Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I've done a review on a drama called Bubujingxin before. I said that it was better than Palace as it was more realistic with history and had great cast of actors and actresses.  This drama is interesting and is more suitable for those who like a very light-hearted and comedic watch. It isn't as good and the make up in this drama seem a little modern. However, I liked how the character of the girl who time travels doesn't change and although she adapts, she still has her crazy, fun-loving character. This drama is called Palace or also Palace Lock Heart. It is also known as (Gong).

Here is a synopsis:

          Our main character is called Luo Qing Chuan. She is a very kind, modern, and simple young girl from the 21st century. One day, she travels through time and ends up in the Qing dynasty in the Forbidden City. She meets the crown prince first. She managed to get away from him by lying that she is actually a fairy by using her knowledge of history. She managed to find a way to help him get out of trouble from the emperor making the crown prince believe that she is a fairy.
       Throughout the drama, she is a palace maid. She forms a hate-hate relationship with the eighth prince at first. This caused her to be tortured by other palace maids and bullied. However she also made friends with a palace maid that actually liked the fourth prince. Qing Chuan, though bullied, never takes it to heart and never tries to find revenge at the people who always bully her. As the drama goes on, she falls in love with her favorite historical figure, the fourth prince, who is the future emperor. However, she learned that history books aren't specific about the full details of life in the Qing dynasty and leaves the fourth prince. She begins to form a closer relationship with the eighth prince as the eighth prince falls in love with her and takes care of her from harm.
       This drama has a lot of women such as the emperor's concubines and also the fourth prince's wife. So there was a lot of jealousy between those women. Unlike "Bubujingxin," Qing Chuan does not affect history in any way or alter it. Her wit and knowledge makes her the person caught in the competiton for the throne and between the fourth and eighth prince. There was even a weird twist in the drama at one point. As for what happens next, I hope that you will watch it and just enjoy the humor of this drama. However, if you want something more realistic and easier to connect in many levels, I still recommend the drama Bubujingxin.

Personally, in this drama, I liked the eighth prince more than the fourth prince because the fourth prince kept on trying to kill her. Also, the eighth prince had a great connection with her in this drama. I loved the chemistry.

In Bubujingxin, I thought all the princes were brilliant in their own ways. So therefore, I felt Bubujingxin was better in many ways.

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