Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stairway to Heaven

                 This drama was a tragic love story. Kim Tae Hee was in this drama but she played the bad role. It was a really great drama to watch even though tragedy follows tragedy. It was a touching drama that really makes you feel all sorts of emotions. This is one of the old classics of Korean drama and you can tell it is old because this was when Park Shin Hye was still a kid when she acted in this. Here is a basic synopsis of this drama:                                          
                Jung Suh is our main character. She is childhood friends with Cha Song Joo as both of them have lost one parent. Jung Suh lost her mom due to eye cancer and Song Joo lost his father in an accident. Their friendship slowly develops into love overtime. This drama kind of has a Cinderella theme to it in a way. Jung Suh's father marries an actress named Tae Mira who brings her two children into Jung Suh's house. The actress has a daughter named Han Yoo Ri and a son named Han Tae Hwa. At first Tae Mira is extremely friendly towards Jung Suh and actually likes Jung Suh. However, Yoo Ri is jealous of Jung Suh for many things and even begins to crush on Song Joo. Whenever Jung Suh's father is aboard for work, Yoo Ri would do everything to make Jung Suh look bad in front of her mother and the mother begins to turn on Jung Suh too. Jung Suh also constantly got into fights with Yoo Ri for reading her letters from Song Joo and using her presents from Soong Joo. Yoo Ri even managed to keep Jung Suh from studying aboard with Song Joo.
           Song Joo goes to America alone and once in a while contacted Jung Suh. However, since Tae Mira started to turn on Jung Suh and was favoring her daughter, she started working with Yoori to win the affections of Song Joo with things such as playing the piano and so forth. Jung Suh, doesn't do anything, however tries to be nice to Tae Hwa as he is constantly pushed aside by his mother. They become closer with time and even falls in love with Jung Suh, constantly watching over her and comforting her when she gets slapped by Tae  Mira.
          Three years pass, the young children all grow up. Song Joo comes back from America and Jung Suh goes to greet him. Both are overjoyed but Yoo Ri is jealous. She hits Jung Suh with her car and when Jung Suh is taken to the hospital, Yoo Ri swaps  Jung Suh's ID with someone who had died in a fire, to fake her death. Jung Suh lost her memory due to the car crash and so she took Jung Suh to her biological father's home. Tae Hwa, finding out what had happened, decides to use this as an opportunity to be together with Jung Suh and goes away, even changing his name.
          Five more years pass, Yoo Ri is soon to be engaged to Song Joo and Song Joo even decides that he ought to let go of the "dead" Jung Suh. However, he just happened to see Jung Suh on a carousel (now called Kim Ji Soo working at a clothing shop and with Tae Hwa). Song Joo tells Ji Soo that she is actually Jung Suh but she doesn't believe him. As Song Joo tries to make her remember her past, they become close. She regains her memory when she is almost hit by a car by Yoo Ri again. She tells Song Joo and even forgives Tae Hwa, understanding his reason.
           Jung Suh and  Song Joo get together and are blissful until they find out that Jung Suh had what killed her mother...eye cancer. Her vision gets worse and she ends up being blind. However, the two still marry. At the wedding, Tae Hwa tells Song Joo and his family the truth about what has happened throughout the years and the accident. Upon this, Yoo  Ri is arrested and her mother goes ballistic and ended up going to a mental hospital.
           The two finish marrying. She tells Tae Hwa that her one wish was to see Song Joo's face one last time. Both Song Joo and Tae Hwa ask to give Jung Suh one of their corneas but the doctor said that it can only be taken from dead donors and that they cannot take corneas from live donors. Tae  Hwa, wanting to grant her wish at all costs, commits suicide by getting into a car accident. As he did this, he took his hand off the steering wheel but still stepped on the gas, then crying, brought his hands to eyes to protect them for Jung Suh. Then Jung Suh gets Tae Hwa's corneas and is able to see again. However both Song Joo and Jung Suh didn't know it was actually Tae Hwa's, when they find out, they are both devastated. However, Jung Suh's cancer gets worse as it spread to her brain and she would have no chance of living. Upon hearing this, Tae Mira and Yoo Ri feel remorse, especially when Jung Suh goes to them (jail/mental hospital) and even forgives them for the sake of Tae Hwa. Afterwards, Jung Suh dies from the cancer at their childhood house on the beach with Song Joo.
         The sad thing was that he was playing a piano by the ocean by that childhood house. He said that even though Tae Hwa loved Jung Suh so much that he was willing to kill himself, it didn't mean he didn't love Jung Suh any less which as very sweet. This drama was a classic, the acting was amazing, Kim Tae Hee was gorgeous as usual but kind of scary in this drama, and it was very sad.


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