Friday, January 18, 2013

Butterfly Lovers

             This was mentioned in the SungKyunKwang review earlier. This drama is a classic love story that was extremely sweet and romantic. It which also had a girl cross-dressing to go to school. In Butterfly Lovers, she becomes friends with a handsome bookworm who is kind of poor whereas she is a young lady of a rich household. The bookworm is called Liang Shang Bo and the girl is called Zhu Ying Tai. Pretending to be a guy, Zhu Ying Tai pretends to be a "brother" friend to Liang Shang Bo. Afterwards, she wanted to marry him and told him that she had a sister back at home that looked exactly like her. Throughout the entire time, she keeps hinting to him that she is a girl and likes him but he doesn't get it as he is a bookworm and doesn't suspect that his sworn brother was actually a girl. In the end, he found out that she was actually the sister and hurried to go to her house, happy. However,  the girl was facing problems herself as she was supposed to marry someone else. When the bookworm found out, he was in utter despair and ended up even getting sick and dying. The girl, finding out, goes to his grave and commits suicide there. Then from the grave came two butterflies thus the two are known as the butterfly lovers. This is a quick review. But I thought that this was a really cute love story that would be a pleasant watch. 

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