Friday, January 4, 2013

It Started With a Kiss

        This is a manga-based drama. There are three live-action versions of the manga. A Japanese was produced first, then this drama (the Taiwanese version), and then the Korean version (Playful Kiss), and the new Japanese version. It Started With A Kiss is split into two seasons with a different story line for each as it focused on different parts on the relationship. It Started With A Kiss (ISWAK) was more focused on the starting relationship where the two get to know each other despite their emotional/intellectual differences. They Kiss Again (TKA) focused on their marriage life and it was absolutely endearing to see the stone-cold guy from the first season show more affectionate sides of himself. The Taiwanese series showed an amazing amount of character development.
            In ISWAK, Xiang Qin is not academically smart and thinks of really strange things too. She is in the class F of her school (the lowest level). The smartest kids go to Class A and then the kids who don't do too well in school go to class F. So in a way, they are the kids that slack off and don't do work and sleep in class. Xiang Qin has a crush on Jiang Zhi Shu. He's a guy who is in class A with a super high IQ. He is known as a genius as he always had perfect score on everything.  However, Xiang Qin is the kind of girl that doesn't like to give up on anything. She writes a love letter and gives it to Jiang Zhi Shu but he ignores it and basically rejected her.
           She is distraught and embarrassed as the whole school finds out. Then her family hits a huge problem. Her father had just built a beautiful house but there was a small earthquake and because the house wasn't built well, it fell over. So everyone was like, "Wow, your house fell because of a small earthquake?" Therefore, Xiang Qin and her single dad (her mother passed away when she was young), went to go live with her dad's friend who welcomed them....only to find out, it was the home of Jiang Zhi Shu.
         They get closer and he helps her with homework. He also helped her study and explain how to do well for the test. She wanted him to help her because she said she was determined to get into the top 100 scores on the exam. He helped her study and she actually did manage to get into the top 100 scores as number 100. Everyone was shocked and were all: "Whoa, a girl from class F actually got in." They got closer after that and actually shared an accidental kiss (where Zhi Shu was sleeping with his head on the desk and Xiang Qin dozed off and fell right on his lips) and after that they started getting closer.
      Xiang Qin obviously liked him from the start and you can clearly see him fall for Xiang Qin as he notices her trying hard, the fact that she isn't selfish, her friendly personality, and he begins to  notice the good in Xiang Qin. They get closer and all along the Zhi Shu's mom was rooting for them to be together. They faced some problems where sometimes the guys looked Xiang Qin and like most of the girls going after Zhi Shu. One kid from class F called Ah Jin, who devoted himself completely to Xiang Qin played by Jiro from Fahrenheit. He always loved XQ even though she did not return  the feelings which makes you feel kind of bad for him. But he was hilarous since he was a very exaggerated character.
               Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin get to know each other, get jealous, and so forth. They eventually started going out in a way....In the end they did get together with a very interesting concept for their wedding where XQ is dressed as the guy and Zhi Shu dressed as the girl (as seen in the picture). Which leads to their second drama together: They Kiss Again.

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