Tuesday, January 22, 2013

May Queen

           I watched this drama because I really liked the children actors and actresses of this drama. I really liked their outstanding performance and what is also nice about this drama is that they spent a lot of time on the childhood moments. It lasted for about 5-6 episodes until it showed the children all grown up. The childhood moments were extremely sad and touching though and you really felt bad for the main female lead because she suffered so much heartache when she was a young child. I really despised the stepmother but loved the stepfather who took care of her and raised her like his own child. I will get into a synopsis, but I actually enjoyed this drama, during the childhood moments. However, I can sort of see where this was going to lead up to, especially since most of the kids had an interest in ships.

             The parents in this drama had a really weird feud in the beginning of the drama and it was the cause of all the problems for their children as they grew older. Our main character starts off as a young girl named Hae Joo. She is bright and kind and knows how to work hard to save enough money for her family ridden in debt and constantly beaten by loan sharks. She is always positive even though the conditions of her life and family weren't that good. She was not the actual daughter of the family she was living in but her so-called father took care and loved her like she was his own child and so she didn't know that she was actually not their child at all. However, she had a feeling that her "mother" was her stepmother and she even told her step father that she knew but she thought that she was maybe only related to her step-father. Her mother was extremely rude to her and always took care of her children first. She works hard to get on the good side of her step-mother but it doesn't exactly work. She loves boats and ships because her step-father was once a sailor and her dream was to make a boat for her step-father that she loved and who reciprocated those feelings. She continued to strive forward even when her beloved step-father passes away and continues to support the family as the head as she matures into a young woman.
        However, in her childhood, she made 4 friends, two who were actually rich. Kang San (was played by the actor who acted as Jan Di's brother in BOF) was extremely sweet in this drama. He liked Hae Joo and did everything he could to help her. However when she said that she wanted to work using her own hands to earn money, he pretended to leave, but afterwards bought all sorts of things and then set it free out into the wild and smile when Hae Joo believed that she caught so many fish etc. He is very talented, smart, and liked Hae Joo in middle school. They were separated as children and lived their own lives and afterwards were reunited in which he begins to fall for her all over again.
       Kang San, though, also has an admirer. A snobby, whiny, little girl named In Hwa.  She is rich and spoiled. She grew up having everything that she ever wanted for her parents doted her and loved her. She liked Kang San at a young age and wanted to marry him. She became friends with Hae Joo and when she wants to be honest and sweet, she truly is likable...but her personality from being spoiled all those years cannot change much. She knew that Kang San liked Hae Joo and feeling that she was inferior to Hae Joo, she ended up with Chang Hee's first love when they grew up.
        Hae Joo's first love is called Chang Hee. He is a very smart boy who gets good grades. He comes from a poor family also. His father is the butler at In Hwa's house. In Hwa's mother was actually Hae Joo's mother and Dohyun is a really evil man. Chang Hee's success was mainly tied to the family because his father sinned to make sure his son had success. In the end, he couldn't face Hae Joo for reasons (you'll understand if you watch the drama) and so in the end, even though he loved Hae Joo, he got together with In Hwa and become Dohyun's son-in-law. This drama was actually really interesting and I liked how there were many episodes about the childhood of the characters.

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