr. Goo. However, due to Mrs. Goo's anger, he is driven out of their house again later on.
          Kim Tak  Goo is originally the successor of his father being that he was older than Ma Jun. However, Mrs. Goo went all out to make sure that Ma Jun has that place of successor. Thus, he begins to rebuild his career from scratch to become a top baker/king of the baking industry. He is a very honest young man and works hard, learning new techniques, from his teacher. He faces a lot of problems along the way, including love problems. During the drama, he is caught between his childhood love interest and the girl that he constantly interacts with at the place where he bakes. He had to deal with the fact that his first love betrayed him for Ma Jun for her own interest and the other woman who will always stand by him, supporting him, even though she is hurting also.
         Throughout the drama, you see love and trust, determination and will power, rivalry and friendship, and also from hate to love. You also see those few moments when Ma Jun slowly starts to connect with his half-brother Tak Goo. This was a very sweet drama and It was really interesting.

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