Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In Time With You

I am still currently watching this drama and I am actually kind of enjoying it because it has an interesting take on love, relationships, and the sensitive topic of aging.
               In this drama, Ariel Lin plays Chen You Qing who is a woman in her thirties who is very successful in her career. However, she can't stand the fact that she is getting older and gets annoyed when people refer to her as older than her. She has a guy best friend named Li Da Ren  (who secretly liked her ever since they were still in school). They understand each other well because of the years they've known each other.
          Chen You Qing really can't stand the topic of getting older. In a matter of fact, she gets annoyed when the girls at the workplace call her "You Qing jie." Jie basically means older sister in a very polite/friendly way since the people at work call her this. Her friend, Li Da Ren says, "They are only saying that to respect you."
            However, Chen You Qing said, "To be respected feels good, I do not feel good."
         One day, Li Da Ren decides to make a bet with Chen You Qing to see who would get married before the age of 35. He claimed that he was like a wine that gets better with age while she was just a shriveled raisin. The bet starts and both meet different people like an obsessive girl friend, an assistant that is only using her for his personal success/gain, a cheating ex-boyfriend, and  so forth. Then they slowly realize that they actually like each other and understand each other more than anyone else.
It is a very realistic and somewhat touching drama that portrayed a good friendship and relationship. It also has a very interesting take on combining all sorts of emotions along with the topic of aging and finding themselves. It is a drama that I would suggest to watch since it is very realistic and touching. It shows the development of the characters as they came to understand their feelings after spending years trying to figure it out.

HOWEVER, I hated You Qing's cell phone ring tone....because my alarm clock ringtone is that exact same sound. So I always get jumpy when I hear her phone ring.

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