Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Romantic Princess Review

              This has a very similar theme to Boys Over Flowers. So if you are interested in the rich, arrogant guy and poor innocent girl themes, this may just be a drama for your taste. However, this drama has a little bit of a twist in which the girl is actually rich. It also has a school theme too. The school and the mansion that she later lived in was so exaggerated, you get jealous. 

            This drama is basically about a young girl who lives with her mother and father. They aren't very rich so she is constantly out working to earn money even to the point where she gets a heat stroke. However, one day a few people come knocking on her door saying that she is Emp's long-lost granddaughter. Emp is one of the richest people in Taiwan (in this drama). So with a teary goodbye to her parents who adopted her, she goes to the mansion of her rightful home.
         She was so shocked by the size she says, "It looks like a museum." She was also greeted by many servants at her service and finally meets Emp. Throughout the drama, she interacts with the four guys that are possible successors to Emp's business or something like that. They all become close with her and were extremely sweet when she had troubles.
        The school was also very exaggerated where the teachers go easy on her, girls fake talk to her, and also she has a huge desk with a telephone and juice and everything. However, there were many times where she didn't want to live in this princess lifestyle and wanted to run away with her bags packed and everything. Emp also played a nasty trick on her just to make her stay to see if she actually wanted to get married to one of the successors. However, the guy didn't want to succeed the business so when she replied the way she did, he made up a very bad prank in a way. However, his plan didn't exactly work in the end. You can see what it is if you watch it, HEEHEE!

 It was just a very nice drama that makes you sigh and dream about what you would do if you were stuck in her shoes. It was a very nice drama and the four guys all had different personalities and characters which makes it just more interesting. So, when you are free, take a look at Romantic Princess!

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