Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fated to Love You

          This drama was amazing in my opinion. It had a lot of surprises. It really played around with your emotions  making you feel happy one minute, angry the next, shocked after that, and then extremely sad. It was a brilliant and great drama that I enjoyed. I don't want to make you biased in opinion about this drama (which I thought was great), so I'll give you a basic summary of the drama and you can watch it if you haven't. It's pretty popular, so most of you may have already watched it.
         This drama starts with Chen Xin Yi. She is unfashionable and everyone pushes their work on to her. She is known as a post-it girl because people write down what they want her to do for them on post-its. She can't say no so she is always in the office working overtime for other people. One day, a guy at the office said that she looked cute and afterwards they started going out. Her boyfriend gets her to go on a love cruise in which she paid. One day, Xin Yi wasn't feeling well, so her boyfriend told her to eat some cold medicine and go to sleep. She hate the cold medicine but it made her drowsy and she accidentally walked into Ji Cun Xi's room. Ji Cun Xi wanted to give his girlfriend a surprise by proposing to her on the cruise, but because his girlfriend wanted to be a ballerina and had plans and couldn't come, he was devastated. He was also a bit disorientated as an island owner added drugs into Cun Xi's drink. Thinking that Xin Yi was his girlfriend who gave him a surprise by lying about not coming, the two had a one night stand.
        The next morning, both were shocked and both were confused. After much confusion, Cun Xi found out that she really did walk into the wrong room. Xin Yi also received heartbreak after finding out that her boyfriend never loved her and was only using her for things like cleaning the bathroom. Cun Xi helps her get revenge back on the boyfriend after giving her a makeover. However, Xin Yi was later found out to be working at Cun Xi's company. She also finds out that she's pregnant. Upon hearing this, Cun Xi's grandmother forces them to get married. Cun Xi also decided that he should take responsibility. Cun Xi didn't want to marry her though since he loves his girlfriend very much. However, he had to marry Xin Yi because of his grandmother. Xin Yi and Cun Xi decided that they would divorce after the baby is born. However, from the time they spent together, he begins to love her. Then disaster strikes the couple as Anna comes back and a lot of other problems occur. It even gave Xin Yi a chance to grow a backbone and actually for once live for herself. However, the two meet again and end up being with one another once more. This was a great drama and definitely worth watching.

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