Sunday, February 24, 2013

Miss Rose

             This post is going to be about the Taiwanese drama Miss Rose. I really liked this drama. The main leads did a great job also. The first few episodes were interesting and it went straight to the point by the first episode. Our main character just keeps bumping into our male lead and in all situations, their meetings were not very pleasant. The first time, the main lead Luo Si Yi's heel broke and she got cake all over the male lead Gao Cheng Kuan's clothes. Then they met again after realizing they took each other's phones by accident (and it wasn't good as it cost the guy to lose a lot of money). Then they met again when he took over her company and she was in his office changing clothes since no one was there. They had a pretty bad moment there and she was all like, "STALKER! GET OUT!" It truly was pretty humorous. Another bad moment they had together was when they met at a bar, she was eating a cherry from her drink when he bumped into her and she ended up choking on the cherry. There were plenty of humorous parts. Now as for the synopsis...
          The main character Luo Si Yi was dumped in her last relationship and from then on she didn't go for any other relationships. She is now 31 and still hasn't gotten too far in her love life. For a while, she keeps bumping into Gao Cheng Kuan and she labelled him as a pervert and stalker because they kept seeing each other and he once walked into a room that she was changing in without knowing she was there. Her friend takes her to a local fortune teller to figure out her love life. In anger, she made a bet with the fortune teller and said that if she does not get married in one year, she'll give the fortune teller 1 million dollars. If she gets married within one year, the fortune teller said she'll pole dance at Si Yi's wedding. Having to accomplish this to not have to pay 1 million or be cursed for life, Si Yi sets out to forget the past and find love.
           To make things worse, she finds out that Gao Cheng Kuan is her boss. He is known to be very arrogant and is known to treat his employees like screws that need to be tightened or thrown away if rusted.  With all this pressure on, it seems almost impossible to deal with love and work. She works as a secretary and helps him with a lot of things after he decided that she was responsible and helpful. Having to deal with Vivian, Gao Cheng Kuan's rude and arrogant fiance (which is kind of like a forced marriage since both Vivian and Gao Cheng Kuan have no feelings for each other), Luo Si Yi deals with love and work. Gao Cheng Kuan and Luo Si Yi slowly start falling for each other without knowing. In this romantic comedy, you'll be sure to enjoy it. Most of the characters like Si Yi's friend and family were extremely encouraging and kept pushing her to go on dates with Gao Cheng Kuan even when they were not in a relationship. I'm sure you will enjoy this romantic and comedic drama. I also totally rooted for Gao Cheng Kuan's assistant and Si Yi's friend on being a couple also.

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