Saturday, January 12, 2013

Autumn's Concerto

Autumn's Concerto is a must-watch for those who haven't watched this drama yet. It came out a while ago already but it is still amazing and touching in so many ways. It is one of those sad and sweet dramas. It is definitely a great watch and whenever you watch it, you always find yourself frowning at some scenes, crying in others, and smiling unconsciously in other scenes too. It is the kind of drama that plays with your emotions.

          Liang Mu Cheng as a child had everything that she wanted. A kind and loving father, her beloved piano, a grand house, and a nice stepmother who she called "Xiao ah yi" which basically means aunt. However, when her family went bankrupt and her father was killed in a car accident, they were forced to leave their home and Mu Cheng had to leave her life and her piano behind. While wandering about and starving, they met a man who helped them. This man later on married the aunt. Living in different conditions now, Liang Mu Cheng had to had to help around the house and she didn't have her piano anymore. After a few years later, she became a young woman, still working, trying to leave the home since the man consistently bothered her when her aunt was not around. The man would attempt to take pictures of her when she went to the shower. So, she's always on guard by blocking the windows and locking the doors. She couldn't tell her stepmother because her stepmother wouldn't believe her. So she did not let that affect her life. She continued to live happily and constantly worrying about others, while trying to get away from this place. She also worked at the cafeteria with her stepmother and stepfather. Many people went after her but she rejected them, mainly because her stepfather refused to let her date. 
          Ren Guang Xi is a law student who wants to try to get kicked out of school. He also goes on dates with girls for bets. He's kind of an arrogant and cocky guy. He seems to have a perfect life since he is a successor to his mom's business, which I believe was the university. He is a good-looking, smart, and charismatic ice hockey player. He never took love seriously or feelings until he met Liang Mu Cheng through another bet. His friends showed him his next "target" which was Liang Mu Cheng who was said to be hard to get. He decides to do the bet, which was to kiss her, and he did. But after actually falling for her because she was different from the other girls he met before, he tells everyone that he did not manage to complete the bet. They became extremely close and started dating. Then when he caught her stepfather in the act of harassing her, he beat the man up. They surveillance tape was missing but he still chose to help her as a lawyer against her stepfather. He also wanted to prove her innocence that she never did anything to seduce anyone. Thankfully, with the help of a boy who had a huge crush on her, they were able to win this case. 
          However, their love faced a lot of  problems afterwards. First of all, Guang Xi's mother doesn't want them to be together and wants him to marry He Yi Qian who would help with the business. Second, Guang Xi, constantly having headaches, found out that he had a tumor in his brain and had to go through a major brain surgery to save his life. However, when he wakes up, he might not remember anything at all. So using this, Guang Xi's mother orders Mu Cheng to leave his side and she has no choice but to do so, even hurting Guang Xi emotionally when she tried to leave him, and little did she know that after she managed to get away from him, he got stabbed by her stepfather (who stabbed him for revenge). Guang Xi woke up, without memories of his past and had trouble speaking and walking, and started recovering with the help of He Yi Qian (who just so happens to be a doctor).

Six years later, Mu Cheng is living a quiet life with her young son called Xiao Le (also Guang Xi's son) in the countryside getting help and support from that boy who had a huge crush on her, Hua Tuo Ye. She has not had contact with Guang Xi since six years ago when she left him. Guang Xi was now a successful lawyer engaged to He Yi Qian but has no memories from 6 years ago. Guang Xi constantly has flashbacks, once while defending his client in court, he had a flashback but couldn't see who he was defending (Mu Cheng) because the flashback wasn't very clear. In that flashback, he got angry at the defendant and punched him for saying something. His client said something very similar and in his anger, he punched his own client. Due to his actions, he was sent to a town where Mu Cheng was residing to do community service for 240 hours.
            Not knowing who Mu Cheng was due to his brain surgery, he develops a close friendship between Mu Cheng and Xiao Le as he stays at their house. After he finished his service, complications began to occur and when Guang Xi saw pictures of Mu Cheng from six years ago with him, he got back his memory. In the end, he decided to sort of take "revenge" by saying he wanted to take  Xiao  Le. Instead plans changed and he decided to marry Mu Cheng to sort make her feel bad. However, overtime, they became closer and he couldn't help but fall for her all over again. The two still faced many other problems but managed to overcome them.

The ending was extremely sweet!

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