Friday, January 25, 2013

Playful Kiss

This came out after the Taiwanese version of this, It Started With a Kiss (I done a review/synopsis previously). Playful Kiss was better in terms of visuals since the scenery was always so colorful and bright. It also had its own humorous moments. However, I felt, in terms of acting, It Started With a Kiss was better. So why not check out both and decide for yourself?

            Our main character is named Oh Ha Ni. She is in the bottom of her class and not very smart yet she has a crush on Baek Seung Jo. Seung Jo is a genius and extremely popular. She wrote him a love letter to confess her feelings but was rejected and Seung Jo even tells her that he dislikes stupid girls and the sad part about it was that he corrected all the mistakes in her letter before returning it back to her. Talk about embarrassing!
            Then Oh Ha Ni's home gets destroyed by an earthquake. Oh Ha Ni's father managed to meet up with his old friend and they allowed the two to live with them. However, it turned out the friend of Oh Ha Ni's father's, was actually Seung Jo's father. During the time at Seung Jo's home, she falls in love all over again even though he was cold to her and they often had disputes. The mom, like in It Started With a Kiss, continuously tried to get the two together and helped Ha  Ni a lot.
           He helps her in school and her grades increase. They get to know each other and he gets to understand her a bit more. The two then continue on to university and Seung Jo meets a girl named Yoon Hae Ra. She is a genius also and gorgeous. This made Oh Ha Ni feel threatened and upset. Bong Joon Gu who has been friends/classmates with Oh Ha Ni liked her and continued to like her even though she never reciprocated those feelings. I always feel bad for the guy who plays this character. Then more things occur that bring Hae Ra and Seung Jo together. When Seung Jo's father went to the hospital, he took over his father's gaming company for the time being. He was then introduced to the investor's granddaughter who just happened to be the seemingly perfect Yoon Hae Ra.
          Oh Ha Ni starts to lose all hope as she cannot possibly win over Hae Ra. At the SAME TIME, Bong Joon Gu proposes to Oh Ha Ni. Seung Jo hears of this and waits in the rain asking what her answer was. She doesn't tell him asking him why he wants to know when he should be minding his own business with Yoon Hae Ra. The two start arguing and then Baek Seung Jo kisses her. Ooh lala! Then they go home and Seung Jo says that he wants to marry her. They get married.
        In It Started With A Kiss, after the marriage, the season 2 which is They Kiss Again, they go into details on their honeymoon and marriage life. In this one, it kind of put everything together. They go to the honeymoon and encountered another couple. The girl started flirting with Seung Jo making Oh Ha Ni left out...on her honeymoon! The girl went further, pretending to be sick after hearing Seung Jo majored in the medical area in college. This made Oh Ha Ni jealous and Seung Jo gets upset saying that if she can't handle him aiding another woman maybe they shouldn't be together. This made Ha Ni upset and she runs out of the room. When he finds out that the woman was only trying to flirt and have alone time with him, he immediately leaves to go find Ha Ni. The two get back together again and are back to being in a good relationship.
        Towards the end, a foreigner who is half Korean comes. She begins to crush on Boon Gu who refuses to accept her feelings as he swore that he only had feelings for Ha Ni. Ha Ni, wanting to be with Seung Jo, transfers to the major of nursing. She keeps working hard to try to get into that major but she wasn't that good considering that she's not academically smart. Then on a date, she witnessed an accident which needed CPR and decided to save the person even if there is a risk that she might not do it correctly and the person dies ands he'd get arrested. She actually manages to save the person and when she got back to the date, she was late, but the guy was waiting for her which was really cute. Then it kind of briefs the ending on what happened for each character. For example, Boon Gu finds himself start to fall for the foreigner. Hae Ra falls in love too with a guy that liked her for a long time and even visits him as he does his military service. Basically, our main character lived happily ever after. However, I wished that Hyun  Joong who acted as Seung Jo put a bit more emotion into it like the guy did in It Started With a Kiss. In Playful  Kiss, you couldn't really tell if he liked Ha Ni or not. In It Started With A Kiss, you notice a change.

Either way, you people should just watch both versions and decide for yourself.

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