Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Miss You

This drama was intense and sucked me in on the first episode. Especially, when you see how the two children connect and become friends even though everyone discriminates the girl for being a murderer's daughter. It was very interesting and the child actors did an amazing job in the beginning few episodes. They were extremely cute and outstanding in this drama making me ache for them and fall in love with their relationship with one another. This drama has a lot of sad moments and also some intense moments throughout the drama. Not to mention, the OST is amazingly good and so full of emotion. 
           This story starts with when our main characters were teenagers (15 years old). Su Yeon is the girl. She is well-known around her area and is bullied at school because she is the daughter of a murderer. Students avoid her and they act as if she isn't there. They are also scared of her and humiliated of the fact that she attends their school. So she's a very quiet girl and she's never called by her real name by other students. Han Jung Woo came from the states and meets her at their neighborhood park at night. He calls her by her name leaving her stunned and as it was raining, she got him an umbrella. He just so happened to start attending her school and was going to return the umbrella when he saw a group of kids, refusing to go into a room because of the murderer's daughter. Upon seeing this, he refuses to get close to her also which hurts  Su Yeon's feeling but she was expecting it in a way.
           However, feeling ashamed of the way he acted towards Su Yeon, he goes to find her in their neighborhood. When he found her, he saw the victim's mother come and fight with Su Yeon's mother. He sees chaos and Su Yeon's pain that she had to deal with after what her father had done. With this, the two become close friends. He always tries to protect her from bullies buts she didn't want him to get bullied either and so she stood up for herself many times. Su Yeon and Jung Woo start crushing on each other. However, one day when Jung Woo was getting kidnapped by other people, Su Yeon ran after the people. The two people both got kidnapped. Jung  Woo was beaten up and Su Yeon was raped and traumatized. Jung Woo left  Su Yeon alone as he escaped to get help. Su Yeon believed that she was abandoned managed to leave also and almost got hit by a car. With this accident, the two separate and go different ways.  Everyone believed that Su Yeon was dead. However, Su Yeon called Jung Woo once and it made Jung Woo realize she wasn't dead and he was determined to find her. 
   They become adults and Su Yeon has a boyfriend and a new identity of Zoe.She is now a fashion designer who seems to have a bright personality but still has a lot of scars from her painful memories of her past. She is also constantly brainwashed by her new boyfriend who knows of her past and who also knew her when they were children, because he kept saying that if they cared about her, they wouldn't have left her alone in that house and abandon her. Meanwhile, Jung Woo is now a detective, still trying to find Su Yeon. They meet again through destiny. Harry, Su Yeon's lover, was the boy that Jung Woo and Su Yeon had helped back when they were children. Harry appears to be gentle, warm, and kind. He also appears to be caring. He has a desperate need to hold on to Su Yeon even though he knows that Su Yeon still likes Jung Woo. In extreme measures, he does whatever he can to take vengeance upon Jung Woo even if it means using Su Yeon and making her appear guilty. Harry is a pretty scary character. However, this was a very intense/interesting drama.

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