Saturday, May 23, 2015

Emergency Couple

Episodes: 21 
Synopsis ( 
Some couples marry for love but can’t overcome the objections of their families. Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk), a medical student, falls in love with and marries Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo), a dietitian, despite the objections of Chang Min’s family, which is full of successful doctors. Chang Min’s family cuts him off and he is forced to drop of medical school and go to work as a pharmaceutical sales rep, but the strains and pressures from his family finally wear on the couple, and Chang Min and Jin Hee divorce. After they separate, Chang Min returns to his medical education and Jin Hee also puts herself through medical school. Years later, they meet up again unexpectedly when they both start their internships in the emergency department of a hospital. Can the couple survive their three-month rotation in close proximity to one another? “Emergency Couple,” also known as “Emergency Man and Woman,” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Cheol Kyu.

       I really liked this drama a lot. It was really cute and humorous. It was such an enjoyable watch with lovable actors and actresses. I really liked the whole set up for this drama. It was really interesting. All the actors and actresses were absolutely endearing. I loved the interaction between Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo. Especially in the hospital environment, it made falling in love stressful and filled with events. The "evil mother" that always appears in dramas was despicable but at the same time someone you felt sorry for as her own marriage wasn't working the way she wanted it to. 
          There were a lot of flashbacks in the episodes. I think it was a way to make the readers know what happened in the past and also allow us to empathize in that moment. However, it did feel a bit excessive at times. Like, thank you...I get the point now. In a sense, this was very similar to Cunning Single Lady in that two people divorce only to meet again and have their feelings rekindled while understanding previous misunderstandings. The second lead didn't really play too much of a role in this drama. He was an evidently weaker character than Choi Jin Hyuk. It really wasn't that much of a dilemma when it came to falling in love and choosing between one of them. This drama was a very light and fluffy watch. 

My Girlfriend is an Agent (Movie)

        This movie was actually really interesting for me and quite amusing to watch. The two main characters in this drama used to date but faced problems in their dating life when the girl, Ahn Soo Ji, was constantly neglecting her boyfriend to fulfill her duties as a secret agent. Keeping a double identity was hard as it caused her boyfriend, Lee Jae Joon to lose trust and grow suspicious as to what she's doing. After splitting for a while, Lee Jae Joon returns a rookie international agent who was often messing up on his job. 
           Little did the two know that they would be working to stop the same crime. A Russian organized crime group takes possession of an advanced biochemical weapon from Korea with the help of a corrupt Korean scientist and it was up to Ahn Soo Ji and Lee Jae Joon to work with their agencies to save the world. Ahn Soo Ji is skilled at her job while Lee Jae Joon is clumsy and inexperienced. They bump into each other and keep their secret identities hidden. They begin to fall in love again. However, their work often gets in between them causing them to lie about what it is that is happening. This causes them to grow suspicious of one another and even believe that the other was working for the bad side. However, as the truth begins to come out and be understood, they work together to defeat the crime group as well as get back together in a relationship based on trust.
           This drama was actually really amusing for me to watch. It was nice to see the girl be so tough and skilled. It was also nice to see how they balanced each other out. I enjoyed this movie. 

She's So Lovable

16 episodes
Synopsis ( 
Can music heal all wounds? Hyun Wook (Rain) is the president of an entertainment agency and a music producer who hold emotional scars from losing his girlfriend in an accident. When his dead girlfriend’s sister, Se Na (Krystal Jung), comes to Seoul to become a songwriter, can the two help each other achieve their dreams and heal from their shared pain? Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun), a director in Hyun Wook’s agency, is determined to be the one to stick by Hyun Wook, both professionally and personally. Meanwhile, vocal trainer Sung Jin (Alex) has his hands full trying to keep Kang Rae Hoon (Hoya), the leader of the idol group Infinite Power, in line. “She’s So Lovable, ” also known as "My Lovely Girl" and "My Lovable Girl," is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Park Hyun Ki.

I did not like this drama for many reasons. I had to push through this drama because it was boring and it did not appeal to me as I wished it would. I did start watching it because Rain was in it and also I wanted to see some of the other idols. However, this drama was a mess for me. Here are some of the reasons why I did not like this drama: 

1. It was boring. 
2. Scenes were unrealistic
3. It was kind of creepy considering Hyun Wook was Yoon Se Na's sister's boyfriend. Even though her sister passed away, it is still creepy to me. I have a sister and I can't imagine dating her boyfriend in any scenario.  I asked my friends who were watching this and they agreed that it was unrealistic and weird to have this kind of plot. And to make things worse, they didn't really pull it off very Autumn Tale aka Autumn in My Heart had a similar situation like this that was kind of creepy but they pulled it off well enough that it was still acceptable.
4. I also didn't like that she only found out that Hyun Wook used to  date her sister in episode 12 and it wasn't even from Hyun Wook himself.
5. I liked Si Woo better than Hyun Wook but he isn't a strong character and it didn't help that Yoon Se Na was cold and indifferent toward his feelings.

All in all, I don't have much to say about this drama other than that I didn't like it.