Sunday, February 10, 2013

Momo Love

Alright, I really found this drama comedic and just fun to watch. I really like the actors and Jiro was amazing as usual.  Gosh, Fahrenheit boys sure know how to act. Besides, this story was really cute too. Let's get into the synopsis immediately!

            Our main character is called Tao Hua. She is the youngest of the family and the only girl born also. There is a total of six children in her family (including her). First, her four older brothers, are all outstanding in skills and talent and looks. The first brother is Chen Qi and is a news weather anchor. The second brother is called Chen Cheng and he is a fashion stylist. It continues with the other brothers who are twins (one being smart and the other an adrenaline junkie.) These four brothers are all extremely protective of their little sister. I don't mean a "Aww, how nice it must be to have 4 big brothers always watching out for you...not to mention good-looking, smart, successful brothers." I mean seriously protective.
           Tao Hua's brothers are all afraid that if she is to fall in love, their place in her heart will diminish. So they have strict guidelines on whom she can date and often if they don't find the person suitable (which is often) they bother the poor kid until he leaves the school and stays away form their sister. So in order for them to watch over their little sister, was to make the youngest brother (who is probably the only normal brother considering how protective the others are) Yu Yi watch over her. His role in the household was to care and risk his life to protect her at all times and they even made Yu  Yi stay in high school for another year just to protect Tao Hua. I felt bad for Yu Yi because he was treated so unfairly by his brothers that it was laughable.
           Meanwhile, Shi Lang had recently moved into Tao Hua's area and attends a school nearby. They meet each other on a rainy day and Tao Hua falls in love with him when he offers her his umbrella since she seemed like she was catching a cold and he was a nice guy. She starts waiting just to meet him again to give him back the umbrella. Like I mentioned before, the protective brothers often don't find the person to be suitable for their sister. However, Shi Lang actually passed their guidelines of having a clean track record, smart, and so forth. The brothers are still unwilling to let go of their sister and even hire Xue Zhi Qiang to district Tao Hua from liking Shi Lang. The brothers even write a script for a date so that Tao Hua can fall for Zhi Qiang. Tao Hua was annoyed and hurt by what her brothers keep inflicting upon her. She is hindered by her brother and she has to compete for Shi Lang's affection with his childhood friend. As she fights for Shi Lang's affection, you start to see if Shi Lang feels the same for Tao Hua or for his childhood friend, Gong Hui Qi.                                                        

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