Monday, July 29, 2013

A Gentleman's Dignity

      Out of the blue, I decided to try out A Gentleman's Dignity. I haven't watched this drama because I thought I wouldn't like it. Out of curiosity, I decided to check it out and I truly fell in love with it. It was hilarious, realistic in its own ways, and I loved the cast. The acting was brilliant, it was a great cast, there was a lot of humor, and the personalities of the characters were all distinct and unique. All the actors and actresses had great chemistry when working with others and they seemed to have a lot of fun filming. This was a drama that was a fun watch and it kept me hooked. It didn't have a lot of useless drama and that was why it was so brilliant and funny at the same time. 

The intros to each episode of this drama were brilliant. They had nothing to do with what was currently going on. It basically were just very short intros that were humorous and showed some of their experiences together. They were usually funny and enjoyable to watch. It showed them during their high school years and when they were leaving to the army and when they break up with a girl. It was interesting and that was what made me constantly want to watch more. For example, in one intro, while they were sitting in Rok's cafe, they saw SNSD's Sooyoung. While three men were debating how to approach her, they were shocked to see Yoon had already went there asking for her signature and dancing. 

    So this story mainly focuses on the lives of four men in their forties. When I watched this, I noticed many comments calling these four the F40 which I thought was hilarious. These four guys are best friends and this story focuses on their careers and love lives. They went through a lot together and were absolutely hilarious when you put these four together. 
      Kim Do Jin, he's an architect who has his ways with women. He meets a girl named Seo Yi Soo who happened to know his friend Im Tae San and he fell in love with her. However, he soon finds out that she was having a one-sided love for Im Tae San who was dating her best friend/roommate. So he decides to win her over as he begins his one-sided love. He was very devoted towards her. And slowly, she came to realize that she liked him too. This couple was a very unique couple. They were funny and the girl had a lot of freak out and "what do I do?" moments and it was really fun to see. Also, it was interesting because she was an ethics teacher, so she was serious when in teacher-mode but absolutely girly in love-mode. These two had their complications in which she hurt him and so forth but they managed to still come through. They were very fun to watch and it was amazing how they bothered one another and how much he loved his car (who he named Betty.) Seo Yi Soo, was also once the teacher of Tae San's little sister. So she had a close relationship with Tae san's sister. 
       Im Tae San was Seo Yi Soo's crush for the start of the drama. She bought him gloves and was excited to get calls from him. She was going to confess to him. However, he called her asking about her friend Hong Se Ra. Hong Se Ra is a professional golfer and they start dating. Im Tae San works with Kim Do Jin. Hong Se Ra likes to wear revealing clothes and the two had moments where they didn't get along. However, they impressed me by how they still stuck with one another and how they ended up in the end. They find out about Seo Yi Soo's crush on Tae San and she was worried, of course. However, afterwards, everything was settled as Seo Yi Soo started falling for Kim Do Jin. This couple faced another situation where Hong Sera says she doesn't want to get married. These two, thou
gh they had their issues, they were still very sweet and they understood one another. So it was cute and I was happy with where their relationship was headed towards in the end.
        Choi Yoon is a lawyer. He's very smart but he's still similar to his friends in their interest towards women. He is still recovering from his wife's death four years ago and still wears the wedding ring. Im Tae San's little sister, in her twenties, has a serious crush on him. She's young compared to his age but she adored him and was infatuated with him. He didn't want to admit his feelings towards her in the beginning. For one thing she was a lot younger than him and also she was the sister of his best friend. He didn't want to jeopardize his friendship for a young girl who might just be infatuated for the moment. Maeri, however, did not give up and still loved him. When he finally admitted his feelings for her and they started dating, they face more problems. Im Tae San pushes them out of his life due to the fact that his best friend was dating his sister. However, he knew that this was not a battle he could win and eventually accepted the two as a couple. He was also suffering emotionally after "pushing them out of his life," thankfully,  Se Ra was there to comfort him.
          Lee Jung Rok is a huge flirt. He flirts with every woman he sees and when he approaches them, his wedding ring is the first to go. Lee Jung Rok is married to a very rich and powerful woman named Park Min Sook. She knows all his tactics and how he flirts. She catches him almost every time and constantly checks on him, knowing he's either drinking or flirting. Lee Jung Rok was a hilarious character and it was funny to see how he interacted with his wife. His wife was also one of the most awesome characters in this drama as she had a lot of power, authority, and wealth. She seemed cold but inside she was really kind and warm. She helped the other characters a lot using her money and status. She constantly files for divorce, finding Yoon, but she never goes through with it. I thought it was the funniest thing when she went to go find Yoon on Christmas Eve saying that she was busy on Christmas Day and that she wanted a divorce. Though she managed to stick with him all these years, despite his constant flirting, it caused some trust issues in their marriage. When Lee Jung Rok finally settled down and knew he loved his wife the most and started reciprocating the feeling she felt for him, she started backing away because she wasn't used to this side of her husband. However, these two managed to work things out in the end and she was awesome. 
         There were other characters throughout this drama. One is  Colin, a boy who comes to Korea looking for these four men claiming that one of them is his biological father. Which one is it? I'll let you guys watch it and find out. He at first had a crush on Maeri but she obviously only had Yoon in her mind. Colin's character was actually really sweet as he didn't demand his father to marry his mom or anything.  He understood how things worked since he was old enough and he was extremely friendly to his father's lover. Another character was Kim Do Hyub who had a crush on Seo Yi  Soo (his homeroom teacher) and he constantly came to her defense when this boy threw tantrums about how ethics class is useless. Kim Do Hyub was a "bad" boy but he was actually a pretty good fellow. Colin, Kim Do Hyub, Do Hyub's follower, and the nerdy boy who threw the tantrums ended up becoming friends and they were so similar to the four men when they were friends in school. 

This drama was realistic, funny, sweet, and amazing. I would definitely recommend you guys to watch this. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kingyo Club

This was a short but really heartwarming Japanese drama. It included a lot of bullying. It was only ten episodes but absolutely adored it. Especially since the male character was very kind to the girl and helped defend and protect her whenever she got bullied. I really like how the main lead is actually a really caring and protective kind of person, especially since the girl lead is often bullied. I really enjoyed it and it was a very short but touching drama. Now just to make a note, these ten episodes are really, really short. I was a little shocked when I first watched the first episode because of how short it was. I think each episode was around 20 minutes or so (and compared to one hour episodes, this was a pretty fast watch). So this is a "drama" that you can finish really quickly.

        Haru Hiiragi is a third year high school student. He is rather popular among peers. However, he isn't interested in anything in his life. He often skips classes despite the constant reminders from his friends to come to class. He goes to this abandoned club room and stays there by himself. He enjoys being alone in there and he drinks this drink that he gets from the vending machine in the school. One day, while in his own secret hideout, he hears the voices of very loud girls. He goes out to see a first year student named Harukawa Koto being bullied by three girls in her class. He defends her causing the three bullies to flee, temporarily. 
          Harukawa Koto is very quiet as she thanks her upperclassman for helping her and says that she is okay. He later on encountered her a few more times to see that she had been bullied some more. They had ruined her books writing a lot of hateful messages and they had also spilled red paint over her dress and shoes. To make things worse, the paint didn't come out. Slowly the two get closer to one another as she notices how he actually cares about whether she is living or not and he is always defending her. 
           They pass by a stand selling goldfish and they catch two. She asks him where and how she is going to raise it and so he introduces her to his secret hideout allowing her to come as much as she wants. It turned out that Koto had a lot of problems. The reason she was being bullied was because her mother had come to school drunk on the first day and she was a single mother. Her mother was often seen out with men. This resulted in the bullying. Her mother also did not pay attention to Koto and often said things about how she didn't need Koto in her life. Because of her mother, Koto had cut her feelings. 
          Haru Hiiragi had also cut his feelings due to an incident that had occurred to him before. He was accused of raping a girl when that was not the case. He was in the Basket Club (which was basically like a basketball team) and he had a small crush on the captain's girlfriend. However, he made no intention to approach her. Instead, she came up to him and basically asked if he liked her. There was a misunderstanding when the captain walked in. The captain got angry and pushed the girlfriend aside, causing her to get hurt and she ended up being sent to the hospital. Word traveled fast since she was sent to the hospital. Then the captain and his girlfriend, for their own convenience, lied. They said Haru Hiiragi approached and attacked the girl first. Because of this, he could no longer trust the people around him. 
            Because there was a mutual attraction and understanding, they got closer. They decided to form the Kingyo Club which is a secret club between the two. The Kingyo Club basically means the Goldfish Club.  They only talk and take care of the goldfish. The two begin to bond and the Kingyo Club became a place where they both ran to when they faced problems. As the two get closer and start dating, Harukawa faces more problems. The bullying gets severe and extreme. They locked in lockers and tied her in the shower and so forth. Motoi, the class representative had a crush on her. And let's just say, he was okay at the start but then became unbelievably creepy. However, the two lovers went through all the problems together. He loved her and cared for her and was the sweetest guy ever. He stood by her side no matter what and did everything to protect her in his own way. He was also only one to truly understand her and it was the cutest thing ever. It was deep in its own way in how they treated one another and accepted each other's pasts. I really liked it and it was a fast watch, so it won't take too much time. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Asuko March

This was a Japanese drama with only 9 episodes. However, it was cute. I felt that in a way it felt unbelievable and it was similar to Gokusen in the way she brings the best out of the guys. It was still cute though and because it was unbelievable, it was interesting. 

      The girl is called Yoshino Nao. When she took her entrance exam, she accidentally missed one answer and her answers all shifted. Because of this, she failed the entrance exam to the  high school she wanted to get in and had to enroll into a technical school called Kenritsu Asuka Kougyou KoukouIt is nicknamed "Asuko." The school is different from others as they mostly focus on making things and so forth. It is said that the graduation rate was very, very low as 90% of the students immediately start working. Some would go to  companies and their family's factories. 
      To make matters worse for Yoshino Nao, she finds out of all the students enrolled there were only 3 girls accepted. She was the only girl in her class. Afterwards, one of the girls dropped out of the school and so it was only Yoshino Nao and Momo-chan (who hates her and wants her to leave). Momo-chan is in another class. At first, the whole class thinks that Yoshino Nao is looking down on them and she really wanted to leave. She wasn't used to it all.
         They got into a lot of fights and they all seemed fascinated with the only girl in the class. When the teacher asked them to change into "work clothes" for the certain class, they all started stripping right there in front of her, not really caring. The school really wasn't designed for girls. You have to do all that hard work and also while they all got to change in the classroom, she had to go all the way to the fourth floor and walk a lot till she reaches the locker room. She didn't participate when they were making things and she didn't want to be there. Not to mention, someone has heard her say that she didn't want to be there to her friend. She was also starting to drift away from her friend who attends a better high school because her friend made new friends that made her feel uncomfortable of what they thought of her behind her back. 
        Tamaki, a boy in the class, was annoyed that she looked down on them. And one day, she met his younger siblings who were talking about eating an imaginary burger. So she takes them to eat hamburgers which makes Tamaki angry asking if she's doing this to show him that he can't provide his siblings. She accidentally threw out one of his tools and bought him a new one, but he was annoyed that he thought of his tool as trash to throw it out. So in the end, she went through the trash to find it for him and she also defended his family when one of her friend's friend was insulting them. Because of this, Tamaki was touched and finally accepted her as a friend and slowly began to have a crush on her. Then slowly, the rest of the class did also. She became part of the class and she helped them overcome a lot of their own problems. She let them know that they were needed, protected them when they got beat up, helped them, and she brought the class together as one. They got along really well but she still was set on transferring schools. They knew that it was what she wanted and so they supported her and let her have a lot of happy memories. She began to get used to the work and began helping and they even built an eco-car together. However, afterwards, she realized that she made true friends in Asuko and decided to stay in that school because they taught her things that others wouldn't have.
        While in the school, she had a crush on Aruto. Tamaki had a crush on her. I personally really liked Tamaki because his personality was amazing and he always helped her even though he knew she liked someone else. I wish the ending was a bit better and more developed. But other than that, I thought it was kind of cute. I mean come on, a class with a bunch of guys and you're the only girl? And also Momo-chan was really mean in the beginning because she dislikes girls (she got bullied before) but after Yoshino defended her, they were on good terms. I liked this drama because it is so unbelievable but interesting. 
       This was just a very good drama and I would totally recommend it because its just so cute and funny it's own way. Not to mention, the boys all had different personalities that kind of suited each other. There were funny ones, bad ones, the fighter types, smart ones, and so forth. It was just a very interesting drama and I personally enjoyed it because of its simplicity and the fact that it is so unbelievable that she's like one girl in an entire class of guys who are always willing to help her. 

I think this was one of those times where I'm disappointed with who the main lead ends up with. I'm sorry this has so many spoilers, but I really liked Tamaki more than Aruto. 


Monday, July 22, 2013


     I really liked this drama and it made me cry and fall in love with the main leads. However, there were frustrating moments in the drama that drove me crazy. For one thing, the main leads didn't know who each other were (as in names) till a long time into the drama. Then there were these possessive ex-fiances that would not let go of their loves. And there were family problems and also a lot of characters that got in their way, once in a while. However, it was amazing and the chemistry was awesome also. It was a great drama to watch and bittersweet. 

BEAUTIFUL DRAMA, I would recommend it. 

I really liked how they had Park Eun Hye as the main lead. She's Korean and they incorporated that into her character. Her Chinese may not have been that good but her role was mainly using body language. Her character was also half Chinese and half Korean. Vic Zhou also did an unbelievably great job in expressing his feelings and acting in pain. When he started having feelings for her, I thought: This is crazy...they don't even know that they were each other's first loves and yet they get drawn to one another and make each other feel feelings they didn't feel before. And it was awesome. And when he was in pain, I wanted to get him medicine to control his pain.

This was very bittersweet and even though there were a lot of frustrating components, it still managed to make me continue watching it...for the couple. And I found it lovely that whenever she was sad, he was always there for her and he doesn't have to ask what happened, he just wraps her in a hug. 

    This story starts off when our main leads are children. The boy, Wei Yi, had a leg in a cast from breaking his leg while at the swimming competition. He was the son of a rich family and was often very lonely. Zhao Shen Shen, the girl, is half-Chinese and half-Korean. She lives with her single mother and the two are very happy as they get along with their neighbors (a single father and his son). One day, the boy took Shen Shen on a bus. Unfortunately, the bus got into an accident and due to the shock Shen Shen lost her voice. The father immediately said to his son, "If Shen Shen can't talk, you have to be responsible for the rest of her life."
     Meanwhile, Wei Yi, trying to escape being on the constant watch, ran off and found a private place near the hospital. Shen Shen also managed to find that place and the two begin to bond. Shen Shen cannot speak and so they use notes to write back and forth to one another, they shared their lunches and Wei Yi loved the BBQ meat over rice that Shen Shen's mother made, and the two also spent a splendid day together. They spent time together for one week but had a lot of memories worth cherishing. During the time that they knew each other, Shen Shen's mother constantly brought lunch for her and got into a car accident on the way to the hospital. 
       The two kids believed that there were martians (aliens) in outer space and that they lived in a place known as Lucky Star. They even had a hand gesture to symbolize that they are aliens. They believed that once someone passed away they would go into the lucky star and when you made that hand gesture, they would protect you. She was heartbroken that her mother died but he told her that her mother wouldn't want her to be like that. Through each other, they understood what it meant to accept and also how wonderful the feeling was to give. They both began to like one another and they wrote little notes and stuffed them into this little hole covered by a brick. They said that in the Christmas of 2006, they would meet again and read the notes they hid in their private place. After that one week, Wei Yi went back to his own home because his father was going to send him to England. In a hurry, he left his phone number with her and told her to call him. She did call him but she couldn't speak, so she always hung up. She knew his name...Qi Wei Yi...but he didn't know her's. It was because when he asked her name, she wrote down her Korean name instead of the Chinese one and he couldn't understand it. 
        Meanwhile, Shen Shen is being taken care of by the single father and son. The single father treats her like a real daughter and often scolded the son telling him to take care of Shen Shen. The son, Zuo Jun, had feelings for her and took care of her for 13 years. The father and son both learned sign language as Shen Shen never recovered her ability to speak since the accident. Now it is 2006. For the time being, the father works at a company and Shen Shen and Zuo Jun opened up a stand selling Italian food. It wasn't very popular because they weren't good at making Italian food. She later decided to sell Korean BBQ over rice (Mom's recipe) and that became very popular and allowed Wei Yi to find out who she was faster.
          Wei Yi is now the very ambitious and lonely businessman working in the family company. He is now a  CEO. He is a very cold person and was kind of like a lion as no one dared disturb or approach him. The only time that made him happy were the memories that took place over 13 years ago with Zhao Shen Shen. He thought that she just didn't like to talk and from their memories, he was often known as "Plastered Leg" due to his cast. He is now engaged to a girl named  Mi Xiao Guang and the only reason why he dated her was because she was sick and used notes to communicate (and that reminded him of Zhao Shen Shen.) Shen Shen, feeling thankful that Zuo Jun took care of her over the thirteen years, was wondering if she should repay him by being with him. 
          Wei Yi and Shen Shen meet each other again and again without knowing each other's identities. They make each other angry and they tease one another. For some strange reason, whenever Wei Yi was around Shen Shen, he felt happy. He began to have some feelings for her and they slowly develop a friendship. Zuo Jun finding out the identity of Wei Yi as the kid with the cast, immediately began to get defensive and making sure that she doesn't go near him. Wei Yi's fiance is also always around him and suspicious if he had another woman after hearing about Shen Shen. 
           Wei Yi was the first to find out that Shen Shen was the girl from the hospital. But he didn't say anything because he had cancer and three months to live. He didn't want to burden her in anyway and just wanted to be near her. He breaks up with his fiance also who still continues to hold on to him asking him why he can't let her have his last three months. Zuo Jun gets more jealous of Shen Shen's friendship with Zuo Jun and she was also beginning to have feelings for Wei Yi. As she was talking to Mi Xiao Guang (Wei Yi's ex-fiance), she found out that this was the kid in the cast. She still didn't know that he was sick but the two ended up dating for a while. At first even though they weren't dating, Zuo Jun and Mi Xiao Guang were unbelievably worried and came off as possessive. However, after a while, Mi Xiao Guang decided that she wanted him to have a happy three last months with the girl he loves.  Zuo Jun, wanting the happiness for Shen Shen, also backed up. They faced some problems with Wei Yi's family also.
             Wei Yi's family is about as messed up as one can possibly be. His father had been married to a woman and had a daughter. However, he abandoned them and that caused the death of that woman and the daughter's thirst for revenge. That daughter ended up continously meddling with everything. His father then married Wei Yi's mother. Wei Yi's mother loved him and was very sweet but he didn't and married her to repay her (like a thank you). The marriage was not a happy one and Wei Yi's mother was also suffering from depression due to this. Wei Yi's mother was the sweetest thing and I felt so bad that she had to deal with so much and an unloving husband. The father was unbelievably annoying as he constantly wanted Shen  Shen to leave and break up the relationship she built with Wei Yi. When the truth starts coming out, everyone allows them to spend time together. And Wei Yi spends his last moment in her arms, still talking about Lucky Star where all the deceased people go to, and dies. She doesn't cry when he died but I think maybe it is because he had told her that her mother wouldn't have wanted to see her cry, so she wanted to give him a happy last moment together. He promised that in the next life he won't leave her so early. At the end, she leaves to go to a place closest to Lucky Star and tells Zuo Jun that she is very happy and that she wants him to be also.

AMAZING DRAMA. I liked it. There was chemistry and everything. But I wish that there were less characters that I want to punch and that they would find out their identity earlier...especially when he only has three months to live. It makes you thankful that we don't have a time limit in love like they did. 

Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

Episodes: 16
There are already so many versions of Itazura Na Kiss. There is a Taiwanese version that has two seasons based on the love story (It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again). And of course there is the Korean version, Playful Kiss. The version is the modern Japanese version based on the manga. I liked this a lot and I really enjoyed the actor who played the male lead, he had such a cold face but he actually opened up once in a while and he conveyed a lot through his eyes. So it made it seem like he's struggling emotionally while having this ice block face. Other than that, it had the same story line since its based on the same manga. However, like It Started With a Kiss, they followed the manga more. 

       Kotoko Aihara is a bubbly and kind girl. However, she isn't very smart academically. At the high school entrance ceremony, she notices the handsome Naoki Irie. She falls in love with him immediately and begins this one-sided love. She didn't express her feelings to him for many years.Finally she got the courage to confess her feelings and he rejected her with a cold face and said, "I don't like dumb women." She was crushed but thankfully her friends and Kin-chan (her admirer) were there for her. Her father was a single parent who has a Japanese restaurant. Her mother had passed away and he had promised her mother that he would buy a house for her. So he builds his own house. 
       Kotoko Aihara even invites her friends over who marvel at how beautiful the house was.  However, while they were staring at it, Kotoko noticed a noise. It turned out a shooting star was zooming over their heads and it hit their house. It caused the house to go down in ruins. They were offered to stay at his father's friend's home. They agree for the time being and they move over. However, to her surprise, it was the home of Naoki Irie. The guy she had confessed to and got rejected by. Isn't that lovely? 
       The two butt heads a lot but  Kotoko still liked him. He began tutoring her for the exam. They got closer with one another and Naoki Irie began to develop feelings for her that he didn't understand himself. Kin continued to chase after Kotoko. They go to college and Kotoko makes all her decisions revolving around Irie-kun. He notices but keeps quiet and he does start getting to know her and like her. The two share a lot of memories and both felt jealous at one point.
         He felt jealous when he always saw Kin with her. She definitely got worried a few times when gorgeous and smart girls at the school began to like him. However, it was very clear that his feelings were only for her as he was only friends with the other girls.
        They face more problems and almost got married to people that they didn't love. However, they come to realize their true feelings and who they belong with. And once Naoki Irie noticed this, he reciprocated her love and it was really sweet (especially the ending). But to be honest, in all versions, I don't know how the girl leads deal with a "cold" guy not really expressing his feelings, humiliating her and teasing her sometimes, and also often giving her the cold shoulder. But I guess it just showed that even though he did all those things, he was just in the process of discovering his feelings. 
Personally, I felt that I still enjoyed the Taiwanese version the best. But this was also very enjoyable and I really liked it. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Give My First Love to You (Movie)

This was a Japanese film that truly was amazing. To put things out there this movie was a bit of everything and it flowed so perfectly. It had love, cute scenes, funny scenes, sad moments, and everything that made a couple interesting to watch. However this was not a typical love story that is just all mushy. This is a tearjerker and I would recommend it for everyone to watch because its an amazing movie. 

        The start of this movie starts with two children named Mayu and Takuma. Mayu is the daughter of a cardiologist. Takuma has a heart disease and coincidentally is being treated by Mayu's father. At the hospital, the two begin to become friends and they bonded. They had a cute friendship between one another and both had small crushes on one another. One day, as they stood on the roof of the hospital watching the fireworks, Takuma decides to go call his parents. He goes to find his parents to see them talking to the doctor. He opens the door to call for them but is shocked to hear the doctor say that he will not live past the age of twenty due to his condition. His parents are distressed and Takuma is shocked to know his fate as such a young age. When he turned around, he was surprised to see Mayu standing there. She must have went to go check on him and heard the news also. She was staring at him with wide eyes and a startled expression upon hearing the news. 
          She was upset with her father for a short while as he was the one who had delivered the news. However, Mayu continued to be friends with Takuma and Takuma eventually became her first love. While they were playing in the fields, in search of a four leaf clover to make a wish, Takuma says that he wants to marry Mayu when he grows up. When they did find a four leaf clover,  Mayu grabbed the clover and screamed and begged for the clover to let Takuma live and to let them get married. They made a promise with one another to marry when they reach the age of twenty. 
        After a few years later, the two have grown up and are attending junior high school. They are now dating. Takuma is not allowed to play sports and he most certainly is not allowed to run. His grades are very good though and he's very smart. Mayu, meanwhile, didn't have good grades and she didn't do that well in school.  However, she was athletic. The two still share a cute relationship with one another and it was truly enjoyable to see how they interacted. Like in one scene, a couple of teenage boys poured water on Mayu's white shirt to see her bra. Takuma was upset and got into a fight with them. Later, in the nurse's office, he was a bit sulky that the teenage boys saw her bra before he did and that he was her boyfriend. So she teased him and said that she'll show him. Just as she grabbed the ends of her shirt, he said that his heart hurt and it wasn't anything like a heart attack. She immediately puts on his coat over t-shirt and said, "I'm never showing you my body. The excitement might kill you," which resulted in a small chase around the nurse's office, a hug, and a kiss. 
          Takuma loves her and they are both crazy about one another. However, knowing his days are numbered and not wanting Mayu to be hurt, he wants to push her away. He thought that one way to naturally distance her was to go to a high school that she would have trouble getting into. He didn't want her to cry and be hurt because of him. He made a promise to himself to leave after the last day of junior high. He gets accepted into one of the top high schools which also makes the students stay in boarding houses. However, to his shock, Mayu was there on the first day of school. She was the representative for the freshman as she had the highest scores. It was shocking considering how bad her grades were before. She made herself look like a love-crazed girl as she said things like, "Takuma, I  hired ten tutors! Don't you try to dump me!" 
          Afterwards, the two share a series of teasing one another in front of the other students outside. They were clearly still very loving and happy. After a while, Takuma was worried about Mayu getting hurt. They break up and then get back together again. A kid named Kou who had repeatedly flirted with Mayu and had just become friends with Takuma was worried that Mayu would get hurt also. He gave off the image of a player. However, he got hit by a train accidentally and became brain dead and the doctors all said that he would not wake up again. The family decide that they would allow Kou to donate his heart since they found an organ donation card in his pocket. Takuma was happy about it until he found out it was from his friend. He refused it despite causing his parents and Mayu pain. Then they were left without a choice when Kou's family took back their consent. They said that Kou was crying and that his finger moved. The doctors had explained it was reflexes but the family took it as a strand of hope and refused to give the heart away. 
         Takuma was fine with it as he didn't want to accept it in the first place.  However, shortly afterwards, Takuma began to have problems with his heart and his life was on a line. Mayu went to go beg for Kou's heart though they still didn't consent and they understood her pain and cried with her.When Takuma passed away, Mayu was devastated. But she kept true to the promise they made as children, as she dressed up in a bridal dress with Takuma's ashes and went to the church. She spoke to him, hugging the jar of ashes tight to her body, and said that even if she knew how much pain was going to await her, she would still want to meet him and she would still fall in love with him.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Don't Worry, I'm a Ghost (Movie)

This is a Korean movie that I watched. It was very enjoyable with such a bittersweet ending. I would recommend anyone to watch this because there was a great film and I am happy to have seen it. 

     The movie starts as a couple argue in the car and accidentally hit a person who was running across the road. That man is named Moon Ki, and after getting involved in a car accident, he wakes up in a hospital. He has a clear mind of what everything is and where he is, but he does not remember who he is. He can't remember his name, his family members, or where he lives. So he goes to the police and through fingerprint checks, he finds out who he is. While at the police station, he sees a woman sitting next to him. She fills him in on what his name is, where he lives, and his age. He is stunned and felt that he was going crazy and she kept on appearing. He goes home and goes to sleep. When he wakes up, he sees that same woman hovering in the air above his face. He is shocked and tries to run away from her...especially after she said that she was a ghost. He thought he was having delusions or dreaming. After a while, he finally calmed down to actually see what she wants from him.  
        He still did not recover his memories and he visited the doctor again. The doctor explained that had amnesia and will need to find his memory slowly. However, he now had another problem other than getting his memory back...the ghost. He's still not used to having her around and following him. After a while of leading this poor guy around, she takes him to her funeral. It shocks him and he sits with the ghost as they eat their food. People were whispering how she had died and rumors were that she died from being stabbed during a burglary. Moon Ki decides to ask her why she is following him and demands to know what he wants her to do. 
          He appears to look like a crazy person to others as he is talking to thin air. She tells him that its up to him to figure out how she died and to find his memory again...or she'll haunt him. She's pretty satisfied with how she's in control. She begins to show him his daily routine of life and what he did everyday as he got called by his boss to start delivering stuff. He was a delivery man and she worked at a flower shop that was opposite of the store that he would often go in. He came around once a week and she often sees him go into the convenience store to buy the same drink. He is baffled at how well she knows him.
        As the two argue on the bike, he almost got into another accident. As he parked his bike on the side, he began to have flashbacks. He wanders around with different flashbacks until he reaches an apartment building and he slips into the building as the two policemen are recording statements. The place is a crime scene and he paused in front of the door in which Yeon Hwa (the ghost) stands next to him. Yeon  Hwa tells him that this was her home and he opens the door. He has a strange flashback of him seeing her lying their dead and then he's running frantically away. He also notices a birthday cake when Yeon Hwa mentioned how it was her birthday that day. The reason why she's following him was because the last face she saw was his and she figured he was the only witness to her murder.
          He gets more flashbacks of a masked man and he says that there was someone else that day. He talks to the lady officer who works for the police of the scraps of memories he managed to recover. He figured that he was at her house because of a delivery for her birthday. These scraps of memories are not much help and she says that he should be careful in case he is followed by the killer. We notice that there was someone following them throughout this scene.
         However, he found out that he didn't have a delivery that day since he took off early. He was confused  and demands Yeon Hwa to tell him. She agrees but demands that she gets something in return. She ends up pushing him into the river. This was to spark some past memories to fill in the gaps. He remembers how he was saved by her when he jumped into the river. She scolded him for trying to jump into the Han River and said that he owed his life to her and that he must live to the fullest.
        A few years later, when she first opened the flower shop, she recognizes him right away. She had invited him to her house because she liked him. The two began to bond and he slowly begins to fall in love with Yeon Hwa. When he helps make a delivery from the flower shop for Yeonhwa's faithful customers (which were a couple of kind elderly people), he finds out that he probably had feelings for her when she was still alive. He goes online afterwards and tries to log into the webpage of the flower shop. He succeeds after typing in Yeonhwa's name and he sees the purchase records for the past year. He realized that he was the mysterious customer and that he had a crush on her for years. He decides to take Yeon Hwa out on a date doing random things which led to a hilarious moment in the movie theater.
        Afterwards, he began to get more flashbacks and he found Jin Soo (who was a close friend from the orphanage that they went to as children). Jin Soo appeared to be the attacker based on his memories and when they met, Jin Soo told him not to say anything and keep it a secret between them. He tells the police who he suspected and volunteers to capture the suspect. He manages to get Jin Soo as he demanded to know why he killed Yeon Hwa and that he would've been happy if it wasn't for him. Jin Soo, upset, pushes him back and shouts, "Why are you making me your scapegoat? You're the one who killed her."
        This was such a twist!
        They both get arrested and then they try to reenact the scene. He thinks about it and manages to remember that he was heading for her house for her birthday. His friend Jin Soo told him to come do a favor with him and that it would be quick. So he does and it turned out that Jin Soo was stealing from Yeonhwa's house. Moon Ki tries to stop Jin Soo and then the door opens as Yeon Hwa comes home. They hide. Jin Soo grabs Yeonhwa and threatens to stab her. In the struggle, Moon Ki went and grabbed the knife away in fear of harming the girl he liked. He fell down after getting pushed and then Yeon Hwa fell...right on the knife.
            He is behind bars when Yeon Hwa comes by to visit. She's crying and she says that he shouldn't have followed Jin Soo and should've went directly to her house. She tells him to live well and she walks away. He cries as he watches her fade.  He is later locked up in an asylum where the lady cop comes to check on him. The doctor explains that Moon Ki thinks that he still sees Yeon Hwa and the doctor says that it is probably because he loved that girl so much that he erased the memory of killing her and he believed that the "ghost" was only a delusional memory. However, whether it was a ghost or not, Moon Ki continued to live with the memory of Yeon Hwa. He asks in his mind how she is right now and if she is doing well. Then an image of her appears next to him as she says, "Don't worry, I'm a ghost." 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Sunny Happiness

Episodes: 16 
I really enjoyed this drama. It was interesting. The main characters were strong and caring at the same time. It was really nice to see how their relationship developed. Though it was kind of expected who would end up with who, it was still fascinating to watch. I was very satisfied with this drama and I was glad I watched it. 

      Fang Yong Yong is a very caring girl.When she was little, because her father had to go work for money, he left her at an orphanage. When she was a lot older, he brought her home and introduced her to his new wife. The new wife had two daughters also. Because Fang Yong Yong lived in a cheerful environment at the orphanage, she felt as long as we lived under the same roof, we would be considered family. The father left the family again to work and left Yong Yong with her stepmother and two step-sisters. They treat her like a maid most of the time and make her do most of the work. However, the stepsisters and the step-mom still cared for Yong Yong in their own ways. Yong Yong worked at a hotel as a maid, cleaning Xiang Yun Jie's office. 
         Xiang Yun Jie is in charge of the hotels that his family owns. He's very cold and fires people if he thinks that they can't work properly. He's a rich man who was once divorced. When Yong Yong found out that Xiang Yun Jie was planning on using the land where the orphanage was to build a new building, she instantly went to go find him. Since the orphanage was her home, she asked him to not take away the home for the children already without a family. He refused. Yong Yong begins to find other alternatives as she begins to babysit a little eight-year old boy. Apparently, the father of this eight-year old boy is Xiang Yun Jie. Only Xiang Yun Jie doesn't know about the child. The reason he divorced was because his wife decided that she didn't want the child but she ended up having the child after their divorce. 
         Xiang Yun Jie wanting to take the child ended up making ad deal with Yong Yong. He won't take away the orphanage or use the land there if she agrees to marry him. Unwillingly, Yong Yong sacrifices herself for the orphanage and marries Xiang Yun Jie. They actually married but it was also a fake marriage. Slowly, real feelings started to develop as they continued on their fake marriage. Xiang Yun  Jie had to deal with the problems his ex-wife was giving him as she wanted him back. His son constantly spoke of wanting his mother and his father to be together. And to their shock, Yong Yong got pregnant which made it more complicated. Xiang Yun Jie's brother, Xiang Yun  Chao was also constantly competing with his brother. However, he came to fall in love with Yong Yong and care for her. However, he has a girlfriend that he didn't really love. 
           However, the love story manages to complete itself. Almost everyone managed to find their own path and love. It was truly a sweet drama and even with all that stuff going on, the series was still very calm and set at a good pace. It was very interesting and I enjoyed watching this drama. It was sweet, interesting, and it was a kind of drama that you finish really quickly. It was very good. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Little Bride (Movie)

This is a Korean movie that was quite interesting, humorous, and cute. However, I do feel that it is unrealistic that the girl had to marry at such a young age. However, this was a good movie and it is recommended for all to check it out. 

       Boeun is a fifteen year old girl who is worried about her grades and going to college. She has a cute side and a fun side. She has a crush on Jungwoo, the ace on her school's baseball team, and is overjoyed when she finds out that he might have feelings for her too. Sangmin is a family friend. Sangmin's grandfather and Boeun's grandfather were comrades during the Korean War. Boeun's grandfather orders her to marry Sangmin because of a pact he made with Sangmin's grandfather. 
        Both of them were unwilling. Sangmin was a flirt and Boeun already had someone that she liked. They are forced to marry under her grandfather's influence and they get married. Boeun ditches Sangmin on their honeymoon by not getting on the plane. She starts to date Jungwoo while keeping her marriage life undercover. She felt it wasn't fair as she was forced to. Her friend felt that it was wrong but kept quiet about it. I had a feeling that she had a crush on Jungwoo also throughout the movie.Meanwhile, Boeun still continues on her relationship with Sangmin, they have a lot of arguments and play fights but their relationship begins to grow as Sangmin has feelings for her. Everything goes by smoothly until Sangmin decides to go to Boeun's school as a student teacher.
      At the school, there was a dramatic teacher called Miss Km and she begins to flirt with Sangmin. However, when she finds out that Sangmin and Boeun are married, she punishes Boeun by making her paint a huge wall. Sangmin watches her as she paints and even helps her without letting her know. Then, the family finds out about Boeun and Jungwoo dating. She realizes her mistake of cheating on Sangmin and apologizes  to him. Boeun began to realize that she actually really liked Sangmin. She also found out that Sangmin had been helping her from the friend that thought what she was doing was wrong. She breaks up with Jungwoo. to focus on her relationship with Sangmin. At the school festival, Sangmin is asked to make a speech and it reveals their marriage. Sangmin tells everyone that she was forced to marry him and hopes that everyone won't discriminate her because of their marriage. Boeun goes on stage and confesses her feelings for him. And it was a happy ending as they both realize their feelings for one another.

You're my Pet (Movie)

This was a very good movie. I watched the Japanese version before and after a few years later, I found this, so I decided to watch it. It's basically the same story line with a few differences. This is the Korean version of Kimi Wa Petto. The main leads were acted by Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Suk. It was very humorous and sweet and with a lot of humorous moments. It was also nice to see the girl as a strong character who just wants to be loved.

        Eun Yi works as an editor for a fashion magazine. She is a very strong and confident woman and she appears cold. She doesn't get along with her colleagues and she was dumped by her last boyfriend. She's very cold, tough, and seems to have no expression at all. In Ho was a ballet dancer. However, he lifted a female dancer once, but dropped her by accident. Due to the accident, that dancer could no longer dance. Therefore, he refused to dance with women from then on. In Ho now has hopes of being a musical choreographer but he has no place to stay. His friend, who happens to be  Eun Yi's little brother, decides to bring him over to his sister's house.
        He makes a deal with her saying that if he lets In Ho stay for one night, then he'll take care of their parents' situation so that they would never speak of divorce again. She agrees, thinking it was only for one night. However, her brother makes a different deal with In Ho. He makes In Ho pay rent and says that he can just enjoy the time at his sister's house. The next evening, Eun Yi walks home and she finds a large box in front of her home. She looks inside and sees In Ho. She brings him into her apartment and takes care of his injured arm. She then asked what he was doing here since he was only supposed to stay for that one night. In Ho said that he could pay rent. Since her brother wasn't staying at her apartment anymore, she angrily tried to contact him with no luck.
       Not wanting In Ho to stay with her, she attempts to scare him off. She says that she'll only let him stay if he pretends to be her dog (since she was considering on getting a dog like her old dog, Momo). Thinking that he'll leave since no one would want to act as a dog, she feels relaxed. In Ho, needing a place to stay, immediately gets on all fours and actually pretends to be a dog. This scares her and she tries to kick him out but he wouldn't leave. So for the time being, In Ho becomes Eun Yi's dog. She names him Momo for the time being and takes care of him also. He also has to listen to everything she says. They begin to become more comfortable with one another. This human  Momo reminds her a lot of her old dog. Momo was just as kind, comforting, and always there for her like her old dog. Eun Yi's first love, Cha Woo Sung, comes back. He shows interest in her and she shows interest in him. As they get along, In Ho began to feel jealous.
      When Woo Sung found out that the "Momo" Eun Yi spoke so fondly of was actually a human, their relationship ends. In Ho felt a bit guilty and asks her to watch his last performance before he goes to another country as the musical choreographer. She does.However, she decided that she actually had feelings for this Momo and went to go find him, she found out that he had already boarded the plane and left. She continues on in life with her co-workers believing that her dog had ran away. Her personality had changed for the better also as co-workers started getting along with her more. Then one day, when she went to open the taxi door, someone else did the same. It was In Ho. She immediately goes into her rage and starts hitting him (like she always did when he was still pretending to be her dog) and asked him where he went. She said that he was her pet and should be loyal. He said that he was planning to call her when he came back to Korea and she got furious saying that he didn't call her back since he was already in Korea. They had a cute argument and eventually got together. As the credits roll in, on the side, they show their relationship with one another and it was really cute.

I laughed a lot throughout this movie because it was cute and funny. It was enjoyable.

Monday, July 1, 2013

SOP Queen

Episodes: 33
This drama was interesting but I did get bored of the story line once in a while. I love the actress and I felt that the male leads were also very appealing in their own ways. There were a lot of love triangles but it really mainly focused on how the main leads relationship began developing from friendship. It also didn't just focus on love but on family and work also. So it was a nice combination. 

          Lin Xiao Jie is a very smart and hard-working employee. When her boss, Gao  Zi Qi, made a confession to her, she felt as though she became a princess living in a fairy tale love story. Little did she know  that Gao Zi Qi was actually dating the gorgeous model Bai Ji Qing. Bai Ji Qing was always under the watchful eye of the paparazzi and she decided to break up with Gao Zi Qi. However, when she saw Gao Zi Qi dating Lin Xiao Jie, she wanted to win him back. It works because he still loves her. So in the end, Gao  Zi Qi is between both women. He is unable to tell Lin Xiao Jie because he knows that he's the one at fault. He proposes to Bai Jing Qing but she refused. So when paparazzi came barging in on their date, Gao Zi Qi used Lin Xiao Jie as a shield. He proposed to Lin Xiao Jie. Still naive and thinking that he was the only one for her, she immediately agrees. However, when she finds out the truth, she immediately begins to back away from the relationship and broke off the marriage. 
         She is heartbroken and so she confides in her friend Tang Jun and her internet friend "Tom." She met Tang Jun at the beginning of the drama, when she was on a business trip in London. He has a crush on her but she only viewed him as a friend who she could trust. The entire time, she was also keeping contact with her internet friend "Tom." She knows Tom because she almost rented the apartment in London. She totally didn't have a clue that Tom was actually Tang Jun. She also didn't know that Tang Jun was supposed to inherit a company along with his sister. When she found out that Tang Jun was actually going to inherit the company and had a lot of money, she felt a bit betrayed that no one told her truth. So upon breaking up with Gao Zi Qi, she goes to London, asking Tom if she could rent that apartment again. 
         There, she meets Tang Jun's friend, who constantly is trying to bring them together through a series of taunts and teasing. Tang Jun and Lin Xiao Jie start having feelings for one another but both of them stayed fairly quiet about it. Then Tang Jun misunderstood a situation in which Gao Zi Qi came to find Lin Xiao Jie. He begins to become cold towards her and heads to help in the company when his mother goes into a coma. Tang Jun's sister hires her to work at the company in  Shanghai. Tang Jun still is cold towards her as he pretends to be happy around Chu Chu (the daughter of a wealthy businessman who had her heart set on Tang  Jun at a young age).  
          However, as Tang Jun and Lin  Xiao Jie cleared all their misunderstandings, they begin to accept one another. They figure out their feelings for one another and began to date one another. They had great chemistry with one another. They both supported one another also. However, more trouble occurs, Chu Chu is heartbroken and attempts suicide. With this, her father immediately begins to target the Tang family's business. Gao Zi Qi is also making a move on Lin Xiao Jie as he truly loved her now. As they go through all this, they still manage to support one another and love one another. It was truly enjoyable to watch their relationship progress overtime despite all the troubles they faced.