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Queen In Hyun's Man

This is definitely going to be a good watch, once you hear that the couple on screen is actually dating now in real life. The main lead actor actually confessed to the main lead actress during a radio show or something like that with interviewers and everything. She didn't immediately answer but afterwards they were spotted on date and later on confirmed that they were dating.

Now, as for the review:
Queen In Hyun's Man-
                     I loved the whole concept it, especially the time travel theme because it really has an interesting theme in which the guy, Kim Bung Do, can travel back and forth instead of being stuck in one time. However, he can only go to the modern world if he is in danger of being killed and can return just by reading the words on this slip that saves him since he has the dangerous job of protecting Queen In Hyun.
             Yoo In Na plays the role of a spunky young model named Choi Heejin who is about to debut in her first ever drama. She is going to be acting as Queen In Hyun and happier than ever. When she first received this news, she had dropped her phone into those sewer things and was basically talking to the ground. She looked kind of crazy, yelling crouched on the ground saying, "Thank you! I'll do well! Thank you!"
                When Kim Bung Do first started this time travel, he met her. She thought he was part of the drama and offered him a donut and said, "I'm going to be acting Queen In Hyun. I am Queen In Hyun." This confused the guy because she obviously wasn't the queen that he protected. The two were very funny and sweet together. There was even one moment when they find out that he was going to die on a certain day, when she found out and he wasn't there...she panicked and started crying. Which is odd considering this was a guy from 300 years ago, so the manager was totally flustered asking why she was crying and what was the big deal. Thankfully, he changed history and avoided his death. These two kept meeting and slowly started falling in love. Especially when Heejin taught him things from the modern world and made something up saying that when saying goodbye, you kiss, just to kiss him. The two get closer and he starts to risk his life just to constantly go to the modern world. Their love story is amazing and beautiful and thankfully, has a happy ending but it was much struggle to reach that ending.
           However, the couple also faced trouble. One was when Kim Bung Do was in his time and the paper that lets him travel back and forth got cut in half. When it did, everything that he did in the modern world vanished and he forgot completely about Heejin. Heejin however remembered him but the people who have also met him forgot about him and also claimed that she was hallucinating. Even though Kim Bung Do forgot about his time in the modern world, the people around him all remembered how he met a woman in the modern world. He was confused, not remembering he had once spoken of Heejin to his friends.  Thankfully, things were resolved over time and they reunited again but he had to start all over with the other characters as they had forgotten who he was. Heejin's manager is extremely funny but at times also quite annoying as she constantly asked Heejin what was so good about this guy.  The two had such great chemistry and the characters of both were just fun to watch.

Autumn Tale

               Now it is time for a classic drama that makes you bawl your eyes out in the middle of the day/night. However, very few people that I know have watched it since they are all catching up with the recent dramas that come out. So I said that I would provide insight on this fantastic drama. However, the emotions that one feels can only be felt if watched personally. For starters, for all those who dislike crying and tragedies, this may not be the drama for you because it brings out the tears within you and touches your heart on so many levels.

             It has all the actors and actresses that are much loved by others and also are considered to be very popular and well-known. This show includes people like Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin, Song Seung Hun, Han Chae Young, and also Moon Geun Young when she was a child actress. It is a very complicated story. 
           In a consummate family, there were siblings that were very close to one another. They had loving parents and they were all popular among their friends in school. The brother, Joon-Suh, was older than the girl, Eun Suh. They had a very good relationship where they understand one another and take care of one another. A girl at the school named Choi Shin Ae felt as though she was being treated unfairly because Eun Suh's family was rich and was very cold toward Eun Suh. Shin Ae's mother owns a small restaurant and has a thug for a brother. Her brother wasn't caring like Eun Suh's and constantly even demanded money from her. It was later discovered, after a small accident occurred, that Eun Suh was switched a birth and that the real daughter of this perfect family was Choi Shin Ae. The adults decided that it was best to keep the situation in the dark so that the children wouldn't be impacted. Eun Suh and Joon Suh's parents decided to head to America to avoid all these problems and to not interfere with the life Shin Ae already had with her family. However, after a small slip, the truth was revealed to Shin Ae.Choi Shin Ae's life is very shabby compared to Eun Suh's and so she instantly wants to go to her rightful family.

              The truth comes out afterwards leaving both families devastated as the girls went back to their rightful families. It caused a painful separation between the loving brother and sister. The family went to America with their rightful daughter as they planned to escape everything, even though the mother and the brother wanted to take Eun Suh along with them. Eun Suh stayed in her rightful place and tried to be optimistic in the dire conditions she was living in. 
            After many years, the children have all grown up. Eun Suh didn't attend college and worked as a hotel maid. She was intelligent and caring. She was pursued by a character played by Won Bin named Tae Seok. Tae Seok was rich and the youngest son (maknae) of his family who owned the hotel that Eun Suh worked at. He was originally a bit of a player but he found himself falling in love with Eun Suh immediately because of her personality. He treated her well and loved her whole-heatedly. The family returns from America. The brother meets her and he is already engaged to a woman h met in college. But after spending a lot of time together since it had been a while since they didn't see each other, the ex-brother and ex-sister find themselves falling in love with one another. This is nothing like incest since they are not blood related. Just as things were going alright, besides the occasional drama caused by Shin Ae and the other love interests, it was discovered that Eun Suh had leukemia. This threatened their future together and chances of having a relationship. Not wanting to hurt him, she leaves with Tae Seok to get treatment without anyone else knowing. As she tries to fight leukemia, you see how family doesn't necessarily have to be blood relations, love that can push past anything, loyalty, perseverance, and so forth.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun

                This is a historical drama but it was very sweet with stunning child actors and amazing adult actors that reminded This was a very interesting and with such a strong love story also. I also appreciated the eye candy that ZE:A's Siwan offered in the beginning episodes.
              It starts off with two young kids. The boy was the crown prince and the girl was the daughter of an official. They meet when Heo Yeon Woo (the girl) enters the palace because her brother was first in literature and her brother's friend was first in military combat. While chasing after a butterfly, as naive as it sounds, she runs across the crown prince who was trying to escape the palace to find his half brother (born from a concubine). They collide and startle the guards causing the crown prince to not be able to escape the palace to find his brother. However, the crown prince came to like her because she was pretty, smart, and unique with her modern ideas. Over time, Heo Yeon Woo reciprocated the feelings and attended the ceremonies to choose the crown princess. At the same time, the crown prince's half brother was also in love with Heo Yeon Woo. He knew her because his teacher was her father. This love triangle later grows to be part of a much bigger scheme that demanded a great sacrifice from the seconds leads (both male and female).
         Bo Kyung is the female second lead. She was sent to the palace to try to get married to the crown prince because her father thirsted after power. The daughter was not in on her father's plans but she also liked the crown prince and wanted to marry him. So it was very complicated because she noticed the crown prince's favor to Yeon Woo. She felt neglected but she was also guilt-ridden for many years when she learned of her father's contribution to wiping out Yeon Woo to allow her to get married. I actually didn't hate Bo Kyung that much because the girl was so guilt-ridden that she began to have panic attacks and have hallucinations, I hated her father and the crown prince's grandmother who only wanted to get power. She just wanted love. Plus, in that society, she has to follow her father's orders.
         Then through the act of dark magic and a shaman's promise to save the child, Yeon Woo is believed to have died without anyone knowing that her grave was dug out afterward. Yeon Woo loses her memory in this time and follows the shaman. She's nameless and is accompanied by her faithful servant who couldn't reveal her true identity to keep her mistress safe. While everyone believed Yeon Woo was dead, our beloved crown prince married Bo Kyung unwillingly and unhappily. Bo Kyung became the crown princess without much joy because of her guilt and the realization that her marriage was not one of love but of connections for power. Many years pass and the crown prince becomes the emperor and Bo Kyung becomes the empress. In the span of those years, the crown prince remained faithful to his first love and didn't even consummate his marriage yet. Bo Kyung was not loved. For eight years, (I will now call the crown prince, the emperor) the emperor kept faithful to his childhood love and refused to do anything with Bo Kyung leaving her sad and disappointed every time.
         Afterwards, the emperor meets Yeon Woo and is shocked at how similar she was to his childhood love. He named her Wol (meaning moon) since she had no name. He starts to fall for her overtime, especially when she became a palace shaman (even though she possessed no powers whatsoever).  The half brother of the emperor who also had liked Yeon Woo when he was younger, also began to notice how similar Wol was to Yeon Woo and started liking Wol too. I think the brother was the first to realize that Wol was actually Heo Yeon Woo. The ending was very bittersweet. The turmoil throughout the drama made the ending feel relieving. I just felt horrible for Bo Kyung and the half-brother (second leads). Their love was so pure and loyal. They had no intentions of being part of the political scheme and most were unaware. Yet because they were also a sun and a moon, they had to be gone. I pitied them because they never received love. They just kept giving it to people that never truly appreciated it.
        This drama was absolutely entertaining and I would keep coming back to this if I could.


 It's now time to review the drama, Faith.
        Like Arang and the Magistrate (as reviewed earlier) I did not want to watch this. It looked very fake, fantasy-like, and not really realistic. Even though Lee Min Ho was in it, I did not want to watch it. I only watched it when I heard my friend gush about how good it is. So I thought I'd give it a shot. It did not fail to impress me which is pretty good. However I thought the fantasy part of this drama was kind of unrealistically funny. It was an interesting blend of serious and light-hearted.

           Yoo Eun Soo is a plastic surgeon in modern day. She knows how to do surgery also but transferred over to plastic surgery because the pay was higher. Choi Young is a warrior from the Goryeo dynasty. When the Queen (she played the girl that liked Seo Joon in Love Rain) received a fatal slice at the neck (ouch), Choi Young is sent through a porthole into our modern day (or their "heaven" as they call it).                                    He kidnaps Yoo Eun Soo and brings her to Goryeo dynasty. She saves the queen and tries to go back to her time, but he won't let her until the queen wakes up. When the queen does, she kind of had to stay due to the circumstances. The king regards Choi Young greatly and there was a lot of loyalty between them. In the meantime, he has to protect the king and queen as well as Eun Soo.
           Eun Soo was out of place, scared, and constantly called Choi Young a psycho. He protects her from harm with his great sword/combat skills. She had a couple of funny moments where she went heads on against Choi Young and once even stabbing him and then freaking out. Overtime, she gets known as the high doctor who could cure people even on the verge of death.
          Supernatural, strange, evil people start wanting to kidnap Eun Soo also to know more about heaven, to gain more power, and so forth. They all had like inner powers. One with the power of ice, another fire, and the third with the power of sound. Either way, they were all deadly. However, Choi Young also had a power, the power of electricity. So there was some fantasy stuff going on.
          In the meantime, Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) and Yoo Eun Soo begin to fall in love. They have a very cute relationship where they protect one another and learn from one another. There wasn't a lot of kissing. As I remember it, there was only like one or two major kiss scenes in this drama but there was a lot of skinship that makes you just smile and there were some scenes that can really touch your heart, like when he first realized he loved her when she got poisoned and went through such measures to get the antidote.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Rooftop Prince

One reason being that it lets your imagination run wild and it shows you a lot of possibilities of what would happen if a person of the past saw the world of today. I was mesmerized with this drama. I laughed at the hilarious moments and I had a bittersweet feeling at the end. However, I felt like it had a lot of unanswered questions at the end but it was all in all a very good drama. It had an interesting concept of reincarnation and how the people they were in the past still linked to their present selves.

         2012: Tae-mu is the evil guy in this drama. He killed his cousin in the United States and comes back to Korea saying that his cousin couldn't be found. His cousin is played by Park Yoochun also (its kind of like a reincarnation). Tae mu has a relationship with Sena who is actually the long-lost stepsister of Park Ha. Sena is also pretty bad, in the drama they showed how they were when they were younger. Sena would steal and blame it on her young stepsister. She even abandoned Park Ha on the streets when they were younger.
         Now one day, three guys in Joseon attire end up meeting Park Ha. So basically Yoochun  is a crown prince and he has 3 companions who are loyal in every way. When his beloved crowned princess dies, body in the little pond, he sets out to solve this mystery. For some reason, he doesn't check to make sure if its his princess but its a drama, so I'll forgive him. He sets out on a journey and they get transported into modern day South Korea. Now, the three companions and a crown prince end up on Park Ha's rooftop (see how rooftop prince came to be) and they stayed there. This was absolutely hilarious  especially when the historic guys are adapting to modern world and are fascinated with everything.
       They got to know each other and the prince saw Sena who is actually the reincarnation of his crown princess. He realized later on that Park Ha was actually the reincarnation of his crown princess's sister. However, Park Ha in the Joseon dynasty had a veil around her face because her sister had burned her face so that she could be crown princess (originally Historical Park Ha was the one to be the crown princess).
          The crown prince managed to fit in as he pretended to be modern day Yoo Chun (the guy who got "killed" by his cousin). It turns out that guy didn't die but ended up in a vegetation state (coma). It had an interesting concept as the crown prince tried to find out who killed his crown princess through modern day. Throughout this process, he begins to fall in love with Park Ha and realize Se Na's true personality. He also began to put the pieces together and as his answer became clearer, they all slowly began to go back to their rightful time in history.                              

SO ITS THIS WHOLE COMPLICATED STORY (watch its, its worth it)

It's very cute and it had a bittersweet ending.

I warned you! Okay, so after the crown prince went back to his time, modern day Yoochun wakes up from his vegetation state. Okay, the ending may have been confusing because it ends with modern day Yoochun meeting Park's obvious that the crown prince Yoochun went back to his time. However, as the scene closes, you see that the modern day Yoochun has his hands behind his back. It shows that the modern day Yoochun (reincarnation of the crown prince) kept his memories of the time when he was with Park Ha and the memories from the Joseon dynasty. Pretty cool.

Arang and the Magistrate

         To be very honest with you guys, I didn't want to watch this drama at all when I first saw it. I saw it and I was like, "That looks really stupid." 
             But then, I had nothing to watch. So I thought maybe I shouldn't judge this drama immediately (even though its concept had ghosts and a fantasy/historical concept). I watched it and surprisingly, I was hooked. My initial reaction to this drama was completely different from my reaction after starting and finishing this drama. It was fun and Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki had fascinating characters that I came to adore and both were very pretty/handsome. (Not to mention, Yoo Seungho was in here too. He played the Jade the heaven emperor)
       Basically Arang (Shin Min Ah) is a wandering female ghost. She has wandered around for 3 years. She doesn't remember anything from her past, doesn't know who she is (her name was given to her by an old ghost), and she doesn't even know where she died as she was following the grim reaper when she died. For the past 3 years, she has gotten used to be a ghost, fighting for food from the other ghosts and running from reapers. She met the guy played by Lee Jun Ki one day on a rainy night in a shack. Both were there to avoid the rain. He sees her but has to pretend he doesn't because he didn't want to be pestered. So they both spend the night there.
           The magistrate played by Lee Jun Ki wasn't even a magistrate at first. But because he was brave and could see and touch ghosts, he was forced to become the magistrate by Arang. She found a way to get him kidnapped and made magistrate.  At first, the magistrate definitely did not want to help her even when she explained that she didn't mean for the other magistrates to die of fright when they saw her. But when he saw that in her hair, was a wooden pin, he decided he will. The reason being, that hair pin was actually his mother's and he was in search of his mother. So he thought that maybe by retrieving her memory, he can find out where his Mother is. 
            They get closer with a mutually beneficial relationship. He finds out who she is but she still doesn't remember. Then Hades and the emperor of heaven decided to let her become human but she had to find out how she died herself. Once the person that killed her died, then the sound of a bell/gong would sound and she can go to heaven. She becomes a person, but she won't die until like the given time is up (I think they agreed on 2 or 3 months) But if she doesn't manage to find her killer, she will suffer in the underworld greatly....she agreed. So the magistrate and Arang become even closer now that she's a human.

I'll leave you to watch what happens as they try to find the guy's mom and her killer.
However, the ending, was kind of confusing. My friend who watched it even got confused. 
So I'll give you my explanation of it. 

The ending is that both of them are reincarnated. The magistrate is reincarnated as his loyal servant/companion's son. Arang remembers her memories but it appears the magistrate doesn't (however, I think he's just trolling her)
But the ending was very sweet as she nagged him, "I TOLD YOU NOT TO DRINK FROM THE FOUNTAIN." (The fountain is for when you die, you drink it and it erases your memories.) And you see her telling the story about them and it seems that he had some sort of knowing of what happened. It made me content to know that their past relationship is not all lost and that their relationship in this new life is a lot more blissful and drama free. 

Love Rain

I'm sure all you Sones watched this drama, didn't you? Yoona played the main lead in this drama and played two different characters. It was a little slow in the beginning for me as it showed a love story of the parents. (Yoona and Jang Geun Suk played the parents as well as the kids of the parents). However, I always find it really freaky when dramas make the kids look EXACTLY the same by using the same actors and actresses. It is understandable that they want to show the connection between the kids and the adults, but that is just ridiculous and a bit confusing.

          In the 70's, Seo In Ha (Jang Geun Suk) and Kim Yoon Hee (Yoona) fell in love. However faced with the obstacles then, they did not marry each other. In the end, Seo In Ha marries Baek Hye Jung (which if I am not mistaken, was actually Yoon Hee's friend). Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee end up with their own families and ended up having children.
          Then in 2012. (The parents are older and different people are playing the role now. Yoona and Jang Geun Suk now play the children. Yoona is the daughter of Kim Yoon Hee and JGS is the son of Seo In Ha).
Yoona is playing the role of Jung Ha Na and JGS is playing the role of Seo Joon.
        The two met in Japan and it was pretty amusing. They end up falling in love with each other. However, they couldn't just have a nice and easy love story. They faced a lot of problems. One thing was that there were other characters who crushed on the main leads, so that led to some sweet/annoying moments when you realized that this other character liked the leads. The next thing that made it difficult for this couple was the fact that their parents saw each other again and rekindled their love for each other again...AWKS,  considering that the kids are dating each other. T
hey have a lot of cute moments and they really cherished their time together. It was also cute how they were doing what they liked to do. Ha Na was a gardener because she loved plants and Seo Joon is a well-established photographer. However, because Ha Na wanted her mother to be happy, she wanted to keep their relationship a secret and he agreed however, it only led to them hurting more as they couldn't be together.
           Then, another thing, Baek Hye Jung who is the mother of Seo Joon...let's just say, she was extremely hateful towards both Ha Na and Yoon Hee. She disliked the fact her son was dating Ha Na who looked exactly liked Yoon Hee back in the 70's...I guess, she felt intimidated by the fact that she could lose her husband and her son to these women. So she was a little harsh on the mother and daughter.

There were its happy moments in the drama (even though sometimes it felt like it was dragging)
There were also its sad moments and thankfully ended with a happy ending