Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shut up Flower Boy Band

                This drama was very interesting as it was filled with a lot of intense moments. There were moments, however, where I got tired of watching it. We all differ in tastes of dramas because my friend loved this drama.  However, I felt that I could've been improved and I felt like there were some parts where I wanted to stop watching it. However, I continued, and was definitely shocked at how the person I started falling for ended up not being the lead...when I thought he was going to be the lead. It totally shocked me and I actually liked how it really messes with your emotions and keeps you on the edge in the beginning. It was also very humorous just how bad these students who played in an underground rock band were. There are definitely a lot of good looking boys in this drama. It is a good drama to pass the time with. Also the boys in this drama look good but act like gangsters.                                                               
            This drama was a total shocker because in the first few episodes, just when you feel that Joo Byung Hee is going to the main character of the drama, it ends up being totally different. Just when I started falling for the character of Joo Byung Hee because he was so charismatic and nice to the girl that he called his "muse" that it left me in shock when I saw what happened to him. However, either way, he wasn't the main lead since he died in a tragic accident. I don't understand how his friends are not scarred for life as they saw him, all beat up, and then get hit by a truck when he stood there in the middle of the street. However, that kind of started the story in a way. Since originally Joo Byung Hee was the leader of the group these six friends formed called Eye  Candy. Before Byung Hee died, the six boys were sent to a prestigious school as no other school wanted to accept them.
            In that school, they found their rival that was called Strawberry Fields. This drama talks about how they have to deal with rivalry, friendship, love, and also to continue down the path of music. However, with Byung Hee's death, they faced a lot more problems as they continued to perform their music for their passion. However problems rose overtime between love and the girl that Byung Hee had liked begins forming a relationship with another member. Other members also get new relationships and INFINITE L (who was in this drama) played a member who wanted to continue down the path of music, even dumping his friends at one point, and forming a very odd relationship with another female singer. I felt that L could've improved his acting but he did pretty well in this drama also. There was a lot of intense moments in this drama but also sweet and humorous moments where the members either fall in love or just spend their time together like little kids, laughing and goofing off. However, they also had their arguments and fist fights and each had different family problems. Even the girl (the muse) had family problems as she was supposedly a rich young girl but became poor due to family issues. It also turned out that there really wasn't a main character as it tells the story of all characters and how they all bond.

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