Monday, January 14, 2013


          I really liked this drama because of their differing personalities between the main leads and yet how they managed to come together. I also really liked the relationship CN Blue Min Hyuk had with his crush. This drama was really interesting and there were a lot of sweet moments within the drama.
So I'll give a synopsis of what this drama is about.

              The main character is played by Park Shin Hye and is called Lee Gyu Won. She is a very outgoing student who was born into a prestigious family. She plays the gayageum and majors in traditional music under her grandfather's watch. Her grandfather wanted his granddaughter to be like him and become a traditional music prodigy. Lee Shin, on the other hand (played by Jung Yong Hwa), attends the same university as Gyu  Won but in Wesstern music. He is the guitarist and vocalist of the band "The Stupid." He is very arrogant, looks good, and loves music very much. He started off liking the dance professor at the university but after being rejected a few times, everything changes when he meets  Gyu Won.
               He starts off ordering her around, making her get coffee and everything. She was also quite annoyed with him also at the start because he kept ordering her around. Then they got to know each other and both of them shared the passion for music and connected. They even played songs using both traditional music and Western music combined together (which was pretty cool). The two were a very cute couple together, but there were a few times when they got injured and once it even resulted Lee Shin having trouble playing the guitar to get a record deal. I really liked their relationship with one another and enjoyed this drama greatly. It has been a while since I've seen it, but I still remembered how much I loved CN Blue's Min Hyuk's character and love relationship.
               CN Blue Min Hyuk played the role of Yeo Joon Hee who is the drummer of the same band as Lee Shin. He is extremely cool when playing the drum at night but in the morning he is a shaggy, childish little kid who is always hungry and is extremely innocent and cute. One day, he came across the chairman's daughter Han Hee Joo and falls in love with her.  He calls her Natasha and likes her a lot, buying her food when she was hungry, and always smiling when he sees her. Hee Joo has a lot of stress on her as her mother continues to press for her to do well. She causes a lot of problems in the drama because she wants to do well and her mother is always on the lookout in fear that others might outshine her daughter which also causes a lot of the problems in this drama.
         However, this drama was very cute. Hee Joo also manages to stand away from her mother's watchful guidance and living a more care-free life with Hee Joo.  Lee Shin and Gyu Won stay together and are in love. This drama was a very sweet one and definitely a good watch.

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