Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bubujingxin/Startling Step by Step/Scarlet Heart Review

This drama, in my opinion, is so much better than Palace which has a similar theme with time travel.
THIS IS A MUST-WATCH, I didn't want to watch it at first because it was a historical drama. But this was AMAZING, making your emotions pour out, fall in love with the cast, and love the concept of time travel. Also the clothing in this drama were beautiful.
This is a TIME TRAVEL drama and it really wraps you into the story, I would know this as I had introduced this drama to my friends and they all fell in love with it just as much as I did. It starts off already in history, Qing Dynasty, where our main character wakes up. She doesn't know where she is and is freaked out by her surroundings and people around her.

                What she remembered was that she was having an argument with her boyfriend who was apparently caught cheating while she was working overtime. His name was Huang Di (which basically sounds similar to the way you say emperor in Chinese). He has a very little role in this drama and only plays the cheating boyfriend but his name kind of foreshadows the fact that she was going to get transported back to the Qing Dynasty. They were arguing in an area of high voltage wires because people were setting up a billboard with a picture of the imperial palace (another foreshadowing). While they were arguing one of the workers there told them to fight somewhere else and it ended up with our main character (her name in the modern world was Zhang Xiao) getting hit by a car when dodging the wires. After she got hit by a car, she flew on to the billboard.
           She goes into a coma. Her body is still in modern time, let me just clarify that. Her mind waves simply went back to her reincarnation during the Qing dynasty (so it kind of has the reincarnation theme in it). In Qing dynasty, she is the second young miss (she has an older sister) and is called Ruo Xi. She is currently residing at the Eighth Prince's place with her sister who is married to the eighth prince as the second wife. She starts getting used to her life as many years pass and she's still stuck in the Qing dynasty. She has a different view of life than women of that time did and had very close relationships with all the princes.
          She also had a lot of admirers from the princes. The people that liked her in this drama were fourth prince, eighth prince, tenth prince, and fourteenth prince. The tenth prince was kind of the dumb and childish. The fourteenth and fourth were actually blood brothers with the same mom and dad and they all liked Ruo Xi in their own little ways. The eighth prince liked her because she had that spunky spirit that her sister had lost. Her best friend in this drama is the thirteenth prince because they have similar views on things and drink together.
           This was a very complicated story with its funny moments like when she fights with eighth prince's first wife's sister, manipulates stupid tenth prince, and simply just playing around. However, there were also its sad moments as Ruo Xi fears about the future of the princes because she knows history so well. She tries to change history only to find out that she was the reason why history was the way it was in the first place.
             It has such a cool concept of time travel because it adds in a fictional character from the present time, but shows how she affects history by trying to change it making history the way it is today. Not to mention, the songs in this drama were amazing and the costumes were beautiful and detailed. Usually in dramas involving ancient times, they recycle the clothes in different dramas but this was a totally new wardrobe, very realistic, and beautiful. Also this drama was very well played and written (it was first an internet novel) because it actually follows what happens in history such as stripping the crown prince of his title and so fourth. But of course, it has its comedic  moments like her silly arguments with the eighth prince's first wife's sister.

The ending was also quite amazing and was a total cliff hanger that really left you wanting more. Thankfully, there will be a Bubujingxin 2 and it will take place completely in modern times with the same cast. You can read more about this on other articles.

Oh, and I just wanted to point this out: Please do not hate the fourteenth prince when you watch this drama. At first you'll be annoyed by how much he argues with Ruo Xi. However, he is only doing that because of his loyalty to his brothers and because he cares. He also likes her in his own little ways which was very sweet. So try not to misunderstand the fourteenth prince when you watch this drama.


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