Sunday, January 27, 2013

Brown Sugar Macchiato

If you want a humorous drama to watch that has to do with love, hate, comedy, and takes places in a school, this may just be the drama for you. This is called Brown Sugar Macchiato and it has been out for a long time now. This is a Taiwanese drama and it was really humorous and cute.

           There are six main characters in this drama, since it talks about all of them. These six main characters are boys with different personalities, backgrounds, likes and dislikes, and so forth. One loves motorcycles, another loves his sports car, another loves music, one is childish, and another loves his bicycle, and so forth. They find out that they are actually half-brothers and that they share the same father. The father, apparently, had a lot of affairs. The father gathered all six together and through his video he tells them that they are all entitled to a huge inheritance. However, in order to be qualified to receive that inheritance, they must attend the same school and live together in the same house for a year. They are total strangers to each other and two of the brothers even often get into fights. With the help of their adorable maid, Ya Tou, with her child voice, they get used to life in the new house. This drama is called Brown Sugar Macchiato because Ya Tou always made brown sugar macchiato for them in the morning.
          In the beginning, none of them were used to anything. Ya  Tou went over how everyone had their own toothbrush and everything through a speaker and you can see the six brothers being utterly confused. Like one guy, was brushing his teeth and went to flush the toilet. When he did so, his toothbrush fell he took someone else's and then that dropped in the toilet too. Two other brothers wore each other's school uniforms and much more. The six brothers get to know each other and adapt according to the situation. They began to get closer.
          However, they were faced with more problems at their new school. In the school it is ruled by ten girls that are extremely mean and manipulative towards the boys in the school. Their names are Da Ya, Gui Gui, Tong  Tong, Xiao Xun, Xiao Man, Apple, Mei Mei, Xiao  Jie, and Ke En, and Ya Tou is also a part of them although she isn't as mean. Ya Tou is a part of them because they all attend the same class and they also considered another girl a part of their team just because she was the cousin of one of the girl's. However, no one knows that Ya Tou is actually the housekeeper of the six guys and their mansion.
         So the girls did what they always did, they went to go bother the six brothers. Gui Gui was the first to bother them. She pretended to be a strict teacher even punishing them to do squats just because of the way they looked. The girls were determined to make school life a living hell for the six brothers. Despite all these problems, they continue to stick together to get that inheritance. However, someone else is after their inheritance and trying to make them break their contract and sending people to the school to do so during the process.
         The brothers begin to become closer and they all share a strong bond, often helping each other out, and everything. They also fall in love with people in the school (mostly the girls that had bullied them in the beginning). This was a really cute drama and it is definitely worth a watch because I enjoyed watching it :)

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