Sunday, January 20, 2013

Boys Over Flowers

I'm pretty sure that most of you know Boys Over Flowers. This is the Korean version, by the way. It aired in 2009 and like the others, is based on the Japanese manga series. This was the third version out after the Taiwanese and Japanese versions. At this point, writing three very similar storylines...and one more to go, is very exhausting. However, this one is a bit different from the others, like I said on the Hana Yori Dango one, each drama has its own twists and turns.

            The setting starts off at Shin Hwa School. It is a school for rich people and is very hard to get in and there is a huge line of people wanting their children to attend  Shin Hwa School. The four people that basically "rule" the school because their parents were rich and offered a lot of money to the school are  Goo Jun Pyo, Yoon Ji Hoo, Soh Yi Jung, and Song Woo  Bin. They attend this school and they are known as F4, basically meaning Flower 4 (to show that they all look good).
      Goo Jun Pyo is the leader of F4 and is totally arrogant. He is a very unique, curly hairstyle and is very rude to others as he is rich. Our main character, Geum Jan Di, is very poor and her family owns a dry cleaning business. One day when she went to  Shin Hwa to give a student there his clothes that he wanted to clean, she saw him standing on the edge of the school ready to commit suicide. He wanted to commit suicide because he somehow got on the bad side of F4 and thus the whole school began to bully him in such cruel ways. Geum Jan Di saved him and to quiet down the publicity this bullying incident caused, they decided to let  Geum Jan Di attend Shin Hwa.
       The entire school treat the F4 like gods. The guys cannot wear the same clothes as F4 and must respect the F4 and all the girls wanted to date them. All except for Geum Jan Di who just can't get used to their way of treating others. She tries to stay quiet in fear of being bullied by the whole school. However, when her friend faced problems with the F4, she couldn't help herself but stand up against F4. From then on, she become the main rival of  Goo Jun Pyo and the whole school turned on her. Even though she was constantly bullied, she would not bow down and while she was bullied, Yoon Ji Hoo comforted her and became her source of help.
        Even though, this story starts off with hate, Goo Jun Pyo slowly finds himself falling in love for Geum Jan Di for the first time. He never dated anyone before, so he was totally devoted to Jan Di once he realized his feelings for her. Geum Jan Di, however, started to like Yoon Ji Hoo who had always been there for her. Over time, she gets to know F4 more and then starts dating Goo Jun  Pyo. They have a very cute relationship but face a lot of obstacles (mainly caused by Goo Jun Pyo's mother who disapproves their relationship). However, the two managed to face those obstacles and stay together for their love. Also, Jan Di's friend from work (since Jan  Di also worked at a porridge shop), Ga Eul, also got to know F4. She truly was Jan Di's friend and worried about her wholeheartedly, always supporting her, and even getting mad at F4 when she heard that Jan Di was bullied. Ga Eul and Jan Di shared such a strong friendship in which they both protected each other. Ga Eul worried about Jan Di and Jan Di beat up Ga Eul's cheating boyfriend when they ran into him with another girl and he said that he didn't know who Ga Eul was. Their friendship was extremely sweet. Ga Eul, heartbroken at what her boyfriend said, walked around the streets and encounters Yi Jung (she previously met him a few times before also). He asks her what was wrong and she bursts into tears. So he took her to get a makeover and went to go find her boyfriend in which they got back at him where they pretended to be a couple when the boyfriend wanted to get back together with her (since she looked pretty) and she said that she didn't recognize him. However, after that, she slowly started falling for So Yi Jung and confesses to him. In the end, he also realized he liked her also. I totally rooted for the So Yi Jung and Ga Eul couple along with the Jan Di and Goo Jun Pyo couple.
          I felt kind of bad for Woo Bin...he was the only member in F4 that did not have a love line. Ji Hoo didn't get the girl but he still had a love line with Jan Di at one point of the drama. Yi Jung had Ga Eul and Goo Jun Pyo had Jan Di. Poor Woo Bin!

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