Thursday, September 15, 2016

W : Two Worlds

Episodes: 16
Oh Yeon Joo is a resident doctor whose father mysteriously disappears from his drawing room one day. Her father, Oh Sung Moo, is the popular cartoonist who draws/writes a well-liked webtoon series called "W." When Yeon Joo goes to her father's house to figure out where he could have gone, she is sucked in to the world of "W" when the main character, Kang Cheol, reaches out of the tablet and pulls her into the story. From there, she ends up saving Kang Cheol's life as he had been stabbed. However, when she exits the story, she finds that she has been included in the webtoon and the webtoon was uploaded with her in it. Everything she did in the world of "W" appeared in the webtoon. This began to cause more occurrences of her transporting back into the webtoon without warning and also situations in which the question lies in the idea of how much is created by her father and how much of the story is driven by the character's own free will. 

           This drama is absolutely amazing! The plot is so unique and fascinating. This drama really sucks you in from the very beginning and I knew from the start that this drama had great potential. I hoped that the ending would not disappoint me because of how amazing the beginning was. The concept and the idea of an artist creating a world and no longer being able to control them because they became characters with their own thoughts and opinions was probably one of the most unique and insane things ever. There were so many times that I got scared because of how unpredictable and intense some of the scenes were and there were other times where I couldn't stop laughing at the characters. The main character, Oh Yeon Joo, is so full of life and so funny. Her reaction to being sucked into this webtoon is basically what everyone would be like and I loved her interactions with Kang Cheol.
              This drama was nothing that you could predict. It was filled with different twists and turns throughout the drama. It surprised me each time. As it went on, there were times of innocence and romance that reminded the viewers of how this drama originally started and then there were also many moments of corruption and darkness. The drama began to take interesting, dark, and twisted turns and it definitely kept the viewers on their toes. I really enjoyed it as I watched this drama because it felt like it would take forever for us to reach the "happy ending" the audience is all hoping for. A lot of my friends and myself included have been keeping up with this drama. It is such an amazing drama considering the recent drama slump that the kdrama world seems to be having lately. This drama was the kind of drama that had everything a viewer looks for in a romance and a thriller. At the same time, none of these things were overdone without a plausible cause or reason. 
              I also must applaud the amazing actors in this drama. I have always been a fan of Lee Jong Suk and he has once again confirmed the fact that he can act very well and look attractive throughout the entire drama. I also greatly enjoyed Han Hyo Joo's performance as well because as I watched some of the BTS scenes and interviews, she reminded me of the actual character she played in this drama. She was so natural and fun to watch. She had amazing chemistry with Lee Jong Suk. The actor who played the Dad and the Real Culprit was absolutely amazing. The way that he was able to act both roles so well and be able to switch personalities so quickly in one scene was really admirable to me. This is a romantic comedy in some scenes, a thriller in others, a serious and touching drama in another sense, and also a drama filled with amazing actors. I would highly recommend this drama to everyone I meet. However, I can understand if some people do not like this drama because it does have a lot of twists and turns and as a viewer you always have to be on your toes and get ready to understand situations despite being confused at first. However, as I watched this myself, I personally found it easy to follow along with this drama. So I definitely think that you should all watch it and decide for yourself!