Saturday, December 29, 2012

Queen In Hyun's Man

This is definitely going to be a good watch, once you hear that the couple on screen is actually dating now in real life. The main lead actor actually confessed to the main lead actress during a radio show or something like that with interviewers and everything. She didn't immediately answer but afterwards they were spotted on date and later on confirmed that they were dating.

Now, as for the review:
Queen In Hyun's Man-
                     I loved the whole concept it, especially the time travel theme because it really has an interesting theme in which the guy, Kim Bung Do, can travel back and forth instead of being stuck in one time. However, he can only go to the modern world if he is in danger of being killed and can return just by reading the words on this slip that saves him since he has the dangerous job of protecting Queen In Hyun.
             Yoo In Na plays the role of a spunky young model named Choi Heejin who is about to debut in her first ever drama. She is going to be acting as Queen In Hyun and happier than ever. When she first received this news, she had dropped her phone into those sewer things and was basically talking to the ground. She looked kind of crazy, yelling crouched on the ground saying, "Thank you! I'll do well! Thank you!"
                When Kim Bung Do first started this time travel, he met her. She thought he was part of the drama and offered him a donut and said, "I'm going to be acting Queen In Hyun. I am Queen In Hyun." This confused the guy because she obviously wasn't the queen that he protected. The two were very funny and sweet together. There was even one moment when they find out that he was going to die on a certain day, when she found out and he wasn't there...she panicked and started crying. Which is odd considering this was a guy from 300 years ago, so the manager was totally flustered asking why she was crying and what was the big deal. Thankfully, he changed history and avoided his death. These two kept meeting and slowly started falling in love. Especially when Heejin taught him things from the modern world and made something up saying that when saying goodbye, you kiss, just to kiss him. The two get closer and he starts to risk his life just to constantly go to the modern world. Their love story is amazing and beautiful and thankfully, has a happy ending but it was much struggle to reach that ending.
           However, the couple also faced trouble. One was when Kim Bung Do was in his time and the paper that lets him travel back and forth got cut in half. When it did, everything that he did in the modern world vanished and he forgot completely about Heejin. Heejin however remembered him but the people who have also met him forgot about him and also claimed that she was hallucinating. Even though Kim Bung Do forgot about his time in the modern world, the people around him all remembered how he met a woman in the modern world. He was confused, not remembering he had once spoken of Heejin to his friends.  Thankfully, things were resolved over time and they reunited again but he had to start all over with the other characters as they had forgotten who he was. Heejin's manager is extremely funny but at times also quite annoying as she constantly asked Heejin what was so good about this guy.  The two had such great chemistry and the characters of both were just fun to watch.

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