Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sunshine Angel

This is a drama that I always fall in love with when I first watch it. It's a Taiwanese drama with Rainie Yang and also Wuchun from the Taiwanese boy group Fahrenheit. It is called Sunshine Angel and has the arrogant rich boy falling in love with hardworking, innocent, poor girl theme. Just a reminder, don't get confused at the first episode where it looks like an ancient drama, it was just her dream.

         Rainie plays an innocent Japanese girl (who knows Chinese) called Yang Guang (which basically means sunny) who is working hard to help relieve the debt her parents caused. Her parents cheat people off of money and in the end Yang Guang and her grandmother have to take the responsibility of it. The people in their town respect her grandmother and said that they won't come and make a ruckus anymore since it doesn't solve any problems. However, while Yang Guang was working, a Taiwanese brother and sister came and told her that she had to come to Taiwan with them to earn enough money to pay off the money cheated off of them by her parents or else go to to jail. So, not wanting to go to jail, she agrees reluctantly and becomes a maid of someone rich in Taiwan hoping to pay off a large debt.
           The person who she works for sends her to help with a man named Di Ya Xin. She had met him before in Japan where he accidentally knocked over the shack where she was showering in (awkward). She works for him but he's kind of mean at first. He also didn't seem to want her to be his maid at first either, not understanding her situation. However she was stubborn and worked hard to keep this job. However, after he accepts her as a maid, she has a lot of issues such as making him wake up and finish breakfast early in the morning because she has to go to school and so forth.
             Slowly overtime, he begins falling for her and even going to Japan to see her even though he was engaged to Angela (a girl who liked him ever since she was was kind of a one sided engagement as he never agreed to it). They began to get closer and slowly problems began to occur as other people wanted to take over the company he's managing. He gets into a slump but he's still together with Yang Guang and together, with their friends, they try to fight back at the people who took over and bring back the company to the way it was before. This was a very great story and the ending will not make you disappointed.
         This drama really plays with your feelings. You see how special the grandma is and how she is really the only reliable adult around Yang Guang but yet something had to happen. Also you start to get annoyed to the maximum by Angela who likes Di Ya Xin and is extremely rude to Yang Guang and the people close to her, she takes them for granted. You get astonished at how there is a character like Angela. You can also see the reality of this drama and  so forth and there are ups and downs in this drama. In the picture with the girl in pink, she is the actress that plays the despicable character of Angela. However she's not the only bad person in this drama, keep an eye at the character called Geng Fei!

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