Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Drama Go Go Go


Drama Go Go Go! This was a romantic comedy with some good actors in it like Jiro Wang and Lin Gengxin. Lin  Gengxin debuted in the drama Bubujingxin (did a review before) and did really well in it considering it was his first time acting. This drama, he also did a great well. And as usual, Jiro did really well with some of those exaggerated and comedic parts where his acting really reminded me of the times when he was in ISWAK and TKA (also reviewed before).


         Ruby  Lin plays the main lead of this drama named Wang  Ming Ming. She is a woman in her 30s and considered old by the people around her and her fashion sense is really bad. She is a scriptwriter and never had real loves or dated officially and still dreams of romantic meetings and accidental kisses. She lives her romances by writing them in the scripts she writes for dramas. However, she gets romantically involved with three men at different ages. One man in his 40s, the other in his 30s, and another in his 20s.
         Wang Ming Ming crushes on a washed up singer named Eason. So for her drama, when they are searching for people to play the male lead, she suggested Eason. Everyone were shocked and tried to replace him constantly considering that he is no longer popular and is making a living selling shoes in street markets. Eason and his manager think of this as a good chance to bring back his popularity. They work extremely hard in the drama even though everyone else wanted him to be written off the drama when the lead actress threatened the producers that she won't act in the drama. In order to stay on screen, he begins dating Wang Ming Ming to stay on the drama. Meanwhile, a family friend and loyal admirer, called Tong Shao Tian also likes Wang Ming Ming and watches out for her. He warns her that Eason may be just using her but she pushes him off. She doesn't like Tong Shao Tian and only thinks of him as a little brother.
           In a complication of different love relationships, Wang Ming Ming finds who is really in her heart. Eason also finds himself falling for Wang Ming Ming even though that was not part of the plan. This was a really interesting drama because as the drama progresses, you realize how each character has their own unique style of loving a person and how each character had their own problems and ambitions they want to reach.


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