Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hana Yori Dango

This was the second version out of Boys Over  Flowers and it aired in 2005. This drama had a lot of really sweet moments in which the guy always was there for her, protecting her and loving her. I felt like this drama was really sweet and it really makes you fantasize about what it would feel like to have such a caring boyfriend.
         Our main character is Makino  Tsukushi who is poor and doesn't understand why the rich girls in the school Eitoku Gakeun all had brand names. The school was rich and the four people that ruled the school are Domyouji Tsukasa, Hanazawa Rui, Nishikado Sojiro, and Mimasaka Akira. They are known as the F4 and all are to be future heirs of different businesses. Tsukasa is to be the heir of Domyouji World Finance Group, Hanazawa Rui is also going to be inheriting a large company, Sojiro is a player but the heir of a tea ceremony school (so he always woos the girls by saying things like how their skin is soft like tea leaves or whatever), and Akira is a player with older women and is linked with underground business. Either way, these four people are not to messed with at the school. If they are, that person becomes the victim of the entire school once they receive a red card/notice from F4. In the end, that person, to avoid the bullying, will leave the school.
         Makino, knowing about this, doesn't want to draw attention and wants to attend school quietly. It has been her family's pride to know that she attends a school for rich people even though the family is poor. They literally brag about it to everyone (they show it in the drama). However, one day, her friend got up to throw out her lunch and accidentally bumped into Domyouji when she turned, dirtying his shirt. He asks her how she is going to pay and Makino, upset, stands up for her friend. With that, she becomes the one who is bullied. However, she refuses to back down and continues to go to the school. She also meets Hanazawa Rui a few times and falls for him. One day, she had had enough and punches Domyouji in the face and declares war on F4. For some odd reason, it reminds Domyouji of his older sister and he starts falling for Makino. The two become an odd couple and he protects her and also the two have to face his evil mother who keeps trying to separate them. And it also turned out her friend was evil but either way, the couple was adorable together.

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