Monday, January 14, 2013

Full House

           This was a very comedic drama. It came out a long time ago but it still never fails to impress. The main characters are played by Song Hye Kyo and Bi Rain. It is called Full House and I believe most of you probably watched it also.
           Song Hye Kyo plays the character of Han Ji Eun who works as a writer. She lives in a house that is called "Full House" and it was made by her father who already passed away. Both  her parents are already dead yet she lives happily and she is a very funny person also. Her two best friends, a guy and a girl, are poor but the girl was pregnant. So in order to get money, they tricked Ji Eun into thinking that she won a free vacation to China. She is excited and while she is away, her friends (who are horrible) sell her house without her knowing and use all her money in her bank account also.
          On the plane, she meets the famous actor (played by Rain) Lee Young Jae. She leaves a pretty bad impression as she threw up on him during the plane ride. Then afterwards, she just so happened to be at the same hotel, Lee Young Jae was staying. She had no money left then and couldn't get back to Korea, thankfully, she had met Lee Young Jae's friend earlier and lied to Young Jae that she knew that guy. Thinking that she knew his friend, he gave her money and she managed to get home only to be in shock by what her friends have done. She couldn't contact or find her friends and was extremely furious with them when she did see them later on in the drama.
          Afterwards, she finds out that the person who purchased her house was none other than Young Jae. The two begin to live together with only the relationship of her being a tenant in a way and paying back by cleaning and listening to him so that she can buy the house back. She's like a maid in the way, she despised this as she is a very messy girl whereas he likes to be clean. However, there were a love relationships within this drama. In one sudden moment, the two end up together when Young Jae tried to make Hye Won jealous. The two end up getting married and they set up a contract to this fake marriage that it will only last six months and they will get divorced. However, in the six months they get to know each other, complications arise, jealousy sprouts, and the two find themselves actually falling in love with the other.

There were also a lot of funny moments when they had to appear on TV together since Young  Jae is a top actor and they would pretend to be a happy couple together while stuffing each other's face with food. It was a very hilarious and lively drama.

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