Monday, January 28, 2013

Nice Guy/Innocent Man

Great drama! To those who didn't watch this yet, you really should. This was a really good drama and I enjoyed it. I felt the ending could've been a little better but nonetheless it was a cute drama. Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won did a great job and they look like a real couple on camera. The chemistry was great but there was a lot of intense moments throughout the drama and I felt our main leads did a great job. The actress who played Han  Jae Hee (the bad lady) also did a great job in acting because she really made you hate her. I felt bad for attorney Park because he never got the girl in the end.
Alright, enough of my opinions on actors and the drama, I'll give you a synopsis:

              The background information of how this drama continues starts when Maru was still with Han Jae Hee. Maru, a promising medical student and already in the third year of medical school, lives with his younger sister Kang  Choco and his friend Jae Gil. His sister Choco has poor health. Maru and Han Jae Hee share a relationship. They are both from poor family backgrounds, try hard to achieve their dreams, and they love each other. Maru wants to become a doctor and Han Jae Hee wants to be an anchorwoman and is currently working as a reporter at HBS Broadcasting Company. Maru was hopelessly in love with Han Jae  Hee and would do anything for his first love. One day, she calls him on the phone, frantic, asking him to come save a man. When he does, he immediately rushes over to help, even leaving his sick sister alone. However, when he found Jae Hee, she was scared and there was a dead man lying there on the floor. She had killed the man. Maru told her to go turn herself in but she refused to as it would ruin her career. Maru, then ended up taking the blame for Jae Hee.
           Eun Gi, is the smart, accomplished successor to her family's company. Her family owns a large corporation called Taesan. She shows little emotions and started working as a businesswoman at a young age. Her father had even thrown away all her dolls when she was a little saying that the path she is going to take isn't one for a girl. So she's a pretty strong and cold character in business. Jae Hee ends up marrying Eun Gi's father. Jae Hee told Eun  Gi that she did the unthinkable to protect Taesan and that what she did harmed the man that she loved the most. However, Eun  Gi is still unable to accept Jae Hee and afterwards, her son, that she had with Eun Gi's dad. Eun Gi treated them as if they weren't even human, being cold, harsh, and mean.
            Six years later, Maru travels to Aomori, Japan after a 5 year prison sentence. He goes to Japan to get the money from a woman who had tricked his friend Jae Gil. Maru seduces the woman and retrives the money stolen from his friend. At that same moment, Eun Gi and Jae Hee were also in Aomori, Japan. Maru and Jae Hee met on the plane when Eun Gi collapses. Her condition worsens and people were asking for a doctor on flight. Maru comes up saying that he isn't a doctor but he dropped out of medical school in his third year. He helps Eun Gi and also meets Jae Hee who says that she is Eun Gi's mother.
          From then on, Eun Gi and Maru met a few times. Eun Gi fell in love with Maru.  However, Maru was confusing as he was still in love with Jae Hee and was kind of using Eun Gi to get revenge on Jae Hee. The share a lot of memories. However, it was later revealed to Eun Gi that Maru had had a relationship with Jae Hee. Eun Gi's father also died because of Jae Hee. With that all happening, while she was driving in one direction and Maru going the other direction in opposite lanes, Eun Gi changes lanes and accelerated at Maru's car, resulting in a car accident.
        Both suffered from brain injuries. Maru was severe but it didn't affect him much but his doctor kept saying that he should get surgery. Eun Gi, lost all her memories and her brain was also damaged and she had to start all over and learn how to write and everything. She didn't even know what her own name was and her personality was different. Eun Gi goes to find Maru after seeing a picture of them together on her camera. Then with the help of Attorney  Park (who secretly likes Eun Gi and always by her side) they devise a plan to bring Eun Gi back to Taesan to take over the company that is now run by Jae Hee.

        Maru plays her fiancĂ© in this act. At first, he used Eun Gi to get revenge on Jae Hee. However, he slowly finds himself falling for her. The two share a really sweet connection. However, Eun Gi started getting her memories back and everything. Once, Jae Hee was telling Eun Gi that Maru was just using her and it reminded Eun Gi of past memories of when Jae Hee had said that to her too. With that, she falls as a lot of memories flood to her. Maru takes her to the hospital, but Eun Gi had another breakdown where she couldn't recognize Maru. Maru actually started crying in the bathroom by himself. However, afterwards, she gets all her memories back and they both start pretending to love each other while both knowing the truth of one another (Maru knowing that she had gotten her memories back but was just acting and Eun Gi knowing of his past relationship with Jae Hee).
       However, the two ended up truly giving in to their true feelings at the end. The ending was cute as it showed all the characters and how their life became. However, I felt the Maru-Eun Gi couple could've had a better and longer ending. Great drama though!!!

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